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Ineligible player

Started on 16 February 2010 by joannes3000
Latest Reply on 15 July 2014 by thwaitesy0207
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Generally speaking, what are the causes of having a player ruled ineligible? I had a player ineligible for an entire season and I don't know why. He had a number assigned from the previous season and that didn't change. In fact, he was eligible the prior season! He is a native of the country my team is located in, so he isn't affected by foreigner restrictions or work permits. He is under contract to me and not on loan from another team. I ended up selling this player because he was literally of no use to me.

Now I have other players that are ineligible for a friendly. They all had a number assigned from the previous season and that didn't change. They were all eligible the prior season. Three of them are foreign, one of them is not. None of the three foreigners puts me over my limit of 4. None required work permits. All four are under contract to me and are not on loan from another team.

Illegible, some players may have global bans, such as gael kakuta?
i know that the MLS has different rules. mls has that draft season, in europe there is no draft. also there is the salay cap, adidas generation contracts and many more different rules than european might want to chech it out on google, or another american can explain it. i wanted to manage ny redbulls and i was akward for me...
they probably have different rules for a player to be eligible to play in official matches.
The team in question is the one I'm currently blogging about. They play in Columbia, so they don't have all of the ridiculous restrictions that the MLS has. I wish there would be more information attached to the "ineligible" tag, namely what's causing it. Hopefully SI puts that on the to-do list for FM11. :D What bothers me the most is that these players are ineligible for friendly matches. That doesn't make me optimistic that they will be eligible when league and cup play begins.
you could try opening the game editor and search there.see if he has a global ban or any other thing that might stand out.look at a regular player in youre squad witch is eligible and look at the player that is not and try to compare both...
Yeah, I'm going to do a little more research when I get home this morning. I'll fire up the FMRTE and see if I can dig up any information there. Again, what bothers me is that all of the players were eligible in the prior season and all of a sudden, they pop up as being ineligible. I couldn't imagine they got a global ban without me getting some sort of notification about it! :shock

The only other thing I can think of is a possible age restriction, but that's highly doubtful. The only age restriction I've run into so far in the Columbian leagues is that I can't sign any new players over the age of 23. I just resigned a player who is 25, so that shouldn't be the issue. Does anyone know how I can possibly contact SI directly regarding this issue? I wouldn't mind shooting them a message to try and get this situation resolved ASAP. It's really putting a damper on my mood going into my 3rd season with Carlos Sarmiento.
So I dug into the editor just now... The default settings for Carlos Sarmiento are as follows:

Status - semi professional
Maximum Age - 23

That explains everything. My DMC that was ineligible all of last season? He was 24. My four ineligible players this season? They all turned 24. That's horse shit. I looked at the 2010 league table and nobody else has the age restriction, presumably because they're all professional teams. Carlos Sarmiento turned professional the day I was hired to be manager, but it looks like the restriction stayed in effect. I'm going to download FMRTE to see if I can remove this age restriction. Otherwise, I think I'm going to retire from Carlos Sarmiento. :weep
Aye retire thats the hard option or take the easy way and stick it out
I decided to put that save game on hold for the time being. I'm hoping against hope that a future update will fix the problem - it looks like the age restriction that Carlos Sarmiento has as a semi professional team doesn't get removed when they turn professional. I'm a diligent coach, but being restricted to players younger than 24 is too much for me. I thought long and hard about it, but I couldn't fathom trying to constantly monitor the age of my players in order to anticipate replacing them when they get too old to be eligible for league play. :no
Hi There

I am in my first season on FM2014 (having downloaded LFC Marshalls Summer Update) and have started as Lyon.

I have signed a few players on a free, Luca Marrone, Didier Drogba and Fredrik Sorenson.

Drogba is available to play every game, as expected when signing a player, however both Marrone and Sorenson miss nearly every other game due to being ineglible saying "they have already played a game today".

As a veteran FM player, I have double and triple checked that they are not ticked to play for reserves/under 19's etc. But i cannot fathom why they are playing on the same day as my main teams matchday and who for!!!

Can anyone give me an answer to stop them playing other games on matchday as its killing me!!!



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