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Work Permit

Started on 4 January 2010 by cudi
Latest Reply on 9 February 2010 by Fnmkng
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Hey can anybody explain how the work permit works? im the manager of Ajax Cape Town which is in the south african league and everytime i try and sign a player not from south africa it never goes through cause the player needs a work permit. And when i appeal for it, it gets denied
i think in some cases the player must have played for his national team in order to qualify for a work permit
I think work permit has to do with players no matter the age who have caps in their national team even if it is the youth ones!
Not sure if the same rules apply to English work permits, though I think there's also another factor in it. The world ranking of the country that the player is coming from.
Well I'm not sure for other countries then england, because i mostly play with English clubs, the player needs to have 75% caps for his nation in past 2 years (for example if his country played 4 matches in last two years player must have played in at least 3) and that nation must be above 70th position in FIFA ranking list...

Well, at least that is in real life, not sure about FM but its probably the same, and don't know about other it :)
it's a great question, official comment from SI would be useful. in my opinion caps are most important (i've read somewhere that plyaer must have at least 20 of them).
thnks everyone it all reali helped
just like dusan real life those are the rules, but in fm i doubt that is the same with england.i have transferred many players and they had none caps...
dont know aout south africa, but you can use an editor to add a second nationality if you really want a player.
ok where do i find editor and is it cheating?
an editor is cheating, but there are many you can download editors on fm scout in the downloads section
ok well is there anyways i could use the editor to get a picture of me in my profile aswell and how do i do it?
When creating your profile you can put a picture on a profile, also I ain't that good with editing programs, you should ask another member more familiar with it..
You can get youth player's in England from almost anywhere with no caps, I signed two kids, one from Ghana and one from Zambia, and they had no caps!!!! It seems to be random, you just have to always go to appeal!!!
yes, if they are considered very talented players and their country is at least 70th in world rankings... could work with a couple of appeals.
In my experience this only works with young players with high potential, otherwise they need to have played 75% of their nations games in the last two years.

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