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Anyone still playing FM12

Anyone still playing FM12
Started on 29 January 2018 by SteveRFC
Latest Reply on 26 October 2020 by deadzpool
As per title, is anyone still playing FM12? if so, why did you go back to this release?

for myself, its the last release i can remember being fun and what the original inception of the game was about, signing amazing players and building an average team up into contenders.

Ive played Championship manager since 1995, moved over to Football manager when they sold the rights to the Champ man series. Recently ive become disillusioned at the match engine, AI, Transfers etc... and more importantly the stability of the game!

Every-time there's an update via steam, for which im sure ive disabled/set to offline, i then get forced to do some update, or steam magically does the download/update. (probably because of some windows update, i dont know)

ANYWAY i have lost so many saves, or lost already played game time due to a crash for which has the knock on effect of losing interest in the save. its been a reoccurring theme for the last couple of releases and i have realised i have only perhaps completed more than 1.5 seasons only Once since FM15.

So, ive gone back to FM12, played my first season with Vitesse in the Dutch league and it only took about 16 hours. great i say! in the new versions i could perhaps get out of preseason in that time. Must be my style of play obviously, but as the interview questions asks, i like to reshape the club from the bottom up. takes toooo long!

anyway, hopefully people are still playing FM12 and we can perhaps get this part of the forum going again.

Hey I love football management games like you OP, my first football management was on a peice of paper were I created my own stories with my fictional clubs, Western United, Black Eagles, Red Falcon, ECOA FC, Catlex United, Western City. My second was Fifa manager on mobile, their I would pretend to be a Spanish Manager in England and sell all Chelsea players and buy only Spanish players and try and win the league. My third was Football Manager Handheld 15, here I tried to fix United as I watched FM youtubers my first one being Doctor Benjy. At this time I did not know about the community or what this game really was but I wanted to have it, it seemed complex and had everything I had wanted. Finally my first official Football Manager was FM 16 and I loved it , I played with United and tried to improve it however I was shocked at how I would randomly lose for no reasons. I then created my own club Black Leopards and filled it with good players put them in League 2 and enjoyed dominating, I played that save for months untill I cheated by reloading I felt dirty so I deleted the save and with it my passion. Now OP tell me what makes this FM 12 so speacial?
I'm trying to set up my fm12 with some kits, logos and faces. Can you help me find some live links?
2019-10-17 15:02#261773 kuevi10 : I'm trying to set up my fm12 with some kits, logos and faces. Can you help me find some live links?
FM12 still the best. Week ago started new chapter with Leeds, but i have some errors in the game. Tried to uninstall and delete all files, then reinstall, but still errors appear. :(

The final Update of FM2012 season 19/2020 :

contact: [email protected]
Yes, I'm still playing 2012. I have never played an FM past 2012. However just today I started to feel a bit stuck in the past. Am I missing out? I'm not sure if I should move on or not. I obviously know FM2012 inside out and back to front. I start a new game and I already know all the players I'm going to buy. When I get really bored I use the editor to tinker around and have often given players stats of how we know they are going to turn out today. I still enjoy playing it. I'm nearly 50 and stuck in my ways !!!! But often think I should get 2020 (then keep playing that for another 8 years!!!)
doktoR lazZz's avatar Group doktoR lazZz
3 yearsEdited
Absolutely. I play FM12 for 8 years now and never got bored of it. I installed FM20 a couple of months ago and started a new save with Parma but just couldn't get into's not my cup of tea I guess. So yeah I'm going to stick with FM12 for years to come .Right now I'm managing Sassuolo for 8 seasons(won Serie B in first season, then, 6 seasons later finally won the Serie A title beating Juventus by 4 points). It's a very interesting save, in fact i will upload some screenshots if anyone's intrested in my key players and stuff like that:
I still play FM12, it's the best ever version.

I created my own World League database for it. If you would like a copy of it PM me.
Yes please Si49!
Yes still playing FM12 – love it but I have an insanely complicated edit LOL. 12 Super Leagues – which also means 12 teams to manage but to cut down on time I made all leagues 24 teams with only 1 round each - no lower leagues so no promotion/relegation.

1. EPL as is
2. La Liga strengthened with the best Portugese teams
3. Serie A strengthened with best teams of Eredivisie
4. Bundes strengthened with Ligue 1 powerhouses
5. A super 24 south America league with Brazil, argentina powerhouses combined
6. An Eastern European League – Top 24 from Russia, Ukraine, Czech, Serbia, Poland, etc all combined
7. A Scandanavian super league – 24 cream of the crop teams from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland
8. A far east league with Japan, China, Korean teams
9. A middle east super league
10. An African super league.
11. Rest of Europe (incl Turkey League): Swiss, Belgium, turkey, Bulgaria
12. A North American league with 24 teams from MLS, and Mexico

I don’t rush it – just take my time and enjoy playing against teams from all over the world.
I have to ask, why do you feel that the recent editions don't live up to your own ideal of "signing amazing players and building an average team up into contenders"? Because for me, that's what FM has always been about, and still is. Why don't you feel recent releases do that?
depent on team pick teams like salburg atalanta lyon

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