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Out of memory

ziperr's avatar Group ziperr 2018-07-10 07:12
00 3 posts joined Jul 10, 2018
Since saturday I can't start genie.
I mainly get "out of memory" error during loading, sometimes when I try to "open" first player.
Sometimes it is other message/error, don't remember what.
Occasionally it will show "genie scout.exe stopped working" during loading.
After any of this errors I have to use task manager to stop genie process. (Is it weird that I get 2 of them? one is genie 18 and other is genie proxy 17)

I have tried both, reinstall and clean installation. I have tried diffrent saves or diffrent in-game dates.

Please help
ziperr's avatar Group ziperr 2018-07-11 10:05
00 3 posts joined Jul 10, 2018
Skipping few months (to next transfer window) solved the problem.
At least for now.
ziperr's avatar Group ziperr 2018-07-12 07:33
00 3 posts joined Jul 10, 2018
I jinxed it. Getting errors again :(

Has anyone had this problem? Has anyone solved it?

You are reading "Out of memory".

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