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Georgio Dinamonte - The Story Of My Life

Welcome to the Adventures of Georgian Gorgeous Georgio Dinamonte
Started on 29 October 2017 by OMGItsToddzy
Latest Reply on 12 November 2017 by ScottT
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Crazy, glad georgio gave him what for the stuck up prick. This is great, can't wait to see what happens next
OMGItsToddzy's avatar Group OMGItsToddzy
3 yearsEdited

Chapter Four: [December 1st, 2018]

I arrived at the airport in a ragged suit and a banged up car the attributes really portrayed my life at the minute 'messy and falling apart" I'd arrived just on time as Antonio walked out of the glass doors looking like an Armani advert. He was dressed head to toe in Armani gear, An Armani Suit in deep black, Armani leather shoes, Armani watch, S#@t did he have Armani tattoos? He walked with swagger and approached the vehicle in disgust he gave it the once over before opening the passenger door and climbing in.

Antonio: "Ciao Georgie how are you friend?"

Georgio: "Morning Antonio, I'm good thank you, how are you?"

Antonio: "I'm well friend, time no long see ehh?"

Antonio only grasped the English Language basically and struggled with his pronunciation of words on the other hand I was very well spoken in English
but not so fluent in Italian.

Georgio: "Yeah its been a while mate, so what brings you to my hell hole?"

Antonio: "Very important business my friend, I have been sent by big Italian team to offer you job with lots money you for. Come must go lunch
for us"

I had to say I was exited to hear of such prospects merely a day after my resignation. I drove us back toward my flat thinking of who could possibly be interested in my services, especially the way things went down at Portsmouth. I could only imagine how nice a move away from this place would be and the thought of being in beautiful Italy only captured my imagination further. We arrived at the Apartment and Antonio could only look further disappointing at my lifestyle as he scanned the rooms to see piles of mess and beer bottles. We vacated the property and made our way to the restaurant and took to a table and ordered. Antonio pulled his glossy black briefcase on to the table and began to unclip the mystery box. Did my fate lay in there?

The case jolted open on release of the last clip and inside papers rustled at the sudden stream of air they received. Antonio began to neatly form a pile of papers in front of himself without saying a work until his suitcase was empty and his case was closed. The anticipation was killing me I just had to know what was going on. I started to ponder whether he was having me on and this was some big farce that a TV Company had set up, far fetched I know but
you can never be too sure.

Antonio: "Okay friend are now you ready, In my hands I hold future for you"

Georgio: "Antonio please, its killing me what is it?"

Antonio: "I heard of troubles at Portsmouth and I work as Manager Assistant at big Italian club. I convinced club to give you the job as head manager of club. I have paper form interview for to fill out you and when done I return to club and give back to big boss. You interested?

Antonio slid the papers across to me and they landed between my fingers. The wait was agonizing and now it was time to open the seal. I tear back the seal and slowly begging to reveal letters of the club name L....A....Z....I....O......

Georgio: "HOLY [email protected]#T"

I Jumped from the table shouting expletives across the restaurant. Pure adrenaline ran through me as I read back the name and tore the rest of the seal of hastily.

Antonio: "Is that good news Georgio?"

Georgio: "Good news mate... Its bloody fantastic news, I can't believe it. LAZIO want me as manager? How on earth did you manage that?"

Antonio: "Anything thing for friend, you help me long time ago, I return favor. Plus I could use a friend at Lazio so get paperwork interview done and I return and submit."

I began instantly working on the paperwork interview.It was mainly multiple choice which was fairly easy for me and then some in depth information about myself and my skills. It kinda felt like an English GCSE Exam ya' know the creative writing stuff. We sat and had a chat, drank some coffee and eat our food. After finishing what I had to write I handed the paperwork over to Antonio and he called himself a cab to the airport. I just sat motionless at the table sipping down another cup of joe as I though to myself what could possibly happen if I was to go to Italy. Anyway my bedroom is calling and I need to sleep. Soon my time will come.
Lazio would be an amazing team to manage. Never really see Serie A clubs on here so that will be a nice change of pace here on FM Scout
He could use a friend at Lazio? That sounds suspicious if you ask me
Antonio sounds like he should be russian :P Georgio seems like he's gunna be russian to italy B)

Good luck in Italy mate, if you get the job that is ;) You'll work magic.
@MJK46 - They are an excellent team

@MrGriffin2012 - I never looked at it suspiciously
Italy wouldn't be a bad move, would be a huge step up in class.

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