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Tobi Thaull - Unemployed To Unstoppable

Started on 11 November 2017 by TNFM
Latest Reply on 20 November 2017 by TNFM
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June 4, 2017.
Sunday afternoon, football on TV. Liverpool against Arsenal. Klopp against Wenger. The score? 3-0 to the Reds.
"Arsenal doesn't find a way to handle Liverpool's attack. Did Arsene Wenger's side bottle a big game once again?", the commentator asked.
Arsene Wenger came out of nothing to take over Arsenal, to revolutionise English football and to build a legacy at Arsenal.
But it's kind of ironic to see the aged Wenger in his suit sitting there helplessly, watching his own legacy falling apart while a young manager jumps up and down the line, giving his players instructions just to celebrate the fourth goal for his side in front of Wenger moments later.
"Another frustrating afternoon for Arsene Wenger and Arsenal", the commentator said while I was looking on my phone.

One new message.

"Hi mate. Listen! I've just had an interesting chat with an old friend and I might have something interesting for you. Are you at home?"

Well, is there another place where you would expect a football enthusiast to be on a rainy Sunday when his girlfriend is currently on a business trip at the other end of the world?

"Of course. Come over whenever you like but don't you dare to arrive without something to eat.", I responded to the sound of my growling stomach.

Alex was one of my best friends when I was a kid. We grew up together and played in the same team before he left Austria to become a professional footballer. It was certainly the right decision for him. He ran through Bayern München's youth system before he left the giant to play for Eintracht Frankfurt where he has been an important player ever since he joined the club.
I certainly did not take the same way as him but we ended up in the same city at last.
I moved to Germany five years ago at the age of 25, taking up a job that was offered to me after I received my master's degrees in Sport Science and International Economic and Business.
I am working for a company that develops funding ideas for the concepts of NGOs and start-ups. It is not great fun but it is not a bad job either.

The thing is that this subject area just isn't my passion. Yes, I have a great interest finances and economy and I’m earning heaps of money but is it my passion? No. I have always been passionate about the same thing, football. I have always dreamt of a job in football. When I was a child I wanted to be a footballer at all costs. I played all day long and that didn't change when I grew older. I just loved the game and I love it still. I always was the first one who entered the pitch and the last one to leave it.
But no matter how much effort I put in, no matter how much I worked on myself, no matter how well I performed during training and matches - I have never been able take the final step into professional football.

I did several coaching courses and received the UEFA Pro License while I was still an active footballer for my local club and despite putting 100% effort in in my own matches, I still wanted to manage a team.
That was why I trained the kids twice a week and no matter how much work I had to do at university, I never lost sight of the youth team that I managed. During that time I have not only learned so many things about football, I have made so many experiences on a social level as well.

Working with children opens a new perspective on how to see things. They always take the things as they are. They don't have those future worries that adults have and they have one really important ability: they always have a positive point of view. They don't say "I don't know if I am good enough to be a footballer one day", they say "I will be a footballer when I am older".
That positive point of view is something that I always wanted to learn from the kids. It was one of the things these children had that made me jealous. Another thing that I envied them for was that they still had the chance to shape their future. That they still had the chance to get a job they dream off.
Something that just wasn't meant to be for me.

I thought that my future was already written. That I would have a "normal" life. A nine-to-five job, a wife and a house with a little backyard where the children could play.
But the 18-year-old Tobi Thaull didn't know what the future would hold for him...
Ooooh exciting stuff, I'm loving this!
Great start, very interested in what's to come for Tobi.
Some big jobs are gonna be coming tobis way I can feel it
Very interesting start! Keep it coming!
Great start!
Aaron hopefully you'll like the next update as well :-)
ScottT nice to have you on board :-)
mgriffin2012 hopefully your feeling proves to be right!
mrtepig thank you :-)
TheN1886 thanks mate!

June 4, 2017

It knocked and moments later Alex entered my flat on the 8th floor in one of Frankfurt's skyscrapers.

"Why are you always knocking when you've got the key anyway?", I asked while I looked out of the window, watching the people on the street passing by. They tried not to get wet while running around like it's a stressful Monday. Luckily it wasn't Monday. It was Sunday and Alex "had something interesting for me". Whatever that means.

"Here's your food.", he said, pointing at the Asia Noodles on the table.
"So, what do you need to tell me?", I asked while I walked to my lunch.
"Look at him.", he responded and pointed on the TV screen where Jürgen Klopp just gave an interview. "He has done it. He is one of the best managers in the world and he manages one of biggest clubs in the world."

I interrupted him: "What's the point?"

"You can be like him! Standing in the spot light. Celebrating victories on the big stage. All you ever dreamt of.", he explained full of enthusiasm while he sat down in front of me. "I have met one of my old coaches, someone who managed me when I played in Bayern's academy. He works for Hansa Rostock now and he knows of a job that needs to be filled!"
I stopped eating and looked at him. He had a smile on his face. The same smile he always had when he was about to tell good news. "Hansa Rostock needs a new manager.", he revealed. "Hansa Rostock, mate! 3rd division in Germany. Amazing fans. Amazing history. And it would be an amazing chance for you! You could work your way up to the top!"

I was sitting there. Just sitting and thinking. Was this really about to happen? A job in professional football? Earning my money by doing what I love? That's too good to be true.
I voiced my disbelief: "Do I actually have a chance? I mean I have never worked in professional football. Do you really think that they'll give me the chance to manage the first team?"

"Listen! He asked me if I have met a coach during my career that would fit in well at Rostock and I told him your name. Of course, he hasn’t heard of you till then but you are exactly what he is looking for. A young manager, someone who isn’t on anybody’s cards. Someone that can take the club into a new direction. Do a great job there and I promise you that you'll make your way to the top, but you have to contact them if you want the job."

He put a crumpled paper on the desk. "Call them and take the chance.", he said as he walked out of the door.
I starred at the number that was written on the paper. What can I lose? It's just a call.

I typed the number into my phone, took a deep breath and called...
Rostock are a great club and a real rival to Magdeburg atm but you're going to do wonders for them!
mgriffin2012 hopefully they will give me the chance to do so..

June 4, 2017

"Hello?", a deep voice on the other end of the line mumbled.
"Hi, it's me. Tobi Thaull. A friend told me that you wanted to talk to me?"
"Ah yes. Thank you for your call. As you might have heard we are looking for a new manager. Someone who can manage a budget and, of course, someone who can bring glory to our club. Are you interested?"
"Yesss!", I said far too loud. "I would love to work for your club!"
"It's nice to hear that you have such an enthusiasm, that's exactly what we are looking for. We would like to welcome you in Rostock for a job interview. Is Wednesday at 2 p.m. in our premises ok for you?", he asked.
"Yes", I responded quickly. "I'm looking forward to it!"
The man who talked to me laughed in a very friendly way and ended the call.

I jumped around the kitchen and the living room, still holding my mobile phone in my hand. I unlocked it and called the one person I always wanted to tell good news to first.

“Hello?”, the sweetest voice I have ever heard said at the other end of the line.
“Hi Babe. You will never guess what just happened! I have got a job interview for a manager job in football! Rostock wants me!”
“I am so happy for you darling. Will I be back home before the interview?”
“No, unfortunately not. It’s on Wednesday, I am so nervous already!”
“You don’t have to be, just make sure you are prepared. Baby I’m sorry, but I have a meeting now. I’ll call you afterwards ok? I am so proud of you Tobi!”

I was bustling and had so much energy! But there was still this interview. Andrea was right, I had to be prepared.
What did I already know about them? Hmm. They played in the first division when I was younger, didn't they? Well, that's something I probably should be aware of on Wednesday.

I opened my laptop, switched it on and opened Google. There it is. Bundesliga from 1996 to 2006 and another season in Germany’s first division 2007/08. Since when are they in the third division? Since 2012. Well, that’s a few seasons already. The time went by why I was researching every single bit of the clubs’ history, their fans, their success, their current squad and the city. I came across their past coaches, 10 different managers in the last 10 seasons.

I took a sip of water. Well, good luck to me then…

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