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To The Edge And Back - A Pentagon Challenge

A Pentagon Story, Nothing Special
Started on 3 April 2016 by lewie100
Latest Reply on 9 May 2016 by mgriffin2012

Manager Press Conference

(REP - Reporter, LR - Lewie Roberts)

REP - So Lewie, how does it feel to take over Norwich?

LR - It feels good you know, I want this to be the start of something special for me and the club!

REP - Some accuse you of using Norwich as a stepping stone for further success elsewhere. Is this true?

LR - I am not sure at the minute, I would have to see the situation in 3-4 years time. But until then, I am fully committed to Norwich City.

REP - What are your aims for the current season?

LR - Playoffs at least. We need to bounce back and get the TV money from the Premier League so we can invest in the team. For now, we need to get back ASAP.

REP - Are there any particular players you are looking at?

LR - I'll have to see what the Transfer Market brings up, but maybe a tough CM/CDM to replace Mulumbu if he goes.

REP - What about some players at your former club Ferro? Would they be interested?

LR - I feel they were getting ahead of themselves, maybe being big-headed as in wanting to go to a bigger club than us. Simply, they would have stagnated if not for me playing them and especially the youth academy. So no, they wouldn't be interested, they have too big egos.

REP - ok... We'll call it here. Thanks Lewie, and hopefully we'll see another interview some time!

LR - You're welcome.

(Callout to any readers who want to put me a question to answer!)
Mr. Roberts, how have you adapted to returning to Europe after spending time in South America?
Nice little press conference... hopefully you can win the Chmpionship.
Nice press conference and update mate, keep it up! :D

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