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Members Point System

Started on 5 January 2010 by Stam
Latest Reply on 22 September 2010 by Stam
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I think it would be nice to introduce a simple point system for site members. Member rankings could derive from this system.
The question is how to calculate the points.

For example, I'm considering this simple math:
1 post = 2 points
1 comment = 1 point

Any suggestions?
It's not a bad idea and I think it would work ok but there's not loads of difference between a post and a comment. Also if you were going to do it shouldn't the user who is commenting get more points as in most cases they are helping out with a question that someone has posted.
You are not referring to a simple point system mate :)

You probably mean that members should be able to "vote" for good/bad comments and "thank" for useful posts; like karma or something. Yea, that would be brilliant, but I don't have the time to code something so complex... well, for me at least.
This one may be too complex aswell but what about a certain amount of points after a certain amount of comments/posts. so for e.g when you reach 20 posts - 10points
There should be perks for getting tons of points. :yes like maybe getting custom tittles and stuff :beer
Of course... to start with I have thought of giving away premium account status to the most active member every month. this means ad-free site and different color for username.
I could probably do the custom title thing. What else do you have in mind?
is there going to be "league winner" at the end of the seasons?
I was thinking... at the end of each month for the initial "contest".
But I'm open to any suggestions for future "events".
give the 1st / 2nd / 3rd announced, but keep it simple yea, when is this plan comming into effect?
not sure, i might try coding it tonight, though i kinda suck at programming :p
I would try to start it sometime this week mate, due to snow everywhere people will be off school, and there is a chance of higher traffic..
alright, been thinking of this simple system:

forum post = 2 point
page published = 3 points
blog entry = 4 points
comment made = 2 points
item rated = 1 point

a propaganda to promote blogs i guess lol
hmm that is undervalued though,as we only ever publish a blog entry and edit it, otherwise there would be too many entrys and it would mess up the organization ifyou know what I mean,
more points for blogs then!!! 10?
maybe more points for pages as well... 5 maybe? would probably motivate people to post more good players for our database.
That doesn't nesscicarily mean that we will get loads of good players, unless we moderate them well. (also giving you a hint, that I can't validate anything, despite being a mod)

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