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Started on 15 January 2017 by Scholar
Latest Reply on 9 February 2022 by ltc_squishy
Hi. A lot of you can't import shortlists but I've found a quick and easy way to do it.

Firstly, create the shortlist you want to make

Second, download FMRTE (DO NOT PAY FOR IT, THE FREE VERSION WORKS) load your game. At the top of FMRTE it says "shortlists" click on it, then load shortlist, load the shortlist from FM genie scout into FMRTE, then highlight a player in the shortlist, press ctrl+A (to select every player) then in the bottom right, theres an option to click which allows you to save the shortlist. Save as a new shortlist.

Now import the new shortlist you created into FM, and it'll work!!

TLDR; make shortlist in FMGS, import shortlist into FMRTE, save shortlist in FMRTE then import into FM via FM itself.


It works, thank you so much! You save the game for me, cheers!!!
Worked :)

better then nothing :)

thanks :)
Worked - thanks.

So annoying that you have to go through this process at all, though. Used to be so much better when you could just upload the file from your computer rather than direct from FM.
I'll try to find a solution in a few days. But not sure it's possible for FM Touch version.
Does the shortlist work? It didn't work for me.
2017-01-15 01:15#239866 Scholar : Hi. A lot of you can't import shortlists but I've found a quick and easy way to do it.

Works perfectly. Good work and cheers for sharing!

It works perfectly.

Now my legacy as Legend can continue.

Tks Bro
Yeah this seems to work with the latest versions.
So I was having this problem with FM22 as lots of us are, so I googled the issue and found this guide. I thought it was pretty smart, but as I went to click off the guide I noticed the name was the same as the one I use for lots of websites...

I just read my own guide from 4 years ago without realising it. Lol.
Scholar - This is the first version of FM I have purchased for a few years, and appears the first I have encountered with this "cant export from genie scout to FM" problem.

But you... You... You genius.

You have totally solved this issue and I can now clean up all regens with a PA of 170 and over.

You the MVP.
if anyone can show me where the shortlist button is, i'd appreciate it. i'm stumped on how to make this work for 22


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