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Football Manager 2018 changes you are hoping to see?

Started on 25 May 2017 by Stam
Latest Reply on 15 August 2017 by Ak990
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I have made 2 posts on our Facebook pages, asking our followers to share their ideas on how Football Manager 2018 can be a better game compared to FM17.

You can check them out below.

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Over to you now.

What new features or improvements would convince you to purchase Football Manager 2018?
Offline Multiplayer Ability

My brother and I have been playing Football Manager since 2008 all the way here in Zambia. Unfortunately being where we are, Internet connectivity is most times an issue when we want to go up against each other in a game. Bringing back the offline multiplayer feature would be great for us and our friends to have fun. cheers.
1. Option to work as a football director: hire/fire manager, handle transfers, set goals for the manager, be more involved in administrative and financial stuff.

2. realistic matches after winning 2 champions league in a row and winning last 10 games, a low table team scores 4 goals in the first 15 minutes of the game against you.
More customization for kits.
For example:
For ''create a club'' mode the ability to upload a file, like a smart shirt designer file.
More new questions for pressconferences and interviews, and more on topic as well.
In game editor:
Being able to edit every aspect of players and staff members.
Higher set limit to change a clubs balance (money).
A quicker way to edit/create players and staff in game and also pre game.
It just takes too long with the current set up.
Less player and staff name reincarnation. I don't want the new gens and staff to have the same exact names as my senior players and current staff.
Destinct playing styles for computer controlled teams.
Make sure that different teams have there own specific player styles.
No messing with young players properties.
For example:

When a top young player has the highest or near highest score on his abilities, the game always resets it to 15.
That's annoying.
Obviously I'm not referring to deteriation of veteran players, i'm talking about top young players.

The option to control more than one youth team, basically to control the youth academy, and set which aspects of the game your academy will focuss on.
Set parameters, etc.

For custom clubs in ''create a club mode'':

Being able to decide what the playing style of your club is.
What the style of club management is, fr example:
Focuss on developing young talents, rather then buyng stars, etc.
Being able to update your (away) kits every season, if you wish to do so.
Being able to design your own stadium.

Being able to negotiate sponsor deals.
Maybe a more tv style presentation on matchday.
I would like to see in FM the option to command the players in 3D. I understand that it is a strategy game, but with basic commands through the keyboard, I could kick, dribble, crossing and heading, I believe the game would be more interesting.

Another innovation on FM, many fans would like to see, is a STADIUM EDITOR, as in Fifa manager.
I'd like to have the opportunity to manipulate and change tactics for in and out of possession - for instance the ability to play a back three with a ball playing centre half who pushes up in possession and then drops back when the opposition have the ball.
Mine are simple... I enjoy "starting from the bottom" but rather than a lower league side I think it would be fun to manage a youth team of a club and work your way up. Or become recognised and then the lower league teams start calling on your services.

The other thing is completely random... remember LMA Manager? The cup draws live action sequence? I'm sure it could be simple to add something like that. Calling out the numbers, waiting on your teams to be revealed. Adds to the magic of that cup feeling.
Managers should have an agent, be able to ask the agent to look for a club or several within a choice.
The tactics should have the 4 moments of the game, team in attack with ball, team without ball in defense, transition defense to attack and transition attack defense.
At the beginning of the game should have the situation of having several offers in different salaries and different objectives, for example 5 teams, for the manager to choose.
Players 30 and older lose a lot of values ​​and very quickly, should lose from 33/34 years and more accentuated with 34/35 years.
Players who terminate contract the following year, we should have an option to send an agent to probe if the player would be interested to sign at end of contract.
More realistic soccer stadiums, that is, more approved of the type of stadium of your club.
The first approach to coaching from a club, should only ask if you were interested in training this club and then be called the interview.
To be able to negotiate a player that is not in list of loans, but depending on the money supply, the club can open negotiations.
I am a long time Football Manager player and have always enjoyed a network/online games. The major problem with these types of games, I am sure you’ll agree is that 2 or more managers in the game really need to be playing at the same time. I would suggest an idea to improve the online game.

It would allow the ability for one player to play with his team without the other player needing to be online. This would allow him to play league matches, where the other side not involved and cup matches up to the next round or if the other players team is knocked out then maybe even further. Obviously both managers will need to be active to play each other and during transfers windows, however this would account for not a great percentage of the season overall.

It would allow great flexibility for players to play that may not be able to meet because of work, family or whatever else and for those who want to play that may live in different time zones. The game itself, I imagine will need to be hosted on a server both players can access easily, however this would have the added bonus of keeping it fair for both players and protect against any database changes one or another player may wish to make.

I believe the idea is feasible with the technology available and as a consumer would love to see it in practice.
One of the greatest football manager experiences I had was playing Foot Ball Manager Live... So my feature request is:

Having better multiplayer options where friends can tweak/prepare their teams without all being online at the same time. Syncing each players activity when you login and then only requiring all be online together when you have matches against eachother. Could possibly limit continues so that no player can be more than a week ahead. Obviously it would need to be slightly tweaked version so that the impact of players actions made asynchronously would not cause conflicts.

Alternative could be a hosted version where the game is left running on the host machine and everyone connects, makes their changes and hits continue and when all players have continued the game can progress. Right now if players are offline they lose their vote to continue and the game will move on once the online player(s) hit continue.
A star beside the team talk button on the main game screen that goes away when we can put a give Team talk in
The transfermarkt needs to be more realistic. To buy a player almost cost double and even tripple the value of the player but selling a player is very difficult to even not possible

The Stadium editor: more possibilities to expand your stadium and also make it visible
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More random PA's for players
Players, if they are extremely interested in joining a specific club, willing to drop their wage demands
Some clubs with top youth academy(in real life) should have better regens. For example Dinamo Zagreb, 1of the best Europe y.acad. but they dont even get 3.5stars potential regens, and thats funny. In real life they produce top player, example Modric, Kovacic, Lovren, Vrsaljko, Halilovic, Muric and many others (90% of national team(all selections come from Dinamo)

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