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FM Scout: The Hunger Games (FM18)

Started on 30 March 2018 by Justice
Latest Reply on 15 September 2018 by Justice
Great season for me! Top stuff so far

1st September 2020

The beginning of season 4 brought the beginning of elimination from the competition, so every point mattered. Let's have a look at who moved where in the summer transfer window.

Liverpool | Dick Trickle | £17,250,000

Borussia Dortmund | Han Cock | £40,000,000

Valencia | Nininho | Loan (Until: 30/06/2021)

1st January 2021

We are midway through season four, and midway through the first season of elimination competition! Every point matters.

Here we take a look at the attribute profiles, season stats and transfer status of each player.

2nd February 2021

The January transfer window of season four brought just one transfer move for our contestants, but it was a fairly big one. Danish winger Phillip Budtz got a dream move to Borussia Dortmund in a multi-million move, where he would join French striker Han Cock, who had transferred there in the previous transfer window.

Borussia Dortmund | Phillip Budtz | £37,000,000
Good to see I'm finally getting some minutes at Liverpool. :)
Fantastic transfer for me,me and Han Cock are going to tear up the German League,finally someone recognising my talent!
2018-05-11 18:53#249321 budtzen : Fantastic transfer for me,me and Han Cock are going to tear up the German League,finally someone recognising my talent!

You 2 better carry me and IWB, else we'll not be happy! :P

1st July 2021

The end of season four has come! Before we look at the points tally, and who will be the first team to be eliminated, we will take a look at the players involved in this season. Every game matters.

Here we take a look at the attribute profiles, season stats and transfer status of each player.

Nice to se a good rating, despite of not scoring or assisting that much. Must be HanCock who's stealing all my goals that selfish bastard :P

Author's Notice

This is not dead, I just have not had time to write up any updates recently. They will hopefully return next week.

Season Four Review (2020/2021)

Season Four was a massively important season for everybody, being the first season where a team could be eliminated. Every point mattered, from now in.

We shall go through the points earned by each player, by each team and the value of each player after season one. Bonuses to CA, PA and reputation will be awarded to the winner of each chart.

Player Points

1. Han Cock - 188.735
2. Phillip Budtz - 183.615
3. Stam - 182.321
4. Sybe van der Putten - 152.046
5. Harry Potter - 145.053
6. Lewie Roberts - 144.712
7. Nininho - 133.650
8. Johan Eriksson - 104.154
9. Scott Tyson - 103.598
10. Alexandre Leblanc - 98.850
11. Dick Trickle - 95.604
12. Hans Down - 95.360
13. Mikkel Bie - 92.310
14. Genie - 88.003
15. Josh Drake - 87.670
16. Benjaminho Sy - 86.910
17. Hercule Pretorius - 80.760
18. Zander Yeks - 61.160
19. John Warrington - 59.400
20. Gerard Hoedjes - 56.350

It was another fantastic season for Han Cock who finished in first place. The French striker made quite an impact at new club Borussia Dortmund, and his relentless form in front of goal marked him as a future Ballon d'Or contender.

Team Points

1. Team One: 333.447
-. Han Cock | 188.735
-. Lewie Roberts | 144.712

2. Team Two: 278.975
-. Hans Down | 95.360
-. Phillip Budtz | 183.615

3. Team Seven: 274.631
-. Mikkel Bie | 92.310
-. Stam | 182.321

4. Team Nine: 229.254
-. Dick Trickle | 95.604
-. Nininho | 133.650

5. Team Eight: 225.813
-. Hercule Pretorius | 80.760
-. Harry Potter | 145.053
6. Team Three: 213.206
-. Zander Yeks | 61.160
-. Sybe van der Putten | 152.046

7. Team Five: 191.824
-. Johan Eriksson | 104.154
-. Josh Drake | 87.670

8. Team Ten: 186.853
-. Alexandre Leblanc | 98.850
-. Genie | 88.003

9. Team Six: 159.948
-. Gerard Hoedjes | 56.350
-. Scott Tyson | 103.598

10. Team Four: 146.310
-. John Warrington | 59.400
-. Benjaminho Sy | 86.910

Once again, Han Cock & Lewie Roberts are the winners of season 4! The two collected the most combined points, and will receive a Potential Ability boost ahead of the next season.

Unfortunately, one team most be sacrificed. For John Warrington & Benjaminho Sy, it is the end of the road. Commiserations to the two. It is unfortunate that they had to make way, but a poor season was their undoing.

Most Valuable Player

1. Han Cock - £69M
2. Sybe van der Putten - £55M
3. Phillip Budtz - £43.5M
4. Dick Trickle - £31M
=. Nininho - £31M
6. John Warrington - £27.5M
7. Stam - £27M
8. Alexandre Leblanc - £25.5M
9. Harry Potter - £22.5M
=. Scott Tyson - £22.5M
11. Benjaminho Sy - £19.5M
12. Johan Eriksson - £13M
13. Gerard Hoedjes - £12.75M
14. Zander Yeks - £11.5M
15. Hans Down - £9M
16. Hercule Pretorius - £8.5M
17. Lewie Roberts - £7.5M
18. Josh Drake - £7.25M
19. Mikkel Bie - £5.25M
20. Genie - £3.5M

Congratulations to Han Cock for being the Most Valuable Player of the season! His value was boosted by his personal success, while a number of other players also saw their values soar. Everybody saw their value increase, with a number of players being valued over £20M each.

Trophy Wins

UEFA Champions League | Alexandre Leblanc | Chelsea

League Competitions
EFL Championship | Stam | Southampton

Cup Competitions
FA Charity Shield | Alexandre Leblanc | Chelsea

Cup Competitions
DFL-Supercup | Hans Down | Bayer 04 Leverkusen

European International League | Han Cock | France

Cup Competitions
Kubok Rossii | Benjaminho Sy | Krasnodar

International Youth Competitions
UEFA European Championship U-21 | Benjaminho Sy & Han Cock | France U-21

Award Wins

EFL Championship Young Player of the Year | Stam | 7.30 average rating

Bundesliga Players' Newcomer of the Year | Han Cock | 7.49 average rating

Major Injuries

Gerard Hoedjes | Hip Injury | 31/03/2021 (2 months)
Nininho | Torn Hamstring | 03/05/2021 (2 months)

1st September 2021

The first eliminations of the competition brought a stark reminder that anything less than perfection would result in the threat of elimination from The Hunger Games. With that in mind, it was high-time players began moving to bigger clubs with bigger ambitions where they could earn the points required to, not just survive another season but also to, challenge for the top spot.

We had two transfers among the remaining contestants in the summer of 2021. Portuguese winger Nininho was involved in a multi million pound move to Southampton, where he would link up with Greek defender Stam, while Swedish attacking midfielder Johan Eriksson joined Bayer 04 Leverkusen on a two year loan.

Southampton | Nininho | £28,000,000

Bayer 04 Leverkusen | Johan Eriksson | Loan (Until: 30/06/2023)

1st January 2022

We are now midway through season five. With the World Cup squads being announced in a few months time, players needed to up their performance levels to ensure they would be selected.

Here we take a look at the attribute profiles, season stats and transfer status of each player.

1st February 2022

The January transfer window was a relatively quiet one with only one of our players earning themselves a mid-season move, but what a fee he cost! England's most successful football club, Manchester United, snapped up Greek defender Stam from Southampton for £70M! It was a big move which spelled much future success for the Balkan-born defender.

Manchester United | Stam | £70,000,000
Loving this so far, cant wait to see more!

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