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FMSE Feature Requests

Started on 10 February 2017 by Stam
Latest Reply on 24 June 2023 by kief
Stam's avatar Administrators Stam
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We’re determined to showcase significant progress by rolling out updates frequently. Our efforts will be weekly, but it won't always be possible to release new versions every week.

Feature requests are very important to us and we'll consider adding what will make this tool the best it can be.

There are things we're planning to add anyway, but we encourage you to share your ideas. You can always request a feature that you believe it shall make this tool better. Just leave a message in the official FMSE forum!

Any doable feature requested will make it in one of our next releases.
One addition I would like would be to see wages in other currencies and other time periods (e.g. yearly $US).

A second edition I would like to see would be the ability to filter only on Newgens.

Thanks for your suggestions.

We'll be adding more currencies and newgen filters.

The latter (newgens) will possibly arrive with our next update ;)
I'd like
* a reset button on the filtered results screen, so I can set everything back to empty / defaults.
* Some way to deselect a dropdown item (contract, nationality)
* A way to see the "transfer cost" of players as well as their value
* To be able to filter by position (Currently, clicking on a position on the pitch graphic causes the search to fail)
* To be able to filter by "all important attributes for a position" - ie "all of these attributes for Winger-Attack should be > 12" The game highlights important attributes for each position/role so that should be easy?
@cozmicdad: Thanks for taking the time to sign up and post.

You have some excellent suggestions there.

  • Reset button and null option for dropdown filters will be added asap.
  • I'm unable to replicate the issue with position search; it's working fine for me. Could you please describe the process step by step?
  • If by "transfer cost" you're referring to "sale value", I'm afraid it's currently an impossible calculation to crack; in fact, it has been like this for a few years now.
  • Presets for role search will be added eventually. We're planning to expand the scouting side of FMSE significantly, while keeping those features license-free.
With my saved game, if I try to search for a DC without selecting anything else, I just get a message saying the search has failed and I should contact support.
2017-02-14 21:29#240117 cozmicdad : With my saved game, if I try to search for a DC without selecting anything else, I just get a message saying the search has failed and I should contact support.
I can confirm this bug. At least some other positions work on their own.
Also I can't sort by nation for some reason.
Thanks guys, I was able to replicate the problem now. Position search for DC and AMR seems to be bugged; we'll fix it asap with the next update.
Will fmse be available for 32bit. If then when it will be
@Debatanay: Eventually, yes, 32-bit will be supported. Though I can't say when exactly; there are different priorities to work on at the moment.
The only thing I would like to see is

-To see average current ability of the teams then we can add it as a column in club search.. just like the way we see average age but for the current ability.
one thing I would like is how to removing work permit status of players. As you know when we manage a club in england then we try sign a player from Brazil for example, we have to register to have work permit.
I would like to be able to edit first and second nationalities.
@deeq: I've replied to your comment on download page ;)

@nicolevicius: Will be added in the near future.

@Uncle Sam: We're working on adding other nationalities. Might be able to introduce that in the next 2 updates.
@Uncle Sam: as of you can now change other nationalities in the "Relationships" tab in the Player panel. We'll soon add the ability to also add / remove relationships (and therefore other nationalities) at will.

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