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New in the game HELP??!!!

Problems with faces and players
Started on 11 May 2017 by tim0870
Latest Reply on 18 May 2017 by ACDSHE45
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Hi everyone,

I bought fm17 recently from steam, now i really enjoy playing the game but i have some questions/problems.

The first one are my facepacks. I did everything you have to do to get the faces in your game. I downloaded a facepack from sourtitoutsi and extracted it in my subfolder faces in my graphics folder. I did the preferences thing and relouded the skin unticked the ... an ticked the ..... and i cleared cash but is sill don't see any faces :|. Anyone knows what i am doing wrong?

So the second thing is the squads of some teams. I am playing a career with Ajax and loaded the Spanisch, German, French, English, Italian, Belgium and Israelian league for only viewing. BUt my question is: Why do some squads not even look like the squads in real life? Like Dinamo Bucharest, the squad in game is totally not the same as in real life. Is this normal? Another example: I am a big fan from Omar Abdulrahman an his team Al Ain and UAE are in the game but Omar is trackless. So is it normal that some squads are not the same in real life? That all the players in game are not the players in real life?

Thanks for the help already,

Things should be up to date tbh. Never noticed any big wrongs but usually dont play much with eastern european teams and UAE. Swedish league is good tho, their problem is more that they play spring/fall and not fall/spring which can make some issues with rosters. Is a few years since I played there tho so might be fine now
you need the real name fix for the game available here

As for the facepacks im not sure

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