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The Long Way Home

Follow Korbinian Holst in his epic adventure to return to the place he called home...
Started on 19 October 2016 by Atoobie
Latest Reply on 7 December 2016 by MJK46
I laughed my ass off with that BBC stuff :D

Good luck with this, seems interesting. :)
MJK: Cheers man, start obscure ;)

ZakNik: Thankyou, hope it goes well

mgriffin: I hope it is!

CRooY3: Yes and no mate, I'll only take the Bradford job if it comes up but it'll be nice for Holst to get a return

Man0war: Think Holst will enjoy a spell in his homeland for a bit first

Hellsdoom: Phaha I feel it's an accurate representation ;) Cheers man

Holst takes questions from the press

The day had come, the 25th of June 2019, Holst was about to step into a room full of flashes and question marks. He'd never been so fearful of words, but he knew he must remain composed, to show he's a force to be reckoned with.
This press conference was available on most TV's across the country, some even internationally. People wanted to know the story of the exiled man.

Korbinian Holst: Hi guys, I'm really happy to be here today, I'll take a few questions, take a few photos and then I'll be off if that's okay? Nothing too hard it is only my first day after all.

The journalists laugh between themselves, Holst grows confident.

Journalist 1: Congratulations Holst, it must have been a bit of a hectic few months for you, exiled a few months ago and now a pro manager, how are you feeling right now?

Holst: I'm ecstatic, I've put the work in at Bradford to get my qualifications and I'm glad that LASK took me on as they did. It's a huge opportunity to create a future here and I don't intend to waste it.

Journalist 2: What about your ambitions moving forward?

Holst: I'm happy as I am! It'd be naive not to stop and enjoy the moment I'm currently in rather than moving on to the next thing, so I'm enjoying every moment right now.

Journalist 3: Obviously you have a great affinity with Bradford City, any chance that's a reasonable goal for you down the line?

Holst: As I said, I want to live in the now, LASK is my job, and I'm going to prove to the world what I'm capable of with this team.

Journalist 4: How do you feel the about the team you've inherited? Are you happy with it?

Holst: Every manager has changes they want to make to a side, I'm the same, but not too many, I like to keep the core. Can we have 1 more question?

Journalist 5: How do you feel the LASK fans reacted when they realised their club had just hired a taxi driver as manager?

Holst: Wow, I don't think I need to provide a response to that. That'll be all.

And with that, Holst promptly rose from his chair and left, in the corner of his eye he could see that 5th journalist getting quite a stern telling off from the LASK press officer, good job too.

As he made his way through the maze of corridors hidden from the media, Holst's phone buzzed. A text...

Dad: I know we don't talk any more Son, but I want you to know I'm proud of you.

Thankyou for reading, comments are appreciated and reciprocated,
awesome update....I like that interview :D
ZakNik: Cheers man! Bloody journalists keep picking on Holst
Good interview man, youll be back in Bradford with a vengeance sooner than first thought i think!

5 Years Prior

Korbinian Holst was 21, in the year 2014, he had a gorgeous girlfriend, his own place, things were looking good. Truth be told, Holst's life had been a whirlwind up to this point, but things looked to finally be coming good. Until he got a text in the dead of night.

Dad: Son, you're your own man now, I'm proud of you. I'm moving back to Austria to be with your mother again. I hope you understand, we can meet before I go if you'd like?

Holst couldn't believe what he had just read. His Father and him had fled to the UK, changing Holst's life forever, because his mother had cheated on his dad. He'd spent his whole life despising his own mother, because of what she did to a hero he called dad, and now this?!?! His Father had chosen his cheating ex-wife over his own loyal son.

Holst replied to his Dad for the last time.

Holst: You disappoint me. I looked up to you, and hated her. Now you're leaving me for her. Goodbye Dad.

Thanks for reading, comments will be appreciated and reciprocated.
Cheers, Alex
That was... dramatic.
ScottT: What can I say ;)
DRRRRRRAMA, what will happen next no one knows, well except you :P

Keep it up

Who are LASK Linz

In global terms, LASK are a minnow. Born in between two giants of Austrian football in Salzburg and Vienna in the year 2016 they found themselves in the 2nd division of Austrian football but by the year 2019, things had gone well.

The LASK lads had put in a heck of a season to put themselves firmly up the league, but come the 2019/20 season, many pundits think Holst won't be enough to stop them sliding to the relegation spots and finding themselves in the second division.

Key Players

LASK Linz is formed of some real characters, a side that doesn't have any of it's 7 non EU member allowance filled are hugely home based, with about 90% of the players been home grown. Here's a list of some of the key players to look out for in years to come:

Reinhold Ranftl

Since arriving on a free in the summer of 2015 Ranftl has been a prolific and key player to this Linz side, holding down the right back spot for many years now, he's become a constant in the team.

Sandro Djuric

Our Austrian-Serbian playmaker will be a big part of our team if we're to have a successful year. Djuric arrived a season ago for 200k and has looked the part since. However, in a division where the games come thick and fast, he will need to be rotated due to the physical requirements of the centre midfield position.

Michael Adomat

My pick for surprise of the season, which may make it less surprising I suppose. This lad looks to be the first youth product to make it into the first team in this save, playing well in pre-season to get the nod. Expect big things from this lad.

Tomas Malec

Our final player is also probably our biggest. Tomas Malec is valued at an astronomical 2.2 million pounds and will look to be our target man for years to come. The Slovakian will have competition for places though, all will be revealed soon.

Holst's aims

For now, Holst is wanting to acclimatise, he's seen the expectations his team has received and doesn't like them one bit. However, he knows asking too much of the players could be detrimental, he wants solidification, mid table will do it for our exiled man this year.

Thanks for reading, all comments are appreciated and reciprocated.
Cheers, Alex
Jeez man that family drama was rough! I won't pretend to know anything about thr club/squad though!
mgriffin2012: They'll be a household name by time Holst is done with them
Think I have heard about that Djuric fella, but that's about all I know, besides the team name.
Hellsdoom: Phaha I've picked some proper minnows here then, maybe another recognisable name or two when you see the transfers though ;)

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