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Does the author read these forums?

Started on 10 February 2018 by hitower
Latest Reply on 11 March 2018 by hitower
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I have asked the same question twice now, in the same thread, once about the 2017 version in November and again last weekend about the 2018 version.

I understand I may be doing something wrong but I would like a response at least. I only bought the tool to do this mass editing of staff. If it does not do the editing I want then fine but at least respond please.

I can singly edit with the IGE and the part of FM I don't have any interest in is hiring staff. I just want to edit them , set their contacts to a long time hence, change them all to have decent stats and ignore them. I have explained what I was trying in the other thread.

I would really appreciate being told if the tool will not do it or if I am doing it wrong.

Damn and no one has answered yet, this Football Manager form kinda thing is weak on a real.
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Why don't you directly message the authors and ask? They are incredibly busy, with creating tools like this only being a hobby for themselves, so I can imagine that scouring the forum for relevant topics to queries is low on their priorities. And, to add to that, they also don't get notifications for new topics being created.

If you message them directly, at least they will be notified of that. So that might be a more effective route for you to take.
I did message Stam directly yesterday.

I asked the question because I genuinely wanted to know if they read the forum. If they don't I won't post here.

I appreciate they are busy but to be fair I have waited three months on the first post and then bumped it with a follow up question and waited another month. It is not as if I have been pushing for immediate replies.

I asked politely and have not presumed the software is at fault but I have bought Genie Scout for many years and FMSE since it started and I have hardly been high maintenance as a user. I just want to know if I am doing something wrong.

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