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Dan Thomas: A Danish Connection

Started on 25 April 2018 by ScottT
Latest Reply on 23 July 2019 by Justice
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From Another Perspective

My whole life has been a challenge but one I have learnt to love. Without the challenges in my way I wouldn't be the person writing this extract. Let me tell you my story, the story of Kristina Pedersen and how I am where I am today, as a (semi) successful woman.

My mother raised me on her own as my father neglected her. She told me the relationship was never healthy and that she was better off as a single parent anyway. Consequently, she was quite nervous around men and so was reluctant to find another man until I grew up a little and began to understand the wider world. I was thankful for her sacrifice for me and my mother began a role model for me too.

I had a small group of friends. I liked to have a small circle because I feel you can never trust too many people, that's when you seem to be stabbed in the back the most; keep your circle small and you seem to be happier I thought. We had a love for football and together we shared our passion for what they call the beautiful game, the most fitting nickname known to us.

Slowly, we began to separate for different reasons and I became rather isolated. I was keen to go to university to continue my studies but I wanted to move away for a short time. That's when I decided to pack my bags and fly to the UK where I would do both the things I wanted to do, find a whole new small circle of friends and simply enjoy every aspect life had to offer.

My stay in Manchester had its ups and downs, as you would expect. Without going into much detail I managed to survive a rather alarming experience that could have resulted in horrible consequences, but that's a story that I can't share too much about like I said. But, I met the partner I share my time with today and from there my life has seemed to be a dream, in essence.

My time at Brentford has only really begun but I have really enjoyed it. It's given me opportunities I never thought I would have and it's driven me on to perhaps even start my own career. There is a market out there for women in football and I want to help create it - maybe not now but in the future. In whatever capacity that be, I want to make an impact and use my position to help make that happen.

The club has taken over my heart and I love it. Brentford has an ethos that you cannot help but love and the ideology of the football club is something I admire. The club is ran in such a professional way and the stance Matthew has on football is something that never fails to amaze me. I continue to learn so much through him and the fans are absolutely amazing.

For me and Dan it is a dream, at times we find ourselves almost pinching ourselves waiting to wake up from it all. The success we have had so far is fantastic and we continue to strive to better things as a club. We are united in all we do and I think that's what has helped our success. The fans get behind the players and they make sure they let the supporters know that they are vital to us. Brentford Football Club is special to us both.


Aaron: </3 A travesty.
Will be even more special to you when you win the champions league mate
Some of the guys have socks not matching their teammates'! Outrageous!

Tinpot club

Brentford - October Review

(14th October) Sky Bet Championship
Brentford 4-1 Millwall
Watkins (5), Maupay (10), Jozefzoon (26), Marshall o.g. (88)

Cahill (50)

Brentford XI: Bentley, Dalsgaard, Egan, Bjelland (Mepham), Henry, Mokotjo, Yennaris (Toutouh), Woods, Watkins, Jozefzoon, Maupay

(21st October) Sky Bet Championship
Brentford 3-0 Sunderland
Bjelland (20, 32), Mokotjo (69)

Brentford XI: Bentley, Dalsgaard, Egan, Bjelland, Henry, Mokotjo, Yennaris, Woods, Jozefzoon, Watkins, Maupay (Omoijuanfo)

(28th October) Sky Bet Championship
Preston North End 2-0 Brentford
Robinson (15), Moult (52)

Brentford XI: Bentley, Dalsgaard, Egan, Bjelland, Henry (Lundqvist), Mokotjo, Yennaris, Woods, Jozefzoon (Clarke), Watkins, Maupay (Omoijuanfo)

(31st October) Sky Bet Championship
Birmingham 2-2 Brentford
Maghoma (8), Vassell (87)

Toutouh (31), Egan (76)

Brentford XI: Bentley, Munksgaard, Egan, Bjelland, Henry, Yennaris, Toutouh, Woods, Jozefzoon (Ogbene), Watkins (Canos), Maupay (Omoijuanfo)

Dan's Thoughts

'It was a real mixed bag of results for us. However, it has taught me and the squad a lot and how we need to improve to continue our push for the top two. We broke into them for a brief time and now we've had that taste, we want to keep at it. It's going to be a real journey for us as this month has proven and we have to push hard.'

'Our away form has been fairly disappointing and the performances and results this month have really highlighted this. In the Birmingham game, we were missing a lot of players and had to shuffle the deck a fair bit - but it is no excuse for the performance we put in. I have faith in every player in the squad to perform and they failed me this time. It puts us on just two wins from eight away from home and this to me is an issue.'

'At home we seem to shift into another gear. I put this down to the fantastic support we have that spurs the players on. The away support is equally as impressive, but there seems to be a different atmosphere which is understandable considering the players have been quite underwhelming away from Griffin Park. We need more of the same away from home as the two victories this month were brilliant and epitomised the strength we have in the team.'

On a final note, I am pleased to have seen young Munksgaard make his senior debut for the club. He has worked hard in training and when Henrik (Dalsgaard) was unavailable, I knew that I could install some belief in him to put in a top performance, in which he did. Sadly, Neil (Maupay) will miss a few weeks with injury but Alan Judge is just over a month away from returning which is fantastic.

Player Of The Month

Andreas Bjelland had a terrific month for us in October. The central-defender has been solid all season but stepped up a level in the past few weeks. Bagging a brace in the 3-0 win over Sunderland, the Danish international has become a real leader within the squad and has been key to many victories this season with his steely defensive ability, both in the air and winning the ball back.

Speaking after winning the accolade, 'I am really enjoying my football at the moment. I have been here at Brentford for three years now and my love for the club only continues to grow. To score two goals in one game was something very new to me and I've already beaten my tally from the past two seasons!'

There is almost a revolution going on here. We are getting better and better but there are still improvements to be made and we're working hard to address these. I am very thankful to have been named the best player this month as there are a lot of hardworking and talented players that deserve to recognised too.'


Justice: That's a picture from a few years ago, it was out of our control and these scandals won't be occurring from here on.

Aaron: One day! We'll be the most tinpot team to ever win it.
Love the backstory to this and the themed capture of some Scandinavian magic! 3rd in the table after a few months is just a sign of things to come, I can tell!

Thomas: 'Improvements Still To Be Made'

Brentford boss Dan Thomas has stated that 'improvements still need to be made' if the club want to remain challenging for promotion this season. The Bees occupy third-place in the Sky Bet Championship, two points behind Leeds in second - performing way above the expectations set by pundits alike prior to the kick off of the new season.

Thomas, who joined the club in late-June following the resignation of previous manager Dean Smith, has seemingly led a revolution at the club since being appointed. His appointment sent shock-waves as many doubted the unexperienced Englishman from Warrington, who's only job before taking the reigns at Griffin Park was with a semi-professional Danish club, playing their football in the darkest of depths in the country.

'When I took the job, I knew I had to get the results immediately as there was a lot of doubt. I had to win the support of the fans and prove myself - which I feel I have done so far. We have enjoyed three fantastic months of football and to be in third position is brilliant and well-deserved, in my opinion.'

'The lads have gelled together fantastically and it was important that they did so, as there was a large turnover of players. We know what we have to do to improve and these improvements still need to be made in order to carry on this push towards promotion. However, I'm managing expectations realistically and not getting too far ahead; there's still a lot of football to be played.'

'The fans have been terrific and I want to thank them for their support thus far. Our home form has been magnificent and we continue to push to make Griffin Park a real fortress this year. It's vital we continue to take it one game at a time and see where it takes us come the end of the season.'

Thomas' men have won six of their seven home games this season, with the only loss coming in a 2-0 defeat to leaders Wolves. They host Leeds on Saturday in a clash that will see the winners take second position in the table.


Burd: You have to love a bit of Scandinavia! :P Hopefully we can keep it up, but I'm enjoying the ride nonetheless.

Justice: Just as sh*t as in real life. ;)

Down Time

There are a few downfalls to being a football manager. You don't really think about them until you actually are in the role, but you soon realise that life is never really the same; as much as you try and kid yourself.

I'm one for a pint or two and enjoyed plenty of nights in Denmark on the Carlsberg or whatever was being served. I still try and go down to the local pub when my busy duties aren't calling, which is rare. Usually during international breaks I'll head down for the night and just relax, usually with a few friends and Kristina.

The thing is, it's quite difficult doing so when you're well known to the locals in the area. A large majority of the area of Brentford, where I now happen to be living, support the local side which is terrific in theory, but a slight bit frustrating when you just want a good night to yourself with your mates.

Of course, I oblige and join in with the general conversation. That's the type of guy I am and I want to be part of the fans as much as possible, but my usual way of relaxing was no longer really possible. A fair few times I have met some great lads, who have purchased season tickets and travel the country to support us and it's something I appreciate a lot. Those lads usually get a pint from me, admittedly as a thank you. Can't say I'm not generous.

I take my role seriously and I think because of the lack of freedom I have, in a sense, it's allowed me to be more driven. I'm usually the last person out because I'm always looking to help players succeed. A lot of the younger lads have a fantastic attitude and look to me to learn. To me, that's a sign that this club has potential because everyone in the dressing room and in the youth squads have such a professional manner.

Brentford really has taken over my life, but it's something I am growing to love. The place is a part of me in every possible way. To be honest, I would be a fool to let it all slip away, the revolution is certainly in full swing and I intend to keep it that way. The only way is up, right?
Lots of adaptation to be had it seems!
Can't say I'm a fan of Calrsberg myself, personally. From drinking Carlsberg, indeed the only way to go is up.

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