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David Beckham: From Hero to Zero

Started on 9 February 2013 by Glenn T
Latest Reply on 7 October 2014 by Mr.O
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Hello, readers! First off, I would like to sincerely thank you for taking the time to read this. I assume everyone knows who David Beckham is. Master of set pieces, former England captain, footballing legend? Yes, that's him. This story takes you through Beckham's journey as a manager - the man certainly can play, but can he manage?

We will find out.


Good luck Glenn! Although I disagree with your choice of character tbh :P


LA Galaxy midfielder David Beckham has sensationally brought out the rest of his contract at the Galaxy after an amazing row with chairman Tim Leiweke and manager Bruce Arena. Captain Landon Donovan was also reported to have been somewhat involved.

Tim Leiweke

Bruce Arena

Landon Donovan

The row was reported to have started after Beckham disagreed with Arena's tactics for the season. Following this, club captain Donovan felt that Beckham was being disrespectful and joined in the argument. Leiweke was forced to have a meeting with Beckham & Arena later on that did not end on good terms.

The day after this, Beckham announced that he'd brought out his contract with the club, resulting in it's termination and him being a free agent.

"I have not been pleased with the way the club is run and although I would have liked to win another title with the Galaxy before I quit, I think this is the best for both parties," said Beckham in an interview.

This news has come as a shock for Galaxy fans, who were expecting their star player to stay until his contract ran out in December.
Great start Glen, I cant wait to see where the great David Beckham ends up, maybe P$G? Good Luck :D

David Beckham: Manager?

England legend David Beckham has coyly stated that he could be tempted to move into management.

The 37-year-old midfielder bought out and terminated his contract at LA Galaxy a month ago and with the new 2012-13 Premier League season about to kick off in another two months, Beckham said, "I am 37 now but I do feel energetic enough to continue playing. However if the right offer comes in, I could be tempted to be a manager. Fergie has always been amazing at Manchester United and I want to emulate that success some day with some club."

Currently a free agent, Beckham's services as a player are being sought after by clubs like Hamburger SV, Paris Saint-Germain, and Premier League club QPR.

However, his words will now turn heads of a few Premier League clubs who're looking for a new face.
Nice start mate, hope that you can do some effect. What team will you be taking, or just start unemployed?

The Mail Predicts: Beckham's Destination

In our front-page article today, we assemble a small team of pundits on their guesses on where David Beckham will end up at.

Jamie Redknapp - Paris Saint-Germain, Player
I feel that Beckham will continue playing football. He is incredibly youthful and I have seen him play for the Galaxy sometimes, he's absolutely superb. And where else better to pay a 37-year-old huge wages than Paris Saint-Germain? The French club are tipped to win the Ligue 1 this season and Beckham might just be tempted to move to France for one last paycheck - and maybe even a few trophies.

Martin Keown - Blackpool, Manager
The Blackpool hot seat is vacant, and I have been hearing of the Seasiders' interest in appointing Becks. Becks might just be tempted to return to England, and starting his managerial career with a Championship club doesn't sound too bad either. However, if you ask me where he would be most likely to move as a player, I would put my money on Queens Park Rangers. They are developing an exciting squad at the moment and Becks might just be keen on a return to London.

Gary Neville - Paris Saint-Germain, Player
I don't think David will be keen on a move to an English club, as he's been saying how he didn't want to walk into Old Trafford as an opposition player. Instead, I think he will move to a foreign club and my bet is on PSG. Their crazy money-giving owners wouldn't have to think twice about offering a 37-year-old 200,000 per week.

The Offer

I walked into the restaurant, and quickly spotted the man I was looking for.

"Good morning," he says, smiling at me as I near the table.

"Good morning, uh... Mr... Mr. Lerner, was it?"

"Yes, Mr. Randy Lerner," Lerner nodded at me with a smile. He slipped a piece of paper across the table. I took a close look at it and recognized it as a contract. "Since you're here, let's get down to business."

"Manager of... Aston Villa Football Club?" I looked up, and then recognized him. I'd seen his name in the papers. He was the chairman of Aston Villa.

"I know you are keen in venturing into management," said Lerner. "Coincidentally, our hot seat is currently vacant and we can't find a suitable managerial candidate."

I nodded slowly.

"I want a new face, someone who is a management rookie, because I want to try something new. Our club have been largely unsuccessful with the experienced managers we've got in over the years."

"Are you sure you want me?" I asked in disbelief. Sure, I was keen on taking a managerial role but I'd expected to be approached by a club in Championship or the League One. I didn't think a Premier League club would be interested in me as a manager.

"Yes," Lerner said seriously. "We are handing you a one-year contract and if things work out, we will extend that. We don't want to take any risks, you see."

I nodded again. "That sounds like a good plan."

"So what do you think? Will you sign it?"

I gave it a bit of thought, and decided to sign. If I regretted it, I could always quit the job and announce my desire to play football again. Clubs would be queuing up for me.

"I will sign it," I told Lerner. The American was pleased, and handed me a pen. My hand hovered over the contract for awhile hesitantly, and then I signed, marking the beginning of my management career.
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11 yearsEdited

Breaking: Beckham's Destination

The first piece of news came from Aston Villa's official Twitter @AVFCOfficial: "Beckham set to join Villa. More to come..."

A few minutes later and it was announced on the official Aston Villa website and Twitter that David Beckham was set to join Aston Villa as the new manager of the Birmingham club.

The official announcement tweet by @AVFCOfficial: "David Beckham set to join Aston Villa as our new manager! Full story here:" was retweeted 123,513 times.

37-year-old Beckham had earlier expressed his interest in pursuing a management career and it appears he has followed that route, with Aston Villa beating off reported interest from Paris Saint-Germain and Hamburger SV, who wanted Beckham to join as a player.

The former England captain is reported to be on 33,000 per week, and has been given a contract until the end of the season, with chairman Randy Lerner confirming that Beckham will be handed a new contract in the midst of the season if the move works out.

Lerner wrote on the club website: "A very warm welcome to David Beckham who will be joining us as a manager. His skills as a player are renowned and he is a hero in England after accumulating 115 caps for the national team. As a man who has worked with clubs like Manchester United and Real Madrid, I am very confident he can bring his experience to Aston Villa and hopefully emulate the success he had as a player."

Beckham will start duties as Aston Villa manager effective immediately.

The Press

With Lerner, I took my seat on the table, facing the journalists and media who began shooting their questions.

"Welcome to Villa Park, David."

"Thank you very much."

"Alright, David, let's begin the questions. First, let's go with your new job. What are your feelings on being the manager at Aston Villa?"

"My feelings? Well... uh... of course, I'm honoured to be sitting here as a manager, and a manager of a club in the Premier League at that. Aston Villa are a fantastic club and I hope to keep this team going in the right track."

"Interesting. Now, can you tell us more about why you terminated your contract with the Galaxy?"

"Well, you obviously know all the details so I won't be bothered to speak of it here."

"What are your long-term plans and short-term plans for Villa, if any?"

"Our goal this season would be to finish in the top half of the table of course. In time, I hope to make Villa a powerful force in English football that can challenge for cups and European football."

"A little bit too ambitious, don't you think?"

"Maybe, but that's just my beliefs. It'll be up to me and the team to see if we can accomplish that or not."

"What do you think of the prospect of facing your old manager, Fergie, and his United squad?"

"It will be a difficult fixture for me and the club, that's for sure. However it'll be good to go back to Old Trafford again, and of course, meet Fergie. We haven't talked in years and I can't wait to see him. Though, I'll have to make sure he doesn't get his hands on any boots, hahahaha."

"Will you be concentrating solely on the Premier League, or will you be focusing more on the cup competitions, like the League Cup and the FA Cup?"

"Hm. I'd say both. We want to win cups, and also improve our position in the league from last season."

"What kind of football would you want your side to play?"

"Football is all about entertainment and that's what I intend to provide for the Villa fans."

"What can we expect from you in the transfer market? Are there any positions you want to strengthen?"

"Hm, let's see.... Well, I do feel we are short of quality at right-back, but that's all for now since I haven't met the team yet."

"Alright, thank you for answering our questions, David. Good luck to you and Aston Villa."

"Thank you very much."

The Squad

I met my new players at Bodymoor Heath, our official training ground. I introduced myself as the new manager and they were seriously awed to see me.

I handed the squad a three-hour training session and by the time we were finished, I had identified who was going to be instrumental in our Premier League campaign.

Ciaran Clark
Although not a world-beater at the moment, I am confident he'll grow to be just that. Already displaying exemplary signs of leadership, the young Irishman is hopefully going to play an important part this season.

Ron Vlaar
A signing by the previous manager shortly before he left the club, Vlaar is going to have to be at his best to ensure we don't concede silly goals this season. He'll be my first-choice center-back and it'll be up to Ciaran Clark and Richard Dunne to fight it out to be his partner in defense.

Gabby Agbonlahor
The forward with the most skills in the squad, yet with little finishing ability, the primary reason I'll be looking to play young Gabby on the wing this season. One of the best players among the squad, Gabby will be playing an important part of my reign at Aston Villa.

Christian Benteke
The Belgian striker, brought in from Genk, is showing every sign of becoming a quality Premier League finisher, and I intend to make him more than that. He'll definitely be given chances to show what he's capable of this season and hopefully he'll seize these chances.

Darren Bent
My first-choice striker for the season, Darren Bent. I simply cannot overlook his ability to score and my target for him will be at least 15 goals this season.

The New Staff Team

Lerner insisted on a major staff overhaul after my appointment as manager, although I got to pick my new assistant manager myself.

I have acquired the file reports of a few of the important new staff, courtesy of Lerner.

Ricky Sbragia - Assistant Manager
Scotland Under-19s manager Sbragia will be tasked as our assistant and will be on 1,700 per week. He will play a crucial part in guiding the more inexperienced David in the way of managing.

Paul Gludovatz - Director of Football
The 66-year-old Austrian will be serving as our Director of Football and he brings with him a wealth of experience in the beautiful game. He has worked as a manager before in his native Austria, and his four-year spell with SV Ried was rather impressive.

Phil Cannon - Head of Youth Development
Phil Cannon comes to us from Blackburn and is someone we're delighted to be working with. Cannon is brilliant in what he does and hopefully he'll carry on his successful work in Everton, Derby and Blackburn to Aston Villa. As a Head of Youth, Phil will be playing a crucial role in guiding the youngsters of the club. He will also be relied on to spot young talent for the club.

File - Head Physio
Nilton Petrone Vilardi Junior, otherwise known as File, has worked as a physio for Santos, Inter, and the Brazil national team. He will be coming to Aston Villa as our new Head Physio.

Renatinho - Chief Scout
Renatinho will be tasked with leading a heavily Brazilian-based scouting team. The 50-year-old will be relied on to give assignments to the scouting team, as well as meeting David twice a week to update us on the talent he's been spotting all over the world.
Didn't you have a similar title to your Shevchenko story? :p

Also, Lowton was absolute class in my Aston Villa save. Otherwise, get Bellusci(£3.5m - Catania) and play him at RB.(He's a natural CB but can play RB and has 11 crossing which isn't too shabby.) In one save was the "next Franco Baresi" and in another got called up for the Italy squad and played right-back there. :D

Getting Down to Business

In just over a few weeks at the club, David Beckham has already overseen a barrage of transfers at the club, and has pointed out that he's still "in discussions for more new faces". Here, Sky Sports run through the transfers that Becks has overseen so far.


Andy Marshall - Free Transfer

The 37-year-old, who has been at Villa since 2009, has reached an agreement with Beckham over the mutual termination of his playing contract at the club.

Enda Stevens - Derby, 250k

Stevens, signed from Shamrock Rovers just last season, has been deemed unqualified to play for the senior team. As a result, the 22-year-old has made the move to Derby County for 250k, the same price the Villans paid for him six months ago. The Irishman has described this as "very sudden", but also voices his eagerness at finally getting first-team football.

Chris Herd - Leicester, 1.5 million

Despite featuring 19 times for Aston Villa last season in the league, Chris Herd has been moved on to Leicester for 1.5 million after Beckham ruled him out of getting any first-team playing time this season.

Eric Lichaj - Cardiff, 500k

Another one looking to have a bright future at Villa Park, Eric Lichaj has been unexpectedly moved on by Beckham, and the young American international will now ply his trade for Cardiff in the Championship.


Mattia Cassani - Fiorentina, Loan

Cassani comes in on loan from Fiorentina, where he is deemed surplus to requirements. He'll be first-choice for Villa at right-back this season, and Beckham is rumored to be interested in a permanent deal if the Italian manages to impress.

Illsinho - Shakhtar, 4.6 million

Impressively beating off competition from Ajax for Illsinho, the 26-year-old midfielder will be first-choice for Villa on the right this season.

Mattheus - Flamengo, 1.8 million

Reportedly recommended by chief scout Renatinho, Beckham brought out Mattheus' release clause of 1.8 million, and the 18-year-old wonderkid is now set to join the Villans.
2013-02-10 19:37#80544 Liverbird : Didn't you have a similar title to your Shevchenko story? :p

Also, Lowton was absolute class in my Aston Villa save. Otherwise, get Bellusci(£3.5m - Catania) and play him at RB.(He's a natural CB but can play RB and has 11 crossing which isn't too shabby.) In one save was the "next Franco Baresi" and in another got called up for the Italy squad and played right-back there. :D

You still remember that one huh :P

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