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Linus Dahlqvist-Svensson Against the World

Started on 13 March 2017 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 15 March 2017 by ScottT
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Välkommen till min historia:

Hey guys long time no see when it comes to writing. Well after a few months away and a few failed stories that I never continued due to things database wise. I am back and even better than before. I see that the story area is lacking many great stories and I am hoping I can start something reigniting the passion of writing here.

What to expect:

As you know every spring I always do these around the world stories. Well it is going to be the same as before but this time I will not be starting in Oceania but the Swedish Third Division aka Division 1 Norra. I will still look to go around the world and win trophies but I feel it would be nice starting from home and branching out from that.

There will be no rules other than no big time club management until I enter my 40s and have a Continental License. This rule is mostly for the big teams like Real Madrid, Barca, the Big English 5, PSG and so on. Another rule I want to incorporate is that I must stay at my first club for at least five seasons before moving on. That will not be an issue as I want to build this club into an Allsvenskan main stay.

Who will be the main protagonist?:

Say hello to Linus Dahlqvist-Svensson a 32 year old ex player from Gävle. After a pretty short career in football during his teens and early 20s he decides to go into coaching. You will learn why and what he did to start the journey into coaching. I feel Linus will be a very well liked character in my series of stories I have done. I am hoping that he becomes the next great manager in my story writing here at FM Scout.

One Final Note:

Before we begin I want to give a shout out to claassen who has basically made these crazy adventures possible. Come check out his database here............FM17 Megapack 210 Updates by claassen (Final Pack)
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7 yearsEdited
Solid start, I expect that you run RM in less than 3 seasons with your qualities :P
Looking forward to this. Never seen a Swedish league Save for a start.
Michael- I hope to be on Real haha

Mr_Mojp Thanks, I think it will be fun. I enjoyed doing Finland and I bet Sweden is just as fun
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7 yearsEdited

An Introduction to LDS

For this story Linus Dahlqvist-Svensson will be our main focus. I feel he will be a very enjoyable character like Kevin Gauthier, Evan Clausen and many others I have done during my years on FM Scout.

Despite the fact Linus wants to become the greatest manager of all time I have a feeling he is willing to go anywhere to prove his worth. He is not afraid of going to places where the sport is not as competitive as in Europe. He wants to pretty much travel. Hell if he is not winning trophy after trophy the opportunity to travel global is worth every minute on the pitch.

Linus was born on October 23 1984 in the Swedish town of Gävle. A former player who had a chance at glory during his playing career, Linus is looking to rekindle his passion for the game he once had. From the age of 14-22 he played professionally if you can call it that. The majority of the time he would be on the reserve squads or on loan. After the 2006-2007 season he decided to call it quits due to burn out.

He loves sports in many forms from hockey, football, american football, and basketball. His all time favourite team in the world of football has to be Real Madrid and wants to manage there someday. Also due to Henrik Larsson he is a huge Celtic fan as well.

The years after his football playing were great for him as he was able to go to school and get his masters at a university in America and came back home to work in finance. It was a nice career for him as he was making money and lived a great life. Around 2015 his love for football started to return and decided to go in to coaching. After a few years working in Helsinki he decided to come home for a return to football.

Linus' nickname is easy to remember it is LDS. He is well liked by anyone he comes across and is a very hard worker. Sometimes a break from something can be a very good thing and his sabbatical from football was needed. Now with a golden opportunity to lead his first club LDS is ready to start his new journey into football.

Returning to the sport of football after a decade away will Linus be able to rekindle the flame for the sport he once love or will he simply burn out again and lose interest? Linus is set for one of the biggest adventures in his life. I bet his background in finance will give him an advantage in the transfer markjet

The Journey North

For years Sweden has been the leader in Scandinavian Football when it comes to both domestic and international play. Names like Larsson, Ibrahimović, Svensson, Källström and many more echo through the country. These men have made major impacts in the sport for the country. Then you have great clubs like Malmö FF, IFK Göteborg and AIK who strike fear to visiting teams. There was one name not mentioned and it is Dahlqvist-Svensson. He now will have a chance at redemption in management.

It was a warmer than usual November as Linus was traveling to the port city Luleå for an interview with one of the biggest clubs in the city. It was the first time he has ever been to this city as it is just way too far north and there was really no need to go there before. Even during his playing days he never traveled to Luleå.

After 10 hours of travel he finally reached the city and stepping off the train he felt a bit colder than usual. The thing is Luleå is much colder than Gävle due to being so far north. In Gävle it is usually around 4°C in November and it is 0°C in Luleå. After getting off the train he then heads for a taxi that takes him to his hotel.

The next morning after a great nights rest and a early morning workout Linus was ready for the interview. According to the email he will be meeting with Anders Adelbo the clubs chairman. Going into this he is very nervous and has a minor panic attack about if this is the right move or not.

Getting to where Linus needed to go was pretty quick because the taxi driver drove real fast. Once he arrived to his destination he calls his wife Caroline letting her know he arrived to the destination. The location where he is is the clubs ground and it is a very nice and quaint place. A sense of nostalgia came over him as he was heading to the main club house.

Once he enters the building he is greeted by Mr. Adelbo who seemed real happy that he was there. Introductions and handshakes are exchanged between the two men and Anders says, "Are you ready, lets head to my office." Linus follows him with awe as they head into his office.

Anders leads the way through a narrow corridor that is decorated in many different Christmas decorations, Linus remarks, "Isn't it a bit too early for Christmas decorations?". Anders says, "Not at all." Now this is the chairman’s office, you would think it would be a nice fancy office but it wasn’t. It was your basic office room with tons of papers and other materials that would be appropriate for a chairman of a football club at this level.

Once the two are situated the interview begins.......................

The Interview

16 December 2016

“Linus, first off I want to welcome you here and I apologize for such a mess, right now we have been going through some redecorating and I have been busier than usual, so please excuse this mess.”

“It is no problem, you don’t need to worry as I am glad to be here, I everything is looking real nice, the fresh coat of paint in the hallway is beautiful. I am blessed that you have given me this opportunity to be here today.”

“I know what you mean and so do I. I bet you are asking why you were asked here, well after this season I had fired the manager and were here at IFK are looking to start fresh. I know that you have just got into the coaching game just recently and that is fine as this is what we are looking for, a young and driven person that could change this clubs fortune around. I want to see if you could become our next manager.”

“Wow, I can’t believe you are interested in me as I have zero experience, let’s continue.”

“Before we begin I want to ask if you know about the IFK system? If not that is no problem and I will give you a brief background on it.”

“I know it is a sports society but that is about it. I would love it if you could expand on it.”

“Idrottsföreningen Kamraterna (English: Sporting Society Comrades), usually abbreviated IFK, is a central organisation for a large number of sports clubs in Sweden....

IFK was founded in Stockholm by two young students (Louis Zettersten and Pehr Ehnemark) that wanted to create a sports association, consisting of a main club in Stockholm with smaller clubs in other parts of the country. This was in a time when no nationwide sports organization or other larger associations existed.

Our club was established in 1900 and have only been to the Allsvenskan once in 1971. We are looking to get this club back up and hopefully stay at the top.”

“Thanks for a good background on this, it feels like IFK is a special society to be a member of and I would love to contribute to this one and help move this club to the Allsvenskan.”

“Before I say yes, I do need to know what your football IQ is and what you would bring to us. So with that tell me about what your goals are with this team?”

" As a former play I feel I have a small background on the sport already and that should totally be helpful. Yes even though I have been away from the sport for a decade I feel I can easily catch up to what is now. I have a masters in finance so I feel with player transfers and other financial aspects I will get this team in top shape. I want to apply what is known as money ball in regards to transfers.

I am looking to get this club back to the top and it will be a lot of hard work. I don’t know anything about the squad so right now I can’t say promotion in year one or it will take a few years but I will get this club to a point they are competitive year in and year out. I am a huge fan of Real Madrid and I want to emulate their system of academies, training, coaching and all of that in some variation that fits the team. On the tactics side of things, I am looking to get the club a nice balance between heavy possession and attacking with use of a 4-3-3 or 4-3-2-1.”

“Well that all sounds good Linus, I just got one more question for you. What makes a team a great team and how could you translate that to this club?”

“It all starts from the top!!!!! In order to have a good team you need people like yourself who care about the clubs current and future states, next it comes down to us the coaches. If we coaches didn’t care a club would not be able to operate. There is a fine line between best friend and dictator to his team and having that as a balance will make a great team. Finally, it is the players, without them we would have nothing. The team needs to work together and having one player who is a diva could ruin things. If I become your manager I will find the best available players who want to win as a team.”

“I think we agree on something there; I am not ready to hand you the keys to the team but as of right now you have a good chance. I will let you know in the coming days if you are the right man for the job or not, thanks for coming out here and it was a nice chat.”

“Sounds good, it was nice being able to be here with you tonight.”

" I will let you know within the next few days if you have the job or not, we are pressed for time here and I need to make this hire fast! I will give you a call. If you do get the job I will expect you to begin during the first week of December"


I would call that a very successful interview and to be completely honest I think I have the job. The turn around is crazy because I will need to get settled in up here real fast. I will need to find a place and hopefully the club can help with this. Even though I do not have the job just yet I will need to start studying up on the team so I don't look like a clueless fool day one. Now it is time to head back home to Gävle. This time I am flying back.
Nice start :)

Now, get some dutchies in and you will be fine :P
Forgot how good at this you were - effortless but brilliant writing as per, class. ;)

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