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improvement suggestions- staff roles

Started on 18 April 2018 by ramj / First Post
Latest Reply on 28 April 2018 by ramj / Last Post
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I love the FM GENIE SCOUT and use it every year , recently even donating and working with the Gold version.
I hope it's the right place to do it- i've got some suggestions to make FM Genie Scout better and more accurate.
1. there is some missing options as it comes to filtering staff roles such as sports scientist, data analyst and even the "older" staff roles such as fitness coach, head of youth department and more...
is it going to be fixed / added to the software??
2. another issue, still in the staff roles subject- why can't we see the different in the Genie Scout between an existing Coach , let's say for example, to a Youth it going to be fixed/ improved?
I personally asked Eugene for better staff roles filtering as well. He told me it will be added.

I'm not sure I fully understand your second request though. How do you want to see the difference between a coach and a youth coach?
hey Stam,
thanks for the answer, i'm looking forward to see it in the coming updates.

about that second request, as it showed in the game- there is a difference that is clear to see between youth coach and (first team)coach.
in this request my intent is refer to which current job will be display.
Is it more clear to you now?
I think I understand you Ramj,

Irrespective of what the "in game" job is they will always show as a plain coach in GS.

Adding to your list I would like to see a little update to the formations you can check on a teams individual page. A 3-4-3 formations has been this years goto formation to manipulate the ME but no provision has been made for this.
Yes, that was my intention- current job that needs to be displayed..would be extremely helpful if it's shown in the GS

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