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FC Montreal is making an Impact in USL

FM16 Custom database Story
Started on 7 June 2016 by GuiseleyFan00
Latest Reply on 7 June 2016 by GuiseleyFan00
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I will be doing this story with the MLS 24 Team Si Games database I will be the Manager of FC Montreal

The following screenshot below as to which nations I have decided to pick out of all of the countries available from the database with an advanced database also picking up Canada

We have an approximate 100,670 player count.


We will be using December 19th 2014 as the start date

We will be auto simming until October 25th 2015 so we can prepare for the real life 2016 season. I will be posting the review for the 2015-2016 season before we move onto the 2016-2017 season.

Manager Profile:

FC Montreal Club Background:

FC Montreal

American Third Division Rules:

October 2015

Even though our season ended September 26th I have decided to auto sim until the end of the MLS regular season.

2015-2016 USL Season Review

Team Roster/Stats

Team Schedule

League Standings

League Stats

American Second League Standings:

American Second League Stats:

MLS Standings

MLS Player Stats

I’ve given myself some rules, a) I can only bring in former Impact players who were apart of their club or bring in players from their club on loan or b) max of 20 yr old players from free agents

Here are some staff members I hired during the auto sim

Director of Football – Dale Mitchell

Assistant Manager – Christian Arrieta (Puerto Rican)

Coach – Juergen Sommer (American)

October 26th

We have named David Guzman to our scouting staff

In league rules it says we can carry max of 7 foreign players, that is all European players and American players.

October 27th

We have named Marcus Hahnemann as our new goalkeeping coach

We have also named 34 yr old forward Maykel Galindo who will hang up his boots and join our club in a scouting role.

October 28th

We have added Cesar River to our coaching staff

October 30th

We have added another scout in Matthew Waddington
November 5th

Three of our players were called to international duties as Marco Dominguez and Mele Temguia have been called to Canada U20, while Mastanbal Kacher has been called to Algeria U20

November 6th

We have signed our first import player in 20 yr old Midfielder Romain Gall for 925 per week until December 31st 2019. Romain started in FC Lorient for 2011 until 2014, then 2 seasons with Columbus Crew, after spending the 2015 season between Columbus and Austin in D3 West Conference.

With us signing the player now does not mean he will make the main roster out of camp he will have to battle like all other players in Camp. He will join our squad on December 7th

November 10th

We have added another coach in Joey Gjertsen who was a 33 yr old head of youth coach.

Joey Gjertsen

We have also named Gerry Morina as one of our Physios

Gerry Morina

November 13th

We have added Dominik Jakubek to our coaching staff

We have also added Michael Fucito as our new Head of Youth development coach

November 23rd

We have named 30 yr old full back Shane Smith as our chief scout as he hangs up his boots

Our training camp will be in January/February some time and it will consist of 2 teams and 17 players. Each will will have 11 players and 6 six subs and each team will play a number of games and will play every other day and this way we will get a good look at each player at camp.

December 7th

Romain Gall signing is now official

December 16th

We have named Hank House as our Head Physio

December 20th

Our board has told us that we have a wage budget of 10.5k for the upcoming season

December 23rd

The Team has announced that training camp will run from January 23rd until February 2nd

December 27th

Our 2016 regular season will kick off with a home game against Harrisburg City Islanders on March 13th. Our first away game will be against Pittsburgh Riverhounds at Highmark Stadium. Our last game of the season will be against Minnesota United Reserves at home

We were given 335k for TV rights for the upcoming season

December 29th

Our second signing as we have brought in 22 yr old Dominican Republic forward Anthony Jackson-Hamel on loan from our parent club Montreal Impact

We have a total of 16 friendly games setup as each team in camp will play a total of 8 games each

Team Blue will play the following dates:

January 8th
January 12th
January 16th
January 20th
January 24th
January 28th
February 1st
February 5th

Team White will play the following dates:

January 10th
January 14th
January 18th
January 22nd
January 26th
January 30th
February 3rd
February 7th

We will be sending out camp invites out on January 1st/2nd

December 30th

Another Impact loanee will be joining us in Jeremy Gagnon-Lapare who will be joining us for the regular season

December 31st

We have gotten another loan from Montreal Impact in 27 yr old Centre-back Wandrille Lefevre
January 1st

We have announced a new training kit sponsorship worth 43k per year over 2 yrs

January 4th

After not showing up for training Fabrice Mbvouvouma was un happy with me giving him a warning. We will put him on transfer as he wants to leave for first team

January 5th

Fabio Morelli will be out of action for 5-6 weeks with a sports hernia he suffered during pre camp work outs

January 8th

Not all players we invited to camp have shown up yet so we will take today’s first game that was supposed to be Team Blue game and mix up players from each of the 2 teams to take part in todays game against TFC II

TFC II @ FC Montreal (Pre-season Friendly)

Final: 0-0 Draw

Shane Baxter (FC Montreal)
Wandrille Lefvre (FC Montreal)
Steve Morales (FC Montreal)
Alessandro Riggi (FC Montreal)
Louis Beland-Goyette (FC Montreal)
Wesley Charpie (TFC II)
Adam Bouchard (TFC II) 7.10 rating

January 10th

Team White has their 1st friendly game against Forest City London

Forest City London @ FC Montreal (Pre-season friendly)

Alessandro Riggi scores his 1st of the pre-season (25) (assisted by Shane Baxter)
Anthony Jackson-Hamel scores his 1st of the pre-season (79) (assisted by Wandrille Lefevre)

Final: 2-0 W

Alessandro Riggi (FC Montreal) 1g 8.2 rating

January 12th

Team Blue is on the home pitch up against Harrisburg Islanders

Harrisburg City Islanders @ FC Montreal (Team Blue) (Pre-season Friendly)

Romain Gall scores his 1st pre-season goal (30) (assisted by Yacine Alt Slimane)
Simon Seymour scores his 1st goal of the pre-season (65) (assisyed by Romain Gall)

Final: 2-2 Draw

Jason Plumhoff (Harrisburg 72nd min)

Zach Sukunda (FC Montreal)
Tony Donatelli (Harrisburg City)

Simon Seymour (FC Montreal) 1g 8.1 rating

January 14th

Team White has their second pre-season game as they play Pittsburgh Riverhounds in friendly action

Pittsburgh Riverhounds @ FC Montreal (Team White) (Pre-season friendly)

Conor Flanagan scored his 1st goal of the pre-season (46) (assisted by Louis Beland-Goyette)
Alessandro Riggi scores his 2nd goal of the pre-season () (assisted by Anthony Jackson-Hamel)

Final: 2-0 W

Wandrille Lefevre (FC Montreal)
Aron Mkungilwa (FC Montreal)
Matteo Pasquotti (FC Montreal)
Juan Paredes (FC Montreal)

Alessandro Riggi (FC Montreal) 1g 7.2 rating

Training camp will begin on January 23rd to February 2nd

Each Team has 2 games each between now and the 24th, after those 2 games each we will be making first cuts of camp.

January 16th

Team blue has a home friendly game against Vancouver Whitecaps 2

Vancouver Whitecaps 2 @ FC Montreal (Team Blue) (pre-season friendly

Romain Gall scores his 2nd goal of the pre-season (13) (assisted by Janouk Charbonneau)

Final: 4-1 L

Zach Sukunda (FC Montreal)
Jeremy Gagnon-Lapare (FC Montreal)
Tyler Rosenlund (Vancouver Whitecaps 2)

January 18th

We have a friendly game against Vancouver U23

Vancouver U23 @ FC Montreal (Team White) (Pre-season friendly)

Ryan Barry scored his 1st goal of the pre-season (20) (unassisted)
David Howard scored his 1st goal of the pre-season (87) (assisted by Juan Paredes)

Final: 2-1 W

Shane Baxter (FC Montreal)
Marco Dominguez (FC Montreal)
Paul Durden (Vancouver U23)

David Howard (FC Montreal) 1g 7.2 rating

January 20th

Team Blue is at home against Charleston Battery

Charleston Battery @ FC Montreal (Team Blue)

Simon Seymour scored his 2nd goal of the preseason () (unassisted)

Final: 1-1 Draw

Yacine Ait-Slimane (FC Montreal)
Emmanuel Adjetey (Charleston)

R.Garbanzo (Charleston) 1a 7.6 rating

First Cuts:

Team Blue:
DC: Ross Watson
M/AM – Nelson Castillo

D/M – Borko Adamovic

D/WB/M – Ged Pearson

January 22nd

Team White has a friendly game against Reading United.

Reading United @ FC Montreal (Team White) (Pre-Season Friendly)

Ryan Barry scored his 2nd goal of the pre-season (61) (assisted by David Howard)
Matteo Pasquotti scored his 1st goal of the pre-season (70) (assisted by Juan Paredes)
Matteo Pasquotti scored his 2nd of the game and 2nd of the pre-season (87) (assisted by Louis Molina)

Final 3-2 W

Mark Rojas (Reading 30th min)

Matteo Pasquotti (FC Montreal) 2g 8.5 rating

January 24th

Fabrice Mbvouvouma was complaining that he wanted to leave our squad so we lowered our fee from 220 to 100k and FC Edmonton has offered us 100k for him and we agree.

We have a few people who trials end on the 31st so we will be putting together a squad for the next 4 friendly games between now and then to get one last look at them before their trials expire if we want to keep them or move them on.

We have a friendly against CNHP du Quebec

CNHP du Quebec @ FC Montreal (Pre-season Friendly)

Luis Molina scores his 1st goal of the pre-season (39) (assisted by Simon Seymour)
Coulton Jackson scored his 1st goal of the pre-season (50) (unassisted)
Ryan Barry scored his 3rd goal of the pre-season (84) (assisted by Coulton Jackson)

Final: 3-0 W

Chris Hoffman-Johnson (FC Montreal) 7.6 rating

January 26th

Our squad has a friendly game against Ottawa Royals

Ottawa Royals @ FC Montreal (Pre-Season Friendly)

Coulton Jackson scored his 2nd goal of the pre-season (9) (assisted by Matteo Pasquotti)
Simon Seymour scored his 3rd goal of the pre-season (21) (unassisted)
Matteo Pasquotti scored his 3rd of the pre-season (24) (assisted by Charles Hedjuk)
Matteo Pasquotti scored his 4th goal of the pre-season (36) (assisted by Simon Seymour)
Falk Hajderovic scored his 1st of the pre-season (77) (assisted by Declon Rodridguez)

Final: 5-1 W

Matteo Pasquotti (FC Montreal) 2g 1a 9.4 rating

January 28th

We have another friendly game against Gatineau.

Gatineau @ FC Montreal (pre-season friendly

Matteo Pasquotti scored his 5th goal of the pre-season (36) (assisted by Charles Hedjuk)
Gatineau og (66)

Final: 2-2 Draw

Paul Serban (Gatineau) 1g 8.3 rating

Time to make the final cuts and put in offers for our trial players for our final main squad

Players who are cut and released are as follows:

GK – Braeden Rosales – released from trial

DR – Gino Lucchetta – released from trial

DRL – Shane Baxter – released from trial

M/DM – James Moberg – released from trial

DM/M – Steve Morales – released from trial

M – Charles Hedjuk – released from trial

Put offers in for:

DRLC – Chris Hoffman-Johnson

We offered 325 per week for a full time contract with hot prospect squad status and 2 yrs until 2017. He will also get 70 per appearance, 50 per clean sheet and 50 for each unused bonus and a 350 sign on fee[/img]

AM / ST – Matteo Pasquotti

We offered Matteo a 325 per week, full time, hot prospect status, 2 yr deal, appearance of 85 per game, 55 per goal and 55 per game that he is unused.

ST – Simon Seymour

We offered full time, hot prospect, 2 yrs sign on fee of 350, appearance of 75, goal of 50, unused 50

January 30th

We have a friendly game at home against Charlesbourg. Chad Bush will get the start in goal.

Charlesbourg @ FC Montreal (Pre-season Friendly)

Matteo Pasquotti scored his 6th goal of the pre-season (28) (assisted by Alessandro Riggi)
Romain Gall scored his 3rd goal of the pre-season (80) (unassisted)

Final: 2-0 W

Jordian Jankovic (Charlesbourg)

Zach Sukunda (FC Montreal) 7.8 rating

January 31st

Matteo Pasquotti signed his contract

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