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Old School Gaming On the Go: The Best Emulators on Android

Mobile gaming has grown incredibly fast in the last decade - today, games created with smartphones and tablet computers in mind generate around half of the global gaming industry's entire revenue.
Started on 5 April 2018 by offingapp
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And the number of mobile games is amazing, too - at least a third of all apps available in either of the two major app marketplaces today are games. And this without even counting the many third-party games available for mobile users. MMOs and MOBAs are fun, and the casual side is covered as well, since 4A Games offers the ultimate in gaming entertainment for casual gamers. But what if you have a taste for some old school gaming on the go? Well, to paraphrase the late Steve Jobs, there's an app for that, too.

Some gamers may feel nostalgic about the titles they had the chance to play on their classic consoles, no matter if they were built by SEGA or Nintendo. For them, and for those seeking to explore the early days of home-based console gaming, the Android platform comes with many great apps to choose from. MobileBoy is a free Nintendo GameBoy and GameBoy Color emulator that comes with a handful of titles like JetPackDX, GBamaTron, EggRacer, and others included. Snes9x EX+ emulates a Super Nintendo console, and comes with one public domain game, Bio Worm - if you want to play other games on it, you'll have to find them yourself. But NES Emulator by Classic Game 8Bit comes with a bigger library of games, including classics like Super Mario, Contra, Street Fighter II and Bomberman to bring back childhood memories.

What the above do for Nintendo lovers, MD.emu will do for Sega enthusiasts. MD.emu has an advanced open-source Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Sega CD, and Master System/Mark III behind it, allowing it to run a wide variety of games released for these platforms. It supports ROM-based games as well as disk images, and it will even work with external game controllers and keyboards connected to the phone via USB or Bluetooth. Moreover, it will also work with Wii controllers on phones powered by Android 4.1 or lower. While the package doesn't include ROMs, it won't be hard to find them if you really want to.

And for those who spent their time programming and playing on old school personal computers, here are a few goodies to check out: Speccy, a great ZX Spectrum emulator that will run software written for Spectrum 16k, 48k, 128k, +2, +2A, +3, Timex Sinclair, Pentagon, and Skorpion, with built-in NetPlay multiplayer and WorldOfSpectrum browser, Frodo C64, the Android port of the famous open-source C64 emulator that runs on a vast variety of platforms, from Nintendo Wii to Risc OS, and RetroArch, a cross-platform piece of software that can emulate everything from Amstrad to C64, DOSBox, Odyssey, and Atari, among others.
So dust off your childhood memories, grab your phone and get know how to earn money from developing android apps, download, and take a walk down memory lane.
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