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Please, help me, need the best tactic

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Started on 1 March 2018 by AlexanderPetersson
Latest Reply on 27 April 2018 by Po Red5
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this is my team, i need somebody to help me with tacitc, anybody have any tips ?
There is not a thing as "best tactic" what works with one team might not work with another and what works against one opponent may not work against the next.

That's why you need to do a lot of experimenting, trial and error, usually my whole first season with a new team is me experimenting with different formations, team instructions and individual instructions. And also you probably going to need more than one tactic maybe one for easier at home games, one for difficult away games against stronger opponents and one crazy all out attacking one for then you are a goal behind with 10 minutes left to play.

If you google FM18 tactics you will probably find a lot of tactics that other people have created, if you are lucky maybe one of them works with your team, but to be successful in the long run don't be afraid to experiment and study all the information you get during the games.

Try to find out what is going wrong, here is two examples:

1. If your players missing a lot of the shots, maybe it's because they are shooting from a far away distance while beaning really bad a long shots. Try change the team settings to work the ball into the box and at the same time putting individual instructions to the worst finishers to shoot less. Sometimes this may fix the problem, other times it may not.

2. If your opponent is focusing all their attack on the flanks and nothing at all in the middle while you are using a defensive midfielder, maybe he is not involved at all and you can putt your full backs to focus on defense while bringing your defensive midfielder higher up in the pitch helping out with your attack without weakening your defense.

If you need some more tactics help maybe this forum thread could help you:
Football Manager 2018 Tactics Guide
First , you neeed to get hold of good midfielders like de bruyne, bernardo silva , kroos, lemar , sandro, carvajal, and then use this tactic, it will work. its not the best but you will win fair no of games
you can use 4-3-2-1 make it diamond
As others have suggested your best bet would be to develop three tactics that you can cycle between on the hoof. A single tactic that always works isn't particularly easy to create without completely tearing up a team and developing it from scratch.

Are you wedded to a back four? A back three with wing backs (if you have the players which you seem to do) would allow for a little more stability if conceding is the issue?

IF are useful but can leave holes in your formation up front. When they work they're great but they can be highly inconsistent and only work against the right formation.

Aim to produce a formation where perhaps they tuck in behind a central striker as an alternate option, perhaps as a trequarista or shadow striker, rounded so that you don't offer the same profile on both flanks. If the IFs aren't having joy (or getting ratings of 6 or so in games) they can change to react to the strategy the other team are employing.

Three CB with wingbacks as first option; two CBs with one stepping forward as an anchorman or BWM as a second etc. A midfield trio (or tandum if three CB) that rarely change roles but support what is going on in front might work.

The key though is to experiment - dynamics have a much bigger part to play in 18, so you need to work the team relationships. You'll lose a few here and there but if you have a variety of formations you can easily change between (without too many in game substitutions) you should be able to handle what is thrown at you.

I'd suggest one counter attacking with a more direct game - when you're expecting to be tested; one controlling with a shorter passing game - where you expect to be to be able to handle the opponent easily; and one with an attacking style and again a direct, almost long game (depending on the squad) for when you either need a goal or where you expect to totally dominate.

Good luck :)

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