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Game data not found

Can't load my saved
Started on 7 June 2017 by Arnor007
Latest Reply on 26 July 2017 by Kalaban
Since today I can't load my saved game in FM 2017. It is the newest version (fm genie scout 17g v1.0 17.3.1 beta 16).

Link to image

Sow what's the problem?

I have the same problem from 2 days. I think that is new patch to the FM and we must wait for respond from Genie and new version of Scout ;)
i have same problem :(
Problem solved! I was subscribed on the 'public beta'-update. I changed it back and FM Scout loaded my game again!
How do you chance back the public beta update? I'm having the same problem
In 'Steam' you right click on fm 2017, then go to 'preferences' and then to 'bèta's'. There you can choose if you want bèta-updates or not.
I did the same but my save games wont load? How u did it?
I'm afraid those games are lost :-s I was lucky that I had a back-up.
When trying to opt out of the beta to use FM scout again, the save files i was using cant be opened because they are using the beta build of the game. Does anyone know when the current beta will come out of beta and become part of the full game, or where i might find this out?
i can't load the game too, and i can't opt out of the beta program. Don't know how to fix that. Help !
I got the same problem. Is there any update of the fm scout?
In the final version of the GS will be added compatibility with the most recent public-beta FM version, but it's highly recommended to turn off the feature in order to avoid the problem in the future.
Amazing thank you xx
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7 yearsEdited
My game version 17.3.1f960922(m.e. v1704) still can't find game data after I installed the final version FM GS.
Hi, everybody.

GS scout still cannot load game data. How to set avoid "public beta" in FM17 setting?

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