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Started on 15 December 2017 by Ahmeds
Latest Reply on 29 December 2017 by Ahmeds
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Serie A: 3rd (1 Inter 2 Juventus)
Europe League: WINNER on penalties vs BayernM (0-0)
Coppa Italia: Quarterfinal
World Cup final 2018: Czech Republic - France 0-3 (Lemar, Schneiderlin, own goal)

Team of the year Serie A
Buffon, Juve
Dalbert, Inter
Skriniar, Inter
Miranda, Inter
Conti, MILAN
Cigarini, Cagliari
Vecino, Inter
Bonaventura, MILAN
Dybala, Juve
Higuain, Juve
Icardi, Inter
Serie A: 2nd (1 Juve 3 Napoli)
CL: out in semifinal vs Chelsea
Coppa Italia: Quarterfinal
Euro Super Cup: lost to ManU 0-2

Team of the year Serie A
Donnarumma, MILAN
Alex Sandro, Juve
Rugani, Juve
Romagnoli, MILAN
Nissen, Sassuolo
Duncan, Sassuolo
Nainggolan, Roma
Matuidi, Juve
Mertens, Napoli
Higuain, Juve
Dybala, Juve
Serie A: WINNER (2 Inter 3 Napoli)
CL: out in semifinal vs PSG
Coppa Italia: Semifinal
EURO final 2020: Spain - France 1-0 (Suso)

Team of the year Serie A
Donnarumma, MILAN
Dalbert, Inter
Bonucci, MILAN
Romagnoli, MILAN
Conti, MILAN
Petriccione, Bari
Soler, MILAN
Sousa, MILAN
Icardi, Inter
Gabriel Barbosa, Inter
Silva, Napoli (sold from Milan)
Serie A: WINNER (2 Juve 3 Napoli)
CL: out in semifinal (again) vs Chelsea (again)
Coppa Italia: Quarterfinal
Italy Supercup: WINNER vs Inter 2-1 (Calhanoglu, Bernardeschi)

Team of the year Serie A
Donnarumma, MILAN
Romagnoli, MILAN
Quarta, MILAN
Wallace, Juve
Conti, MILAN
Douglas Luiz, Roma
Fofana, Udinese
Sousa, MILAN
Higuain, Juve
Belotti, MILAN
Salcedo, Udinese (loan from Juve)
Serie A: WINNER (2 Juve 3 Inter)
CL: out in quarterfinal vs ManU
Coppa Italia: lost in final vs Napoli 1-2 (Mbappé)
Italy Super Cup: WINNER vs Juventus 3-0 (Belotti 3)
World Cup Final 2022: Brazil - Argentina 2-1 (Ronir, Vinicius Jr) (Icardi)

22 Milanplayers in World Cup - Mbappé, Lafont, Theo Hernandez (France), Sousa (Portugal), Asensio (Spain), Ekelund, Svensson (Sweden), Alex Sandro, Palhinha, Vinicius Jr (Brazil), Lo Celso (Argentina), Wilshere (England), Donnarumma, Belotti, Romagnoli, Conti, Garofoli, Bonucci, Piscopo, Pellegrini, Plizzari, Caligara, Kean, Ballarin (Italy) - I was national coach though which explaines the overdose of Milanplayers in Italy =) (don't want to mention the result.. after 1 place in group lost first knockout game vs Argentina and got fired immediately)

Team of the year Serie A
Donnarumma, MILAN
Alex Sandro, Juve (Milan after season)
Varela, Juve (Milan after season)
Garofoli, MILAN
Mallo, Juve
Caligara, MILAN
Asensio, MILAN
Sousa, MILAN
Salcedo, Juve
Jovanovic, Udinese (loan from Napoli)
Silva, Napoli
CL: lost in quarterfinal vs Chelsea (again)
Coppa Italia: WINNER vs Genoa 4-0 (Belotti 2, Mbappé, Kean)
Italy Super Cup: WINNER vs Napoli 4-1 (Vinicius Jr 2, Belotti 2) (Jorginho)

Team of the year Serie A
Donnarumma, MILAN
Alex Sandro, MILAN
Romagnoli, MILAN
Garofoli, MILAN
Conti, MILAN
Brugman, Pescara
Asensio, MILAN
Sousa, MILAN
Vietto, Roma
Belotti, MILAN
Romero, Inter
Screenshots available on request, the save alive and kicking autumn 2023 =)
would be nice to get some player stats and awards, really looking forward to seeing how the rossonieri are faring in the future.
Serie A: 2nd (Napoli 1st) same point..
CL: semifinal, lost to Arsenal on away goals..
Coppa Italia: WINNER vs Fiorentina 2-2 on penalties (Havertz, Mbappé)
Italy Super Cup: WINNER vs Genoa 3-0 (Mbappé 2, Kean)

Team of the year SerieA:
Donnarumma, MILAN
Guerreiro, Napoli
Rekik, Napoli
Garofoli, MILAN
Hysaj, Napoli
Berisha, Atalanta (MILAN after season)
Havertz, MILAN
Sousa, MILAN
Sanabria, Genoa (loan from some team in Paraguay)
Mbappé, MILAN
Paredes, Napoli
Now in winter transfer window, January 2025, season 8, haven't lost a single game all season so far. I will try to upload some pictures, but I'm not so high tech =)
8th season 2024/2025 WON EVERYTHING!!! First CL-victory!!

Serie A: WINNER (2nd Bologna 3rd Napoli)
CL: WINNER vs Barcelona 3-1 (Dembele 2, Mbappe)
Coppa Italia: WINNER vs Palermo 3-0 (Mbappe 2, Isco)
Italy Super Cup: Napoli - Milan 0-2 (Carlos Fernando 2)

Team of the year Serie A
Lafont, Bologna (loan fr Milan)
Soares, Bologna
Denswil, Bologna (loan fr Porto)
Garofoli, Milan
Soria, Napoli
Sensi, Pescara
Havertz, Milan
Manuzzi, Milan
Mangiameli, Fiorentina (loan from Inter)
Paredes, Napoli
Mbappe, Milan

I use rotation very frequently, which can be seen on following stats

Starting eleven (based on most games during season - all competative game counts)

GK Donnarumma (26y after season) 33 games 6.95
LD Romagnoli (30) 27(6sub) 7.15
CD Piscopo (22) 29(2) 7.29
CD Garofoli (23) 33(8) 7.25
RD Almeida (21) 29(3) 7.11
DM Berisha (23) 31(5) 7.12
MC Havertz (26) 31(4) 7.29
MC Manuzzi (20) 23(19) 7.24
AML Kean (25) 30(5) 7.52
AMR Dembele (28) 29(5) 7.95
A Mbappe (26) 32(7) 7.81

Reserv eleven (played plenty of "easy" league games)
GK Plizzari (25) 19 6.93
LD Capecchi (18) 23(7) 6.97
CD Varela (26) 25(7) 7.10
CD Mata (24) 15(6) 7.00
RD Riboldi (19) 18(2) 7.07
DM Maletaski (20) 23(6) 7.03
MC Isco (33) 25(5) 7.11
MC Sousa (25) 21(15) 7.11
AML Martini (23) 18(6) 7.54
AMR Smetana (21) 26(4) 7.40
A Carlos Fernando (24) 14(13) 7.21

Something about starting11
DONNARUMMA-didn't reach more than 4 stars, but still top 10 in the world

ROMAGNOLI-retrained as left defender and has been a great servant
PISCOPO-Bolognaregen first season, bought as 17y old for 15M Euro and 50%of profit after scouts went crazy about him, now one of worlds best D already at 22 (have bought a lot of other potential start though for a lot of money that never turned out to anything)
GAROFOLI-our own regen from already first season, I have treated him like gold
ALMEIDA-didn't have a single right defender before this season(when "had" to sell Conti when Chelsea offered 40M) so I had to panic buy this talent from PSG for 90M..Portugese regen from Sporting. A real lack of right defenders everywhere in the world

BERISHA-albanian/italian regen from Atalanta, bought as 20y for 22M(+50%) what their board overruled and accepted, only 3 stars but 5 pot, the weakest part atm
HAVERTZ-bought for 75M and he has delivered
MANUZZI-our own regen from season 3, a great player, always happy, loyal. I play Isco here in all important games, but Manuzzi is still the one who has played the most

KEAN-tried to buy from Juventus early on but they never accepted anything. Succeeded in loaning him with option of buying him season 3 which ended up with a 40M bet for this youngster.. good value for the money 5 years later
DEMBELE-bought before this season (90M from Barca) and he has been the difference from last year when Napoli won the league.. one of the very best players in the world
MBAPPE-the other big star of Milan, bought already s4 when I squandered all transfer budget for a 140M bet

Dembele and Mbappe are the only players bought as stars, the rest have always been bought as talents and developed into stars at Milan. And of course a lot of talents that has turned out to be all other then talents. Also have 25-30 players who every season are on loan to other teams in Serie A, also at Napoli, Juventus, etc..

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