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Georgio Dinamonte - The Story Of My Life

Welcome to the Adventures of Georgian Gorgeous Georgio Dinamonte
Started on 29 October 2017 by OMGItsToddzy
Latest Reply on 12 November 2017 by ScottT
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OMGItsToddzy's avatar Group OMGItsToddzy
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Change Up Pompey

The 2017/18 Season is almost over and with that the changes are ringing at Portsmouth Football Club. Current manager Kenny Jackett failed to stop the sinking ship at Portsmouth and could manage nothing but 21st place in Sky Bet League 1 which wasn't good enough for top man Michael Eisner who has sacked the former Wolves manager.

It comes as no surprise that Eisner had decided to rid Jackett from the club and has already promised big things with the replacement manager who has come from Georgia. Unveiled this morning, new boss Georgio Dinamonte is the replacement for outgoing Jackett and is said to be very keen to get started at his new club. Dinamonte who played most of his club career at Ajax and spells at Twente and Stuttgart apparently contacted Eisner after hearing of Portsmouth's relegation fight and was extremely keen on jumping into Jackett's seat.

After the unveiling on the Portsmouth Club Website many fans voiced there concerns at the fact that Dinamonte had not managed a club team yet and he wouldn't win the club just on club and international merit. Georgio now 37, notched up 33 caps for Georgia, scoring on 12 occasions. Eisner has refused to comment further until the new manager has been fully integrated into the club and promised to release a press conference in the next few days.
Is this the man who will revive the sleeping giant, or like the rest will he fall and crumble. Only time will tell as we fast approach the end of the season.

Written by - Joel Byers
A very intriguing start, hope to see Pompey back in the top flight sooner rather than later!
@mtgriffin2012 - So do I there is 1 game left of the season which could define relegation or survival for Pompey. Update coming soon
Looks like Pompey are in for another long nap B)

Make or Brake

Doomsday is upon us is what Portsmouth fans are calling the nail biting end to their season. Portsmouth who currently occupy the final relegation spot in the Sky Bet League 1 table are coming up against 8th placed Peterborough who are fighting for 3 points to secure a play-off spot. For both teams this is a match of real importance and both sets of fans are undeniably nervous.

Portsmouth who have just hired new Georgian manager Georgio Dinamonte are 2 points behind 20th placed promotion partners Plymouth Argyle. Plymouth who play away to 13th placed Gillingham have got to win as a draw would not suffice due to goal difference, however Plymouth have the life line of Portsmouth must win no matter what if they're to threaten the Pilgrims.

Dinamonte only has a day to prepare his team for this game and will surely be tested from the start with a squad he doesn't know at all. This will surely be the talking match of the game. Tickets are understandably sold out for the final showdown at Fratton Park but worry not as the game is televised on Sky Sports Mix. Hopefully all fans are in for a very special day and at the end there is going to be one team celebrating and one team in turmoil.

Written by - Yusef Malil
Good luck, win and I see you staying up. Lose...Then get rekt.
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Portsmouth vs Peterborough (LIVE)

Motson: Welcome all I'm John Motson and I'm joined by fellow commentator Clive Tyldesley for todays DOOMSDAY match between Portsmouth and Peterborough.

Tyldesley: Yes, DOOMSDAY indeed and we're all set for a relegation vs play-off battle and it looks like its going to be interesting.

Motson: Well before we get underway lets talk about the new man in the home dugout Georgio Dinamonte. HE is under some immense pressure today, its his first game in charge and a win could seal survival anything less could see manager and club go down to League 2.

Tyldesley: The stakes are huge John and I'm delighted to be here to watch this spectacle. It looks like the players are ready to kick off.

(00:00) Motson: Well its kicked off here and Portsmouth start with the ball.

Has to be one of the best first games in management, keeping your club up in the final game of the season is a good start
injaskill - It was very special, I couldn't believe what was happening.
Nail biting stuff, good luck next season.

@AaronHJFT96 - I know man and thanks and love a bit of motty
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Chapter One

(Scene) Dinamonte wakes up in his trashed apartment

The sunlight honed in to my face like a scorch from the dessert of Nevada waking me up sharpish. I struggled to wake myself up before the clocks glare shocked me into action "10:45 Ahh S#@t I'm late, very late". The apartment was a wreck and I'm wondering wether it'd be less effort to just build myself a new clean apartment than tidy this place up, no time for thinking I need to get to work and fast.

As I opened the door the suns rays beamed mockingly at my hungover baggy eyes as I walked to my car. My Peoguet 206 a standard motor, cheap insurance, low milage but affordable and trustworthy. I always wanted a flashy car but being proffesional before the new millenial didnt pay as well as it did now. I unlocked my phone to see 2 messages from Michael Eisner "Where are you?" "Call me now" Not the start I wanted but surely he can understand. I guess I'm not as young as I used to be and this drinking is catching up on me.

Portsmouth is actually a lovely place if you get the time to appreciate it but I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That's something about this place that just feels right, something I haven't felt in a long time. FOCUS! I took some parcetamol to cure the evil banging in my head and sped down the street towards work. The traffic was fairly light as its past rush hour already and I knew things would be quiet now the lads were on holiday. The journey only took about 15 minutes but 15 minutes was a long time when your already late.

As I pulled into the car park and parked up I felt somewhat a little better in myself but nervous in seeing Mr. Eisner as I knew he would have my balls on a platter for being late, not a great first week impression ehh? I stepped out of the car and sprayed my self some cheap Aldi own aftershave which was suprisingly nice considering these big brands are supposed to make you smell like the messiah himself. I gingerly made my way towards the doors of the building and stood there was Michael Eisner and he didnt look happy at all.

Mr.Eisner: "Ahh! Mr. Dinamonte how nice off you to show up for work today"

Dinamonte: "I'm sorry Mr.Eisner! things got wild last night after the game, I hope you can forgive me?"

Mr.Eisner: "My Office now!!... please...
Sacked after the first game?? Surely not!
:O :O :O
Talk about a crazy start! Good things so far mate.

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