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New save, again...

Started on 3 July 2017 by Faberbrembel
Latest Reply on 13 July 2017 by GleNelG
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Hi all,

Unfortunately the amount of saves longer than 4 seasons is limited to just one, with Dundee Utd a couple of months ago and I've been playing FM for 4/5 years or so. My interest in the chosen club just gets less after a while because it actually just isn't what I expected, in terms of budget, players, possibilities in growing or style of football for example.
It really bums me out and quite frankly I'm starting to lose my affection in FM lately because of it...

I'm wondering if you guys can hook me up with a fun team to play, for example with a good youth department, relatively good budget for the club size, challenging possibilities in promotion/becoming champion in a couple of years/unexpected european football after a couple of seasons and so on.

Besides, tips and tricks for maintaining a long save are very welcome as well. A career with steps to higher tiers of football sounds pretty dope too, just never made it that far. Playing a save with 20+ seasons does sounds pretty fun, in contrast to all the above haha.

I'm curious about your stories and/or ideas on this topic and perhaps helping me retrieve my fun in FM!
Obviously I'll update on this topic once in a while on how things have worked out, if it comes to that of course :)!

Thanks in advance !
Perhaps making use of a real time editor (or the official free pre-game editor) could spice up things for you. Would allow you to twist data the way you want and that could result in having a more enjoyable save.

I'd also recommend trying out the FM Scout FM17 Challenges which has been brought back to life recently. Each week there's a new challenge (new save really) where you're given a certain team and earn points on a leaderboard in fantasy league fashion.
I've only just seen this post but Sassuolo are a great challenge. Not only trying to keep other teams from poaching your best players but trying to build a squad with a very modest budget and very little fans.

I'm in my 5th season at the minute with Italian cup and Europa league won once and one serie a runners up medal. Definitely a fun challenge.

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