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Oliver Madsen: From Unknown To Famous

Started on 26 March 2016 by OlleM13
Latest Reply on 19 June 2016 by mgriffin2012
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Taastrup FC Local News (2009)
Madsen has confirmed that he is managing Taastrup FC next season

6th July 2009:

A small club playing in the 8th tier in Denmark named Taastrup FC has found their new manager, Oliver Madsen, two days after they fired their old manager, Danny Olsen.

Taastrup FC are a club whim only have 350 members in the club. The club is in a crisis following a run of three back-to-back relegations and a large bank deficit. The club’s record on how many years a manager has been in charge is only tso and a half, so Madsen shall really have to step up. The only professional footballers Taastrup have produced are Lasse Schöne (Ajax) and Viktor Fischer (Ajax)

Oliver Madsen is 24 year-old and was born in a poor city called Glostrup. As a child Oliver Madsen always wanted to be a professional footballer and many managers said he had potential to be a fantastic footballer, but his dream ended quickly when his knee was injured in a youth football match.

4th August 2010:

The first season for Madsen at Taastrup is, with his team securing a play-off spot – and eventually winning promotion to the 7th tier of Danish football. Despite gaining promotion from the 8th tier Madsen was instructed to sign no-one, with the board becoming increasingly anxious regarding the club’s financial status the club’s next season could be its toughest.

22th September 2010:

It was on this day that Madsen tragically lost his mother and little brother in a car accident. His mother helped him a lot when Madsen was a child. Madsen was subsequently diagnosed with depression and had to rely upon his assistant manager to lead his side for the upcoming campaign, having decided to take a years break away from the game.

18th November 2010:

A string of eight poor performances in the Madsen’s absence left Taastrup cut-adrift below expectations in 12th position. His side’s poor form was enough to lure Oliver Madsen back into football, and with twenty-two games remaining he had quite a job on his hands to lead his side to promotion to the 6th flight of Danish football.

21st January 2011:

An incredible upturn in the form of Taastrup has seen them crowned as champions of the 7th division. A controversial change in the club’s system to a 4-2-3-1 formation saw them win their last eight matches, romping to the league title with aplomb. It remains to be seen as to how they will cope in the 6th tier, and whether funds will be made available to Madsen so that he can strengthen his squad.

26th March 2014:

Madsen has now broken the record for a Taastrup club record: he is now the longest serving manager in the club’s history, surpassing the previous record of just two and a half years.

Despite the club’s lowly reputation, many have been left wide-mouthed by the managerial exploits of Madsen – with many wondering how long he intends to stay in the lower leagues of Denmark. Rumours of a potential move to English League Two club Oxford United are currently rife – with a British based friend of Madsen touting him to various clubs…

1st July 2015:

Oliver Madsen is still at Taastrup FC after Oxford United decided not to appoint him. Promotion to the fourth tier of Danish football saw Madsen star on the back-pages once again, and with Oxford United finishing 13th in League Two and their manager being sacked: it seemed that his time with Taastrupt would be over.

The ringing of his mobile sprung Madsen into life: they were ringing to appoint their new manager…

And Now Let The Story Begin…..
Interesting start to say the least.
Thanks Andy, its my first time writing a story so im a bit excited, and please just read the end again, as i forgot to write something after immedietaly :/

Michael Appleton Out, Oliver Madsen In.

WHAT A SHOCKER! Several reports including Sky Sports has said that Michael Appleton is fired, after he saw his team end up in 13th place last season, and now the new manager is the unknown manager Oliver Madsen. The club said in a statement: "The board believes the results on the pitch were simply not good enough and that a change is imperative."

"The club can announce that agreement has been reached with head coach Michael Appleton for the termination of his services," said a Oxford United statement.

"The decision was by mutual consent and in the interests of all parties."

Appleton was dismissed by a 13th place after just over eight months in charge at Kassam Stadium and he was hoping to rebuild his reputation at Oxford United

The Oxford United fans are still worried about the new appointment, because they are one of the first club using a unexperienced manager in such a high league, and they dont know if he can give them results.
Players to look at this season:

John Lundstram:

Good midfielder who wants to make the golden balls, he is the ''lost'' boy, as he started his promising career in Everton but failed to improve

Chris Maguire:
The picture wont show up sorry.

I think he is the best player in our squad, the 27-year old striker/winger has much experience as he has played in many clubs, which i think is good for our squad

Young Stars:

Josh Ashby:
young promising midfielder, cant say much about him but i hope he's gonna be good in future
Josh Ruffels:
also a young midfielder who i think can be one of the best in the squad.
Two Young Stars Loaned Out:

The two promising youngsters AJ George and Josh Ashby. AJ George will spend his time at Basingstoke while Josh Ashby will play for Stockport till the end of season.

19-year old midfielder Josh Ashby will join Stockport till the end of the season. Josh Ashby has played for Oxford United 4 years now, and only made 2 appearances.
Josh Ashby then told us: '' I think its a good move if only i can prove that im worthy to play for the Oxford United team.''
18-year old midfielder AJ George who still has his debut for Oxford United for good. Has said that he is deligthed to play with those talented players.
''I'm really happy to play for a team like Basingstoke, i know they are not as good as Oxford but they still have talented players.''

Reports is saying that AJ George is not a fan favourite in Basingstoke after his latest statement, they are angry because he said that Basingstoke is not as good as Oxford, and Basingstokes manager, is nearly going to give him back to Madsen after that comment.

We asked Oliver Madsen for a comment on this case and he said: '' i dont know where this is coming from, it has never happened and i dont know why the media has come up with that.''

We will keep investigating the situation.
Really good story so far :D
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Oxford United 6 – 1 Oxford United Reserves
7' Luke Hastings
8', 48' Chris Maguire
13', 57', 86' Jordan Bowery
55' Callum O'Dowda

Oxford United 0 – 4 Celtic
11', 50' Kris Commons
25' Leigh Griffiths
89' James Forrest

Oxford City 1 – 5 Oxford United
9', 24', 28', 85' Danny Hylton
70' David King
79' John Lundstram

Southend United 2 – 1 Oxford United
50' Noel Hunt
54' Danny Hylton
86' David Mooney

Abingdon Town 0 – 5 Oxford United
24', 54' Danny Hylton
49' (pen) Chris Maguire
79' Kemar Roofe
90+1' Jake Wright

Player of the pre-season:
Danny Hylton: he wasnt good in the first two games, but stepped up in the other matches with 7 goals and 3 assists in 5 appearances, which I'm really glad about

Injury Report:

David Bowery:

David Bowery is out for 6-7 months with a damaged achilles tendon, and it really hurts our squad, because we dont have many strikers, and he is the best of them, so it will be really tough without him.

Madsen on Pre-Season review:

To be fair, the pre-season has been alright, first game we came behind against our own reserves which i was not happy with, but we came back to score 6 goals so, i was impressed. 2nd game we came against Celtic where i didnt have high expectations for that game, because Celtic is a much bigger club, and we saw that with a 4-0 loss, but im still glad about the result. Against Oxford City our rivals, we drove them over 5-1 with an impressive match for Danny Hylton. Southend United was a tough opponent, they are good, can run much, and they are one league higher than us, and i wasnt expecting a close match like that, unfortunately they won, but we can see back to it and see the positives. I still havent bought anyone, yet simply because our budget is 0, and the scouts are not offering good enough players, who is on free transfer.
2016-03-27 10:37#227900 Mikkel Dean Nielsen : Really good story so far :D
Thanks Mikkel! I really appreciate it!
Madsen to Make Managerial debut

We asked Madsen how he was feeling about his new managerial debut, and season start and he said: ''I'm really excited, and nervous and i hope we can get a really good season. I want to say thanks to Oxford United too, because they took the chance to hire me, i appreciate it.''

A reporter then asked Madsen: '' how much would a win mean to you in the first game?'' Madsen answered: '' It would mean the world to me! If we start out good now, we can maybe gain confidence and make an unbeaten season! Nah im just kidding, but its my dream.''

Madsens side is up against Crawley who is predicted last place, so it has to be a must win for Madsens side. We asked Crawleys manager Mark Yates a few questions '' Your first game is against Oxford United, do u feel confident?'' Mark Yates then told us: '' I'm feeling really confident, the media has predicted us 24th, but we have more quality than that, and we will prove it against Oxford''

We then called Madsen again and asked him about Mark Yates' comments and his relationship to Mark. Madsen said: ''I think Mark is weird, he says that his side will beat our side? No way, they are going to be relegated, with maybe 10-13 points at the end.''
Oxford United Loans Young David Tutonda

David Tutonda is 19-years old and have been in Cardiff for 4 years.
David Set to be loaned to Oxford and Cardiff is paying the whole wage.
The Left-Back will join Oxford and set to be starting in their 2nd game of the season.

Oxford have now made activities in the transfer window with loaning the 19-years old David Tutonda.'' I am really happy to have loaned Tutonda, and even better when we dont have to pay wages, big thanks to Cardiff.'' says Oxford Manager Oliver Madsen. '' Since i came here in Oxford, i always knew the Left-Back position, was our weakness, and now i think that our team is perfect.''

'' I'm happy to be a year in Oxford. If i really want to impress the Cardiff manager and hopefully be in the starting eleven, then its now'' says David Tutonda.
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8 yearsEdited
Monthly Preview

(League) Oxford United 3 – 0 Crawley Town FC
8' Liam Sercombe
73' Danny Hylton
82' (pen) Chris Maguire

Match stats:
Oxford - Crawley
16 Shots 8
6 On Target 1
46% Possession 54%
Manager Comment:
My debut game, did go really well 3 goals and a clean sheet, long time in the game, i thought we only would take a 1-0 and that i would think was disappointing, but my guys proved that they are quality, amazing game!

(COC) Wolves 2 – 1 Oxford United
66' Chris Maguire
70' Will Randall
112' Sam Slocombe (Own Goal)

Match Stats:
Wolves - Oxford
15 Shots 13
8 On Target 1
42% Possession 58%
Manager Comment:
Hmph.... Thats my first thought, I'm really proud of my team taking a championship team into extra time, but unfortunately we got beaten on a own goal by my goalkeeper, we had our chances, but we really couldnt hit the goal! I felt a bit robbed with that last goal, it hit the post, and my keeper has dived, and it hit him in the back and goes in..... But still accepted performance!

(League) Luton 0 – 2 Oxford United
42' Chris Maguire
65' Cameron Gayle

Match Stats:
Luton - Oxford
3 Shots 10
1 On Target 3
39% Possession 61%
Manager Comment:
Yes, sir! I'm really happy about this result, as Luton is Predicted 5th in the league, and we are predicted 3rd, so i was expecting a close match! But come on, that was an easy game! We are still trying to improve on the shooting as we had 10 shots, 3 on target, and thats not good enough.. Possession its better, as in the first game were we won 3-0 we didnt even had more possession so thats positive, but my team is looking really strong, and im proud of them.

(League) Oxford United 3 – 1 Notts County
14' Cheyenne Dunkley
33', 89' Callum O'Dowda
90+2' Jon Stead

Match Stats:
Oxford - County
12 Shots 9
4 On Target 3
51% Possession 49%
Manager Comment:
Wow, what an amazing performance again! Notts County who is predicted 4th just right behind us, and we are smashing them! Possession wise, it has gone up and down, but i dont care, because we are f*cking winning! Shooting wise its still not good, but we score the goals so thats fine!.

(League) Mansfield 0 – 3 Oxford United
15' Callum O'Dowda
20', 72' Danny Hylton

Match Stats:
Mansfield - Oxford
12 Shots 10
1 On Target 3
46% Possession 54%
Manager Comment:
And we win again! We are just amazing! They even had more shots than us but just couldnt hit the target! We still had only 3 on target, but we scored on all of them, so I'm happy.. If we can keep this up im thinking that we can go unbeaten in the whole season!

(League) Oxford United 2 – 1 Yeovil Town FC
10' Patrick Hoban
20' Chris Maguire
88' Ryan Bird

Match Stats:
Oxford - Yeovil
9 Shots 13
4 On Target 1
48% Possession 52%
Manager Comment:
We win 2-1, they scored a late goal so i was not worried about losing, but i want my team to play much better than they did this game, because or else we are gonna get beaten.

Player Of The Month:
Chris Maguire: I picked Chris, because he is sick! He is our topscorer and topassister, and he has got 4 man of the matches out of 6 so far. Told you that he was going to be our best, and he surely proved it.

League Table:
Press Here For The League Table :D

We are perfect, 5 wins out of 5 games, amazing. Im really looking forward to next month!
Some very good results so far and a good start to the story man, keep it up!
I like where this story is going, it seems like you've really hit the ground running and you're bound to do really well if you continue in the way you're going now. You have a nice layout and have made some good signings, along with a good manager and a nice backstory to boot.

Keep it up, buddy. I'll be reading.
Griffin: Thanks man, i appreciate it! nice to get positives things from such a good story writer!

StarLord: Thank you! i appreciate it, i defo will be reading yours too!

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