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Official FMScout Challenge Leaderboard

Started on 12 November 2016 by JamieFMS
Latest Reply on 30 October 2017 by amirkh87
okay, thank you
I think that you've made a mistake with my points.You added the 19 points of the last challenge to another nickname in league 2 "amoatosx" instead of this i should be 42 +19,cheers.
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Sorting it now :)
Saving Górnik Zabrze

Sorry for the delay I was at work :(
sorry to bother you but my points haven't been added from the 3rd challenge. i had 39 points before the 3rd challenge and completed it this morning. again sorry but i just wasn't sure if u hadn't had the chance to update the leader board or not.
hi there the point from my 3rd challenge i posted today hasnt been added onto my total which means im in the wrong division
Sorry to bother I know this is a lot of work but my score hasn't been updated for challenge 3. Before challenge 3 I was on 29 and I should be on 29 + my score from challenge 3. (29+19) thanks in advance.
Hi. My points from 3rd challenge are missing totally. I had 33 from the 2 nd challrngr, now i have that score too.
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We're about to update the league table from all the challenge 3s right now.
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All update above and points fixed etc.

All challenge 3 entries in, no challenge 4 entries on the leaderboard right now.
Do you have to have played all three of the challenges to be put on the leaderboard
I'm not on the leaderboard even though I entered my score into challenge three.
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The leaderboard pictures will be updated around 5.30pm for all of challenge 4.
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Updated from last challenge, all up to date.
Sorry to say that but something isnt good on the top of the leaderboard. How can the leader amassed more then the max. points without goals from Colim?

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