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Football Manager 16. Redvee35's Lithuanian Challenge

1st Ever Story
Started on 18 March 2017 by redvee35
Latest Reply on 30 March 2017 by mgriffin2012
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18th March 2017 lying in bed and checking emails. No emails. So after a while I decided to go and
make a coffee. Coffee in hand and I checked again and there was a email saying.

Sunderland Uk

Dear Redvee35

I am Eimantas Pūras the chairman of FK Kauno Zalgiris and we would like to know if you would be interested in becoming the Manager. Your record of your playing days and your coaching skills are just what we need to challenge for A Lyga title.

P.s There are other candidates but your first on the list

So after I read the email once then I read it again, in case somebody was playing a prank and a few more sips of coffee and then ....................... I spilt coffee over my hand and I shouted arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!. After I cleaned myself up I replied with a big massive yes. Only because David Moyes is the manager of Sunderland AFC. I am already wondering what is Lithuania like and would I be able to get coffee mmmmm. Oh well lets see in the morning what they say I hope my flights are paid for
Good luck man
It's been a few days into the job. Meet the assistant manager and I also meet the players. Unfortunately I need to find a captain sharpish. I think it will be Modestas Stonys great veteran goalkeeper at 35. Hopefully his age and experience will help us. The next day came after a few coffee's and I made my decision. So asked Modestas to come into my office. My first main job get a captain installed. I said to Modestas.

Redvee35: Good afternoon Modestas I was wondering if you would like to be the club captain.

Modestas said: I am very flattered sir. Would my age be a problem.

Redvee35: No problem, as long as you give me 110%. I will be very happy.

We shuck hands and he left the room. Then I had a knock on the door. Mantas Fridrikas came in with a puzzled look on his face. I said sit down what can I do for you. In my mind, I am thinking please don't ask for a transfer..

Mantas said: Boss I was wondering have you made your mind up for vice captain yet.

I said no, not yet but people who are willing to work hard will have a chance for it. We shuck hands and he left. I sat in my posh leather chair and thought thank god for that. Better put the boots on and get them training. Now the hard work starts
Few days of training and bringing in staff. My first friendly against Auska in the lower divisions. We kicked off and dominated the match Modestas was epic in goal 4-0 up wiyjin the first 45. Then i thought bring the young players in and we won 4-1. Wasn't happy with the youngsters so extra training needed. Mantas has now been given vice captain role with Bruno my 21 yr old right back from Brazil he had a 9-10 performance so he has earned third captain role and now I have the kids to sort out and a veteran forward I may need to sell
Nice start there
Good morning sir, here is your coffee and you have a meeting due this afternoon with the press regarding your new player my secretary said.

I replied Thank you for letting me know and please could get an interpreter for the meeting who speaks georgian.

Afternoon came I was nervous introducing my first signing Beka Kobiashvili forward. We had talks last week. I kept this from the media because this can be a risk. Free Agent who hasn't played for a long time.

I would like to introduce Beka Kobiashvilli our new player. He is looking forward to helping our team and securing our place in the league. After the interview myself and Beka went to training and I introduced him to the players and staff and we did a few drills. He looked sharp on goal, lets hope our next friendly FK Granitas he is sharp then.
The friendly against FK Granitas was a brilliant win 0-6. My new signing scored one and assisted in two goals so I think he is going to be good . A few kids who played have earned a place in my starting eleven but I am not naming them yet due to not knowing a place I can utilize there skills.

Had a interesting talk with my wife. The house we are selling has been sold so she is moving over here too soon and I need to find a house for us. We know what that means coffee shops.
Good morning wife. So great waking up next to you. Are you ready to go looking at this house I want us to buy.

She repiled: yes of course.

So as you can tell I have been very naughty and already bought it and it;s beautiful In Kaunas.

Moved into our house and I had to go back to work and train the team. My management team and I have decided to try to get Chelsea as a friendly and challenge our boys attacking skills. So I called Modestas my Goalkeeper and Captain to come into my room and discuss our plans.

What do you think to playing Chelsea in a friendly, I asked

He replied: Boss I think it's a great idea do you think we will win.

I replied: If our boys put in 110% we will

So I wait for the email from Roman Abramovich with lots of coffee
Story is coming along well and nice house
Nice start, and not bad for a first story.

A tip would be adding text spoken by anyone to be between "", that will make it easier to read. Also maybe you could ask for a banner to start each update with :)
redvee35's avatar Group redvee35
7 yearsEdited

I sat down at my desk one coffee after another and then I get a phone call and it was Roman Abramovich the owner of Chelsea. He said : "I am repling to your request for a friendly give us £30,000 and half of the gate money and you have a deal"

I replied: "We havent got the funds for that is there any other arrangement we could do"

Roman said " I will help you out because we are close friends and he said have a look at the under 18s team and you can loan some for nothing " I looked at the list and then I reached for my coffee and I put the phone down. I remembered my friend Andre Villas Boas always said if I ever need a favour he would help. So i trached for the phone and called Zenit Petersburg.

Andre answered the phone "Hello my friend what can I do for you"

I replied " Could I loan Igor Drykov "

He replied " I will see if he wants to play for you". We where in look , Not only does he want to play for us , he wants an option to sign permanent. Just the waiting game to see if I get him before the transfer window shuts.
Nice, are we going to see a screen of him?
Nice looking banner

Transfer window looms. Coffee on the table and my laptop ready for details for my first window. We have only £5.000 transfer fees and no money for wages. Then a knock at my door. "knock,knock". "Come in" i replied.

My secretary said "Sir there is trouble on the training ground, Ignas Dedura is fighting with a youth player". I replied " On my way". I arrived on at the training ground. Got out of my BMW and shouted" OI DEDURA get here". He came over and said" Yes boss ". I repiled with anger " What the hell is going on". Dedura was shocked to know I was summoned. He was sweeting and looked nervous. He said" Boss I am not happy that I was replaced by a kid for our last friendly". I told him " I am trying him out for a back up and you need a rest" He looked like he did something silly and was about to walk away and I said" How ever that is no reason for violence at this club" " I am giving you a warning, one more and your out" Back to training he went. If I had anymore from him he would be on the transfer list.

Just as I got in my car, the phone rang. "Hello " I answered. It was my old agent James Pond. " Hello stranger" I said with suprising sound. "Have I got news for you, Two players Italian and an english and both want to play for you and will play for you on amateur contracts". I said "Send me videos and fact sheets and contact details and ill be in touch".

The next day transfer deadline day. Secretary came in and put my strong coffee on the table. I had sniff of the coffee and bad news it was decaf. " Take this back and get me a NESCAFE". Second coffee came ahhhh it was perfect and just what I needed. Last night I thought long and hard so I decided late in bed to ring the players up and ask them to come. They have arrived and a bit jetlag are here to sign. First one Kieran Asumadu-Sakyi

And then I also asked Luca Bonometti

I signed them up and took them for there fitness inspection and they both passed. So I am happy to have new players and we are now ready to go for the start of the season. FK Zalgaris Vilnius
Great update and your presentation is slowly getting better. Soon it will be even better!

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