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The Long Way Home

Follow Korbinian Holst in his epic adventure to return to the place he called home...
Started on 19 October 2016 by Atoobie
Latest Reply on 7 December 2016 by MJK46
Some very entertaining matches there I'm seeing! That's also a very important draw against RB Salzburg, who will no doubt be challenging for the title come the end of the season.

Holst caught up in scandal

Things we're going well for Holst, he was unbeaten in his first month as LASK Linz manager and had his side sitting at the top of the tree. However, over the years Holst had learn this was normally the time when everything went down the pan, surely enough, it did...

Holst couldn't believe his eyes, this was defamation, Holst had never been involved in anything so ridiculous, how could this be happening to him right now? The even more pressing question on Holst's mind was what he'd done to deserve this, sure he ignored his dads text a month ago, but this was the norm.

Then it hit him, his father was desperate. The promise of payment would surely have enticed his dad into saying such absurd things about his son.

Naturally, Holst was disgusted in his father, disgusted in his family. This was not part of his plan.

Holst browsed his calendar, next month, he was going to pay his dad a visit, for the first time in 5 years...

Thanks for reading guys, comments are appreciated and reciprocated.
Cheers, Alex
Wow, his dad is a b***tard
How very, very bitter. After everything is going so well?!
This story is moving forward well, the emotional side to is rough though man, keep it up!
JohnWarrington: Tell me about it man!

Jack: I know it's not great fatherly behaviour

mgriffin2012: Lil' bit of emotion, lil bit of tactics, good combo in my eyes ;)

LASK lose but soldier on

Unfortunately, in a month that's been hectic enough for Holst without football, LASK suffered there first loss. He knew it was of utmost importance that his side bounced back, and they did in all honesty. No-one can stop Korbinian Holst.

No longer unbeaten

It was the first game of the month that put LASK's unbeaten form the sword. Losing against mid-table opposition FC Wacker. This was an even game and Holst's side didn't deserve to lose it, only 1 goal for them in this one too, a late Blutsch penalty.

LASK Linz didn't bounce back in emphatic fashion, but they bounced back nonetheless, a 1 nil win with another singular goal by Blutsch was enough to get us over the line, getting the 3 points.

Another 1-0 win was enough to see LASK through to the next round of the Austrian FA Cup. Kirim got the job done very early, and a rotated side managed to hold out for the simple win.

LASK were unfortunate not to grab a win against Austria Wien after Djuric missed a penalty, however, Holst really began to worry about his sides goal scoring potential at this point. Positively however, Malec returned to the scoresheet.

Still top of the tree

It's slightly tighter than it was before, but LASK still lead the rest of the pack. All this in a time where Holst is caught up in the scandal surrounding him. However, the press seem to have ignored the claims, and instead, Holst seems to still be receiving plaudits.

Player of the Month

LASK have managed to take points from games over this month without scoring too many goals, this had to be down to our fantastic defence. Ramsebner took some time out with injury, and Luckeneder had to step up and take off, fortunately, he did, to the point where he receives Player of the Month.

Flop of the Lot

This lad hasn't played particularly bad, rather, he's been outshone by the rest of his partners in defence. Ranftl has been great on the right hand side of defence, meaning Schrammel has looked quite the fool playing the same role not as well. Therefore, we wins FOTL for this month.

Coming up...

Once again, only a few games on the immediate horizon for the lads as Holst's team work towards the winter period. LASK will expect to be top of the table by the end, there's a good aura around the squad now, they believe.

Thanks for reading, all comments will be appreciated and reciprocated,
Cheers, Alex
Solid results, despite the loss. Keep it up and you may be able to stop RB.
Hellsdoom: It's just about holding them off all year, if we can do that we could actually do it!
You are doing good man, just need to stay on top!!

Father & Son

It was Sunday the 29th of September, a very damp and ugly day in Salzburg, where Holst's father and maybe his mother lived. He had imagined every horror awaiting behind the door as he moved closer to knocking it, what if no-one was in? What if they'd had another kid somehow? What if it was just his mum?

Holst couldn't do this.

But then, as if things were meant to fall into place then and there, a lonely page of newspaper whistled by, reminding Holst of what his father had done to him.

Holst knocked.

A snake hissed behind the door and at first, Holst thought there would be no answer, but surely enough, there was, his father.

Korbinian Holst:
Dad, give me one reason why I shouldn't come in and throttle you! You're a disgrace. How could you tell all those lies? Was the promise of a pay cheque enough to try and ruin your sons life and career?

Holst Snr:
I'm sorry Korb, I didn't know it would go so far! We were short on rent, we needed something.

Korbinian Holst:
Who the f**k is we?!?!

Holst Snr:
Your mother and I...

Holst began to push at his father, he became thankful the rain, it hid the tears streaming down his face. How could his father sell him out like that, and be with his mother still?

Korbinian Holst:
You don't deserve a son who's going to make it. Stop holding me back! If I hear another word from you, a text, an interview, a f*****g message via owl, I'll be suing you so hard, I'll bankrupt you. I'll have you out of my life, that's all I've wanted since 5 years ago.

Holst Snr:
I am sorry son, I love you.

Korbinian Holst:
No you don't.

And with that, Holst turned and walked away, his Father was shouting after him but it became muffled noise. That wasn't his Father, that was an enemy. Holst's father was football, and he was going to let the world know that.

Thanks for reading, comments are appreciated and reciprocated.
Cheers, Alex
Damn this is turning into a soap opera haha
Still going strong at the top of the table even if your personal life is f*****g rough!
MJK: Everyone loves a bit of eastenders ;)

mgriffin2012: Life is crap but football is great, sounds like a decent mix ;)

It's a beautiful game

Holst's visit to his father wasn't the only time this month he'd be on the brink of tears. LASK did the unexpected this month, played teams off the park at times, things seemed to click, like the team knew what their manager was going through.

Eventful to say the least...

To be honest, I could write an entire update on this game, it was a thing of beauty. LASK looked done and dusted, 3-1 down at the 60th minute, things didn't look good at all. Holst made some changes, he went more direct and deadly, and boy was it effective. In 25 minutes, LASK went from 3-1 down to 6-3 up. Possibly one of the best come backs I've ever seen on FM, to come back from 2 down to win so comfortably, it was a stroke of genius from Holst. Additionally, Mause picked this game, of all games, to turn up and play a blinder and pull his way into the first team.

Back to normality for the next game, Mause bagged another, and probably could have had more if Holst didn't sub him for fitness reasons. Still, a comfy 2-0 win was enough, probably best that the team came back to reality after that 6-3 win.

This was another epic game for LASK to be involved in. Mause took all the plaudits in this game after scoring a perfect hat-trick, a header, a volley and a normal shot.

Our final game was in the cup, Holst started a strong-ish side to make sure LASK got the job done. Kerhe got a run out in centre-midfield for the first time, his new position as he moves into his latter years. 3-1 was decent enough, LASK are into the next round.

7th heaven

LASK still sit top, 7 points clear, the title is definitely still on, it'll come down to the wire though, there's no way they can run away with things just yet. Holst is forever indebted to his team for their hard work over this difficult time for him, but they look like they could really pull off something special.

Player of the Month

This lad has had a stormer this month, after picking up FOTL in the first month, he's been unbelievable this October. Jannik Mause has simply been a standout goalscorer for LASK this month and rightfully deserves the POTM award.

Flop of the Lot

Whilst Mause fought his way to the front of the team, another man fell from the very top. Our first every POTM is now our 3rd FOTL, Adomat has been poor recently, allowing Blutsch to take his place, meaning unfortunately he's the October FOTL.

Coming up

Just 4 more games in November, but all as big as this months. LASK have to keep the run going, they can't allow the bubble to burst. They keep fighting on, Holst believes his side can do it.

Thanks for reading, comments are appreciated and reciprocated,
Cheers, Alex

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