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my best 4-2-3-1

very good against strong teams
Started on 7 October 2016 by TheEastTorch
Latest Reply on 7 October 2016 by TheEastTorch
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hello managers, this is my first topic ever, i've been playing FM since FM12 until now, this is why i want to share with you one of my many own creative tactics.
SO, if i want to win a gamen first i need to make sure of 2 things, 1-SHOOTS, 2-POSSESSION
this is why after a lot of thinkingand changes, this is the better tactic for me until now 4-2-3-1


like you see my players rating are all over 7.00, and my main idea is playing creative possession game. my tactic depends generally on some key players are: [2 best possible full backs, 2 wide advanced playmakers and 1 Target man], and i'll explane to you how this works after the team instructions below;

{team instructions}

the idea of this game plan is playing a possession game, and more importantly creating most possible chances by decessive passes in 90 mins, so you need 2 good fullbacks, there role is look for overlop and help the team in the attack, and they should have good crossing and speed in the attack, and agression, positioning, tackling in defence, they must be able to crosse in the Target man area, and the 2 wide playmakers the job is creating chances with passing or crossing or even shooting, but they help very good in defence aswell and they slowing the rythme too, this is why i didn't choose a inside forward, so they must have a good collective, passing, creativity, vision, activity, and the whole team must have a collectivity and determination is so important .
they make passes and chances in the middle of the pitch,
and Taget man player, he must have a good speed, collectivity, finition, pass, activity, decision.
1- so you when you face a top team:
in home>>>controle in 1st period / attacking in 2nd period or even overload is you're loosing
in away>>>normal in 1st period / control in 2nd period
this is the most important thing " be more diciplined / stick in position" you must do that before the game starts
2- and when you face a small teams always 1st period control and 2nd one attacking and choose "be more expressive" and you can choose "get stuck in and tight marking" it's your choice here
3- if you saw that you're loosing possession but you have a good number of shoots, so here you need to change the way of passing from the midlle> to the flanks
4- if you have a good ball possession but not enought shoots , so here you need to select "shoot on sight" . and that's from my own experience and remarks

{explaning how the tactic works}

and here my results for the first season, i won Serie A league, with 92 pts, and just 4 losts

Let me know what you think if you give this a try

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