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Ryan Ferguson: The Unorthodox Approach

For most, the battles stay on the pitch. For Ryan Ferguson, his battles are off it.
Started on 7 May 2017 by Justice
Latest Reply on 21 October 2017 by Aaron
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Season 2027/2028: September Review

An Overview Of Whitehawk FC In September 2027

Ryan Ferguson: September brought with it the true grind of professional football, and it was something we were happy with. We had the opportunity to make some proper lead-way in the league, while also beginning our campaigns in the UEFA Champions League and the EFL Cup. We were determined to begin each competition strongly.


Whitehawk Recorded Five Wins And A Solitary Draw During September

2-2 Draw vs Manchester City (A), Premier League - 11/09/2027
Attendance: 61,000
It was a game where a draw really was a fair result. Whitehawk were leading up until the final ten minutes when Damir Sipus scored his second goal of the game to rescue a deserved point for Manchester City. For an in-depth match report, see here.
Damir Sipus (Manchester City) - 8.8/10

4-0 Win vs Anderlecht (H), UEFA Champions League Group Stage - 15/09/2027
Attendance: 26,786
Whitehawk began their UEFA Champions League campaign with a dominant victory against the weakest team of their group. Miroslav Novakovic starred in the performance, scoring his first two goals for the club. For an in-depth match report, see here.
Miroslav Novakovic (Whitehawk) - 9.5/10

1-0 Win vs Crystal Palace (H), Premier League - 18/09/2027
Attendance: 26,786
It was a very hard-fought game, and it took a solitary Kylian Mbappé goal to separate the two teams. Palace possibly deserved a point, but Whitehawk were the victors on the day.
Corey Jordan (Crystal Palace) - 7.6/10

4-0 Win vs Burnley (H), EFL Cup 3rd Round - 22/09/2027
Attendance: 26,786
A second string Whitehawk side comfortably dispatched of Burnley in the EFL Cup. Kylian Mbappé was one of the only regulars to start, and he scored once and assisted three times in a tremendous individual display. For an in-depth match report, see here.
Kylian Mbappé (Whitehawk) - 9.3/10

2-0 Win vs Liverpool (A), Premier League - 25/09/2027
Attendance: 58,800
Liverpool held out very well in a tight first half, but Whitehawk were the dominant team after the break. Superior fitness levels showed, and goals from Anton Nyman and Miroslav Novakovic separated the two sides at Anfield.
Anton Nyman (Whitehawk) - 8.1/10

4-2 Win vs AC Milan (A), UEFA Champions League Group Stage - 28/09/2027
Attendance: 78,183
It was truly a memorable European night at the San Siro. Whitehawk had initially taken the lead through Jason Coffey, but found themselves 2-1 down at half time. Coffey had other plans, however, and scored another two in the second half to complete a hat trick, and also assisted for Sergi Samper as Whitehawk turned the game on its head to win 4-2. For an in-depth match report, see here.
Jason Coffey (Whitehawk) - 9.6/10

Overall: A very pleasing month on the pitch. We were disappointed to drop points late on to Manchester City, but five wins and a draw is a fantastic return, especially considering the high level of opposition faced.

Premier League

Whitehawk Were One Point Ahead Of Manchester United In First Place

Another unbeaten month saw us finish September top of the pack. We remained just one point ahead of our title rivals Manchester United, while a number of teams remained just behind. Manchester City were struggling early on, and found themselves in 12th.

UEFA Champions League

Whitehawk Topped Their Group Following The Opening Two Rounds

We were comfortably on top of our Champions League group having played our most challenging fixture, on paper. It was still early days, and AC Milan would certainly be hoping for an upturn in fortunes over the next four fixtures.

Player of the Month

Miroslav Novakovic Was Whitehawk's Star Performer of September 2027

Miroslav Novakovic was the star performer of the month. The Serbian scored his first goals for the club in September, and his fortunes changed dramatically since. Despite a poor August, Novakovic took his chances well in September and wowed his fans.

Player's Season Stats:

Appearances: 10
Goals: 4 (155 minutes per goal)
Assists: 3 (207 minutes per assist)
MotM Awards: 1

Attacking Play
Shots On Target Ratio: 50.00% (9/18)
Dribbles Completed: 22 (2.20 per game)
Key Passes: 2 (0.2 per game)
Cross Completion Ratio: 05.41% (2/37)

Defensive Play
Key Tackles: 0
Tackles Won Ratio: 77.77% (7/9)
Interceptions: 9 (1 per game)
Mistakes: 3 (0.33 per game)
Disciplinary Record
Fouls Committed: 5 (0.50 per game)
Fouls Against: 14 (1.40 per game)
Yellow Cards: 0
Red Cards: 0

General Play
Pass Completion Ratio: 78.57% (143/182)
Headers Won: 18 (1.80 per game)
Distance Covered: 8.80km per game
Key Moments: 6 (0.60 per game)
Matches Won Ratio: 90.00% (9/10)
Average Rating: 7.24

Assistant Manager's Report
Current Ability:
Potential Ability:

Whitehawk Football Club

Whitehawk Remained Financially Stable

As was the case last month, we were projected to fail FFP wage regulations. This would only result in a small fine, we were not worried about it. Our balance was very healthy.

Ryan Ferguson's Interview

Ryan Ferguson:
"It was a very good month for us. We won five and drew one, and we are still unbeaten this season. We had a number of different challenges this month and we did very well. We have a very young team, but one with a lot of experience and this experience showed this month, especially against AC Milan."

October Fixtures

A Brighton Derby Awaited Whitehawk In October

We would kick off our month with a home game against QPR in the Premier League. An international break would then give us two weeks away from playing before games against Swansea and Olympique Lyonnais would follow. We would play two other Premier League games against Newcastle and Huddersfield, but it was our EFL Cup tie against city rivals Brighton & Hove Albion which we were anticipating highly.

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A stunning night against Milan, one to add to a growing number of memorable European nights under the lights for Whitehawk! Great to see you still doing so well domestically too!
Justice's avatar Group Justice
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Mourinho: Man Utd Will Finish Top

José Mourinho Was Confident Of His Side's Chances In The Premier League


José, we're seven games in to the Premier League season now. How do you rate your team's performance so far?

José Mourinho: "We have played seven games, won five, lost one and came back from three goals down to draw with the champions. Maybe it hasn't been the perfect start mathematically but I think is a very good sequence to have at the beginning of the season. We have had two games where we didn't play so well but we are only one point behind first position and it only takes ninety minutes for that to change."

That comeback against Whitehawk might prove to be a pivotal moment in the season. Has this given your team the confidence to go on and win back the league title?

José Mourinho: "We are always confident of our ability to win the league title. Why wouldn't we be? We have won six of the last nine league titles here. This included five in a row but people are quick to forget that. Suddenly Whitehawk comes along and wins the title with some luck twice in three seasons, and we are forgotten about? We're Manchester United, we are the best. We will finish on top.

Whitehawk were very lucky to be winning in that game. They had some decisions go their way and it felt as if we played against twelve men for most of the game. We ended up coming back from 4-1 down to 4-4, which shows just how good we are. Even when we play against twelve men we can still score four goals. This is why we are the best."

Ryan Ferguson is considered to be one of the greatest managers in Premier League history for his recent success with Whitehawk. Do you think you can get the better of him over the course of the season?

José Mourinho: "One of the best? You think he is one of the best? He won two Premier League titles, how does this make him one of the best? Wenger won four and he was not one of the best. Sir Alex Ferguson won the league thirteen times, he was one of the best. I have won the league nine times, so that makes me one of the best. Ryan Ferguson, one of the best? You must be joking!"

Sergi Samper and Emanuel Mammana both made the switch from Manchester United to Whitehawk in the last couple of seasons. Has this given Whitehawk a possible advantage at all?

José Mourinho: "Samper and Mammana left because they were not good enough to play regular football for Manchester United. They went to Whitehawk to become key players and play very very regularly. I think this shows the difference in class between the two teams. We are better."

You must surely be a little nervous of your team's chances considering Whitehawk are now unbeaten in 46 games in all competitions?

José Mourinho: "No I am not nervous. Arsenal went 49 Premier League games without defeat before but look at them now. They are just a mediocre team. Whitehawk are no different."

Do you have any injury updates?

José Mourinho: "No."

Do you have any other kind of squad news?

José Mourinho: "No."

Are you going to provide any longer answers?

José Mourinho: "No."

Comment Section

mgriffin2012, yeah it was a very memorable win! Hopefully we'll have more to add to it!

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Please, please, i beg you, don't let this (insert expletive) win the league title!
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The Baltic Escape

Ryan Ferguson Visited Tallinn In Another Mid-Season Holiday


The October international break brought yet another opportunity for myself to depart from the media and fan pressures of Mordor England. My mental stability had been put to the test by two very high-pressure months of football since the season had begun, and some time away was vital for my mental well-being.

The Estonian city of Tallinn was my destination, and the Baltic landmark would be my home for just over half a week. Tallinn was nearly 900 years old, and contained many treasures which made my visit worth while. October in Tallinn was cold, with temperatures reaching no higher than five degrees Celcius, but I was accustomed to such having lived in England for the entirity of my life.

I was not in Tallinn for its weather, but for an escape from England. Bordering Russia, it was as far away from England as I could get in the north of Europe. It was my first visit to a Baltic country, and I was not disappointed with what awaited me. I found a place of true peace and tranquility, and my mind was at ease for the first time in years.

I spent my time exploring the small seaside city, learning more of the old town of Tallinn, and visiting magnificent landmarks such as the Kadriorg Palace, a tremendous piece of architecture. It was nothing like the urban jungles of London or New York, and thankfully so. The cities of the west were marvelous in creation, modernisation and industry, but they did not match the homeliness and the beauty of those in the east. They didn't come close.

And how could I possibly speak ill of the people of Tallinn? They could be summed up in one word. Kind. They were kind people. I was welcomed with open arms. Some knew of my identity, but most did not. It was not a major footballing country. While I was addressed by name at times, I was not held up on a pedestal and, equally, I was not booed by those who followed other teams. I was treated with equality and respect, characteristics no longer apparent in the United Kingdom.

British culture and idealism had lead to a breeding of hatred and contempt of those who were happy and those who did not follow the same proposed guidelines to living that were all so important in British society. A cynicism of all things that did not fall in line with the prospects of the everyday citizen of the UK had spread over the kingdom.

It all started years ago. Years before Brexit even became an idea. Money had begun flowing across the western world, affecting everybody's lives. Those who had it bred arrogance, selfishness and condescendence. Those who didn't bred contempt and hatred. When the two mixed, a vicious breed of Brit was born. It was terrifying.

It wasn't the fault of the population, or the vast majority of it anyway. Systematic failures, all originating from those who ran the country and those who ran the money, had caused this disease. It had destroyed the up-standing reputation of the country, and those responsible escaped with blissful ignorance.

The damage was done, however, and the only way to recover was to escape. The hatred of Great Britain was too much for myself. As a well-known football manager, I was torn to pieces in the media and on the streets. People were cynical of my wages, of my stature and of my loyalties. I had had enough. I wanted out. I would make my own 'Brexit', where I would be exiting Britain.

Nine more months at Whitehawk was all that stood in my way with freedom. The shackles were loosening. The light was shining through my proverbial prison bars. The guard had the key in his hand, and my release forms ready. It was all a matter of time before I could leave. Just finish this season. I could not afford to let myself break by then. I had to keep fighting my demons while I was on the brink of salvation. Just nine more months of Whitehawk. Just nine more months of England.

Comment Section

mgriffin2012, I'll try my best to stop him!

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Hmmmm I'm not sure you'll end up in Estonian football come the end of the season, but stranger thinga have happened!
ZJust caught up after being away a few days and you are still doing great. Estonia would be a fun place to play but are you willing to be there during the winter?
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Chavez Miller To Sign For Whitehawk

Highly Rated Chavez Miller Will Complete Move To Whitehawk In January


The summer transfer window may have ended in August and the January transfer window may be very far in to the horizon, but Whitehawk were by no means resting on their laurels when it came to recruitment. The English giants confirmed that Arsenal's highly rated youth striker Chavez Miller would be joining the Premier League and Champions League champions in January.

Chavez Miller - ST

Chavez Miller's Aerial Ability Made Him A Formidable Attacker In The Box

Full Name: Chavez Miller
Age: 18 (16/09/2009)
Nationality: Barbadian / English
Place of Birth: Speightstown (Barbados)
Position: ST
Fee: £37,000,000 (Potentially Rising To £58,5000,000)
Signed From: Arsenal (England)
Current Ability:
Potential Ability:

Chavez Miller, 18, made his senior debut for Arsenal in an EFL Cup fixture against Wrexham last season, and will cost Whitehawk an initial £37,000,000. The overall transfer fee will be subject to a number of add-ons, with the Barbados-born starlet potentially costing a total fee of £58,500,000. This figure would be £1,500,000 short of Whitehawk's record transfer signing Kingsley Osagie's fee, which was spent in 2024.

Chavez Miller was born and raised in Speightstown, Barbados. He grew up learning the game on the streets alongside his brothers and friends. His ability was well accounted for and he moved to Ecuador as a youngster to join the youth system of Guayaquil-based CS Emelec. During his few years in the youth system, he impressed Arsenal scouts and, allowed to make the switch to England due to being half-English, made the move to play for the Gunners at youth level. Since making his senior debut in an EFL Cup fixture last season, Miller has since made five cup appearances and scored his only goal to date against Stevenage.

Chavez Miller Could Potentially Cost Whitehawk £58,500,000

Miller is considered a major aerial threat, standing at 204 centimeters. His aerial ability is second-to-none for anybody of his age, but he is not to be pigeon-holed as just an aerial combatant. Miller's ability on the ball has made him an ideal candidate to play a target man role, where he can hold up the ball well and bring others in to play. Miller has shown an incredible appetite for goal scoring at youth level, having already scored five times this season for Arsenal's U-23 squad.

Despite being eligible to play for both England and Barbados at youth level, Miller has not yet decided who he would like to represent, and has thus refused to participate in fixtures for either side.

Sir Ryan Ferguson spoke about Chavez Miller, emphasising his delight in capturing he believes could become one of the stars of the future. Ferguson compared Miller's playing style to that of former England international Peter Crouch.

Ryan Ferguson's Interview

Ryan Ferguson:
"Chavez Miller is a fantastic capture for this football club. He's young, talented and determined to succeed. He comes to this club already capable of speaking fluent English, which is a big boost, and he has spent some time in the country too, so we know he can settle in quickly.

He'll officially join us in January and we will gradually introduce him in to senior football. He is already a player of great ability, but he also needs to be managed well so as he can achieve whatever he wishes to in his career. He'll play a big part in the club's future, and we will look to nurture him correctly.

He plays in a similar style to Peter Crouch, the former England and Liverpool striker. He's tall, great in the air, but also very capable with the ball at his feet. He's a very technically gifted player, and would be a valuable player for any team to have."

Comment Section

mgriffin2012, I guess we'll just have to wait to find out ;)
MJK46, well, who said Estonia would be Fergie's destination? :P

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I wonder if in 15 years time in game, people will be flocking to pub quizzes to answer who was Ryan Ferguson's last signing for Whitehawk? Could well be this Fergie's Wilfried Zaha
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3 yearsEdited

Whitehawk Announce Legia Warszawa Link

Whitehawk And Legia Warszawa Have Declared An Affiliation


Danny Baxter: "Thank you to everybody who gathered here today for this press conference. As the chairman of Whitehawk Football Club, it is my duty to present to the public any significant news of developments made by this football club, and today I have some very big and exciting news to tell you about.

So, as you all may be aware, this club's global reach is certainly a priority for us in terms of club development, and we constantly seek any sort of solution out there to truly make advancements wherever possible. Whether that be true our scouting network, marketing connections or club affiliations, we always look for ways to improve.

So, today, I can confirm the completion of yet another club affiliation. We are proud to be affiliated with Legia Warszawa of Poland. They are a fantastic football club with a great recent history, and we look forward to creating a great future for both football clubs.

The terms of the affiliation are quite simple. We may freely send players on loan to Legia in order for them to gain experience in Poland. Legia will be under no obligation to field these players, but they certainly have the option of doing so.

Legia may also send junior players here to train with us, with the potential of these players joining our youth teams. This is fantastic for both clubs, as Legia have produced some truly fantastic players in the past. The likes of Marcin Kamola, Piotr Stryjek and Szymon Kaszubowski have all come through their academy in recent years to join top European sides, and we are delighted with the prospect of some players of this caliber joining us.

From this day forwards, our Whitehawk family is much bigger. We welcome our Polish friends, and we cannot wait for what the future will bring us!"

Legia Warszawa

Club Location: Warsaw, Poland
Affiliate Type: Feeder Club
Start Date: 11/10/2027
Annual Fee: £200,000
Terms of Affiliation:
  • Whitehawk will be able to send players on loan to Legia Warszawa. During the loan spell the player's wage will be paid in fully by Whitehawk. Legia Warszawa have no obligation to play the player and he may be recalled by Whitehawk at any time.
  • Legia Warszawa may send junior players to train at Whitehawk to gain experience. Whitehawk may benefit with some of these players coming through their youth team ranks.

Comment Section

mgriffin2012, hopefully Miller will have a greater impact than Zaha :P

Previous Update: #55 - Chavez Miller To Sign For Whitehawk
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Well done Ryan nice link for a feeder team. Hope you get more great players
This is a good move I feel, hopefully means you can snatch some potentially top European talent with having some insider knowledge and send your own young players to develop there and earn some vital first team experience at a club that should be at least reaching the preliminary rounds of the Champions League!
Justice's avatar Group Justice
3 yearsEdited

Whitehawk Break Invincibles Record

Whitehawk Broke Arsenal's 49 Game Unbeaten Record In The Premier League


Records are made to be broken. For every great player or great team in football, along will come something better. Every great triumph could be matched. No matter what happened in one season, a new season would bring different experiences. That's the beauty of football.

One particular record was broken today. Arsenal's long standing record unbeaten run in the Premier League was bettered. The Gunners had gone 49 games unbeaten in the Premier League, stretching from May 2003 to October 2004. It was an incredible run which earned the London side a Premier League title in the process.

Today, that record was beaten by Whitehawk, England's new dominant force. A narrow 1-0 victory over Swansea at the Liberty Stadium was enough for Sir Ryan Ferguson and Whitehawk to complete their 50th game in an unbeaten sequence. It is a run which began with a 1-1 draw against Everton at Goodison Park back in May 2026.

Whitehawk had become England's dominant force in recent seasons, and became only the second side in history to win the Premier League undefeated (2026-2027 season). Their defensive stability had become a hallmark of their play, and opposition teams very rarely found the back of the net.

Sir Ryan Ferguson was proud to break Arsenal's long-standing record, but was fully focused on extending Whitehawk's unbeaten run, leaving celebrations for the fans.

Ryan Ferguson:
"Its a magnificent achievement, for sure. Going five games unbeaten is a difficult challenge, let alone fifty. We're very proud of breaking Arsenal's record, and its a display of how far we've come along in recent years. We've been well organised and disciplined, and we've worked hard for our results. There's no other secret to this run.

We can't celebrate this record just yet. We want to continue to extend our run and make it even more difficult for another team to break this record! We have some tough games coming up so our focus is purely on ensuring we get our desired results. We work hard for the future, and eventually we can celebrate the past."

Comment Section

redvee35, I'm hoping for a few youth players to make their way from Legia to our youth intake in the coming years!

mgriffin2012, indeed it is a great foothold to have! A relatively big club who will hopefully feed a few stars in to our team!

Previous Update: #56 - Whitehawk Announce Legia Warszawa Link
Next Update: #58 - Mrva Signs New Five Year Deal
A magnificent feat and one that will take a long time to be beaten especially as I can see your side extending it by a considerable margin!
Absolutely brilliant stuff from the Whitehawk boys, Ryan has certainly done wonders...

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