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FM 2017 wishlist

What changes do you want to see...
Started on 8 April 2016 by mynjdusta
Latest Reply on 24 June 2016 by gert78
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Not sure if this has been posted anywhere else yet, but it's always fun to discuss what you'd like to see.

For me:

- Language dynamics: if you're managing in Spain, but can't speak Spanish (Gary...), then there's the option to hire a translator whilst you learn key phrases for team talks etc.

- Specific tactical discussion with coaches: Have a meeting to discuss how the tactics can be changed long term to suit your team (similar to the in-match advice, but more in-depth).

- Additional staff, such as Sports Psychologist, Nutritionist, Club Doctor, Press Officer etc.
The FM challenge mode skin also as normal skin!
(if anyone knows how to get this please tell me)
Maybe do something new with the youth system. It's the same as it always was
Tabs ! We need tabs, like Google Chrome tabs but in FM
less OP portugese, brazilian and argentians, less top clubs hoarding players and never using them and refusing to sell them to you for a reasonable fee even though they havent played all year.. and want first team football
I'd like to see a little more interaction between the staff. For a lot of the time the coaches and physios you employ (and scouts to a lesser extent) are just a stat line as opposed to properly fleshed out entities. Yes you get coach reports and backroom reports but again they don't have much personality to them.

It would be good to be able to schedule a meeting with the coaches to set future plans for them to carry out, have meetings with physios to decide on whether to focus on prevention or treatment and rather than just being a tick box or slider to determine selections the amount of buy in from the coaches is based on their personality - so how much they like you, whether they have issues or problems with certain players, whether you inherited them from a previous regime and as such they aren't entirely on board with you.

With scouts it might be good to have certain preferences or attributes attached to them. Along the same line as with managers etc the preference to buy young players or to refuse to have a goalkeeper on the bench. I'd like to see scouts who are better at scouting defenders or who only recommend players who can play multiple positions. I know you can request scouts to do that with their assignments but it would be nice if the scouts had a bit more personality; give you a reason to take the same backroom staff with you as opposed to just accepting what is available or signing whoever has the best stat line...
would like more emphasis on the engine(miles in an interview on radio stated the goal is to make the engine better than FIFA games???) and less on the superfluous stuff like the tedious player chats/press stuff

also more work to editor and big one for me proper beta testing so game on release doesnt need patches to the extent as it now accepted it is not in finished state until march the next year
Anybody have any ideea how much will be fm FM17 pre-order ?
* set pieces editing: allowing multiple persons to follow the same orders. E.g. setting 3 players to mark the first post or 2 players to wait just outside the box.

*international management: suggest to players to force more playing time or change clubs to play more to retain match ritme for international call up

*Club philosophy: add to the club information screen what the long term philosophy of a club is without being judged about it e.g. get youngsters for first team, playing direct football and so on. Now we can only see this when we ask for such a meeting and will be judged on it.

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