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Started on 16 February 2010 by Benfas2010
Latest Reply on 18 February 2010 by Benfas2010
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Can someone explain me what´s the difference between General Rating and Positional Rating? Because in my point of view they contradict each other so i have to be wrong.. :O_o
When you refer to "general", I think you mean Current ability (CA) and Potential ability (PA). The general rating refers to the skill of the player. So for example C.Ronaldo has a CA of 194/200 which shows the extent of his skill. Positional rating refers to how well a player can play in that position. So for example Rooney would have a better positional rating playing striker than defensive midfield. It just shows how comfortable a player is in that position.

Hope I've answered your problems, if not please explain a bit more :wink
No i mean "general" the one that is above the Positional Rating when you doble-click on a player
From what I understand, general rating looks solely at attributes and how well they translate to the attributes needed for a position. Positional rating looks at their attributes and the positions they can play in.

For example, a good targetman would have some of the attributes that make a good cebtre back (heading, jumping, strength etc). Their positional rating may be 75% targetman and 40% centre back due to the positions they can play in (striker). But solely based on attributes they would have a rating of 75% targetman and say 65% centre back. If you trained him to play centre back his positional rating might increase to 72%.

Hope this helps and makes sense
Yes it makes sense maybe you´re right.. Thanks

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