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FMSE Feature Requests

Started on 10 February 2017 by Stam
Latest Reply on 24 June 2023 by kief
Is there a possibility you could create an editor for the Xbox edition of FM 21 it would be a great help
It is possible to add IGA also for staff? I really want to know if my staff members worth it and see theirs CA/PA
please, add a column that displays the FullName from players, it will be very useful!!!
I'm sure these would solve issues many of us are stuck with;

- The ability to change a club's "Youth Level" (will solve not being invited to U23 competitions)
- The ability to change advanced rules in competitions such as # of allowed subs (so we can take it back to 5) as well as number of max teams in table, etc.
- The ability to filter player search by "Club"
Hi there, wondering if it's possible to add sorting by nationality (Not filtering)
Is there any chance we can get an ability to move managers around between clubs? Would help in avoiding the AI's unrealistic appointments
Can we clear the search details (like a reset of whats been selected)
Will this year be possible to add prize money and be able to change substitution numbers?
Hi, One change I would like to request is training performance & happiness.
It can be done on cheat engine and has made the development of my players work amazingly well.
Would it be possible to add division level on the clubs filter and nation on the cities filter.
Would it be possible to add a future transfer fee editor?
Any chance you could add the ability to edit media outlets and personnel? I'd love the ability to change the names of newspapers, reporters, etc. within the game. Thank you!
It would be awesome having the possibility to change the number of available subsitutions in a competition without the need of a new save.
Thank you
"Deleting" players would be a great feature. I doubt you could straight-up delete them, but I'm thinking; reduce all stats to 1, terminate contract, make them permanently injured and change their name.

After Mason Greenwood's situation, I felt sick even looking at him on FM. I didn't want to start my save over again just for that though and did all the things above to him. A pseudo-deletion if you will.
Can we see a full squad of a team at once?
So we can make changes for the entire squad !!!


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