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Mitchell Pavitt's Journey in football Management

The Journey of me managing some league (ish) teams
Started on 14 March 2017 by Mr_Mojp
Latest Reply on 19 March 2017 by Mr_Mojp
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6 yearsEdited
First of all I made my manager pretty good because I don't really enjoy managing lower leagues, so if it's realism you want it wont be the most realistic here. Second of all I have Holidayed one year just so you all know . Anyway enough of that into the story

My Story

Mitchell Pavitt is 21 years old from a small town in Thurrock Essex who practically grew up on and around a football pitch. His Father and grandfather were both coaches and his local team Aveley FC. However when I became 18 I decided I wanted to get away from the local team and wanted to become a Manager.

So in June 2017 I decided to start looking for some Jobs starting off at under performing Premier League teams and some championship teams. I also looked more in Europe and The UK because if i wanted to get away from my small town leaving the country would pretty much be as far as I can go from home. I applied for Middlesbrough, Leeds, St Johnstone and a few smaller teams and had interviews at two of the teams getting two contract offers.

But I didn't accept either of them because A bigger and Much better Job became Available a Team that I love and support that I just couldn't refuse.... in a small City In Italy.

Thanks for reading this. Leave comments on how to make it better if you want to give me any advice would be great.
Nice Cliffhanger, what is it :)
@Michael Thanks man, Your gonna have to wait and see.
Great start!! If you are looking for ideas on how to write or post I recommend reading many stories in the FM13-15 sections and take what you like and go by that. I have always used ideas from many stories and made it their own. This might be my favorite all time story and the format is amazing and I use it at times. David Beckham: From Hero to Zero

Can't wait to follow your story

First day In Italy

I took my plane the next day from London to Italy to meet with the owners of the club and we had out chat about what out plans were for the future. He said ‘we should be in the Champions League’ this season and anything other that would me under performing. I couldn’t agree more because with the Quality that we had at this club I was surprised that we didn’t Qualify for any of the European Tournaments this season.

That’s all for this update hope you enjoyed Leave any players/tips in the replies and I will look at them and see if they are good enough for me. Thanks for reading
Nice move to Roma!!
2017-03-14 16:30#240488 MJK46 : Nice move to Roma!!

Thanks man Unfortunate I can't get Totti as a coach though even though he isnt the best


Rough preseason but having Totti as a coach should be a massive boost to Roma
Nice, Totti is back
Yep I brought him back because they just haven't been the same since he left.

August and September pt 1.

That’s it for this update I will finish off September tomorrow Thanks for reading sorry for acting angry in the last match it just pissed me off so much winning three times having to reload then losing 4-2.
Too bad from the loss, but you scored, now only get less goals against and youll be coasting to vicotry
@Michael it's annoying cause the other 4 games of it were 3-3 draws and 2-0 wins pretty much lol
Nothing wrong with a bit of passion every now and then mate! ;) Some decent results and you were cheated out of a flawless set of results by FM there!!

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