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Need help with marking FM18

Started on 25 July 2018 by TheUserNameYouProvidedIsAlreadyInTheDatabase
Latest Reply on 27 August 2018 by 2ndcityblues
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Hi everyone, first of all sorry for a long post i just want to ask about all thing i been wondering in FM and not making too many post. And sorry about my bad English
First off does anyone know how to instruct player to man marking ? To be specific what i want is when the other team have the ball only one player will closing down on the one who have the ball and other will be marking passing potential players but so far all i seem is they keep on closing down on the one who has the ball and leaving other players run free no matter what i tried, For example even i gave mine two wingback instruction to marking AML and AMR but whenever AML or AMR pass the ball to their WB/FB or even CM my WB running like mad to that player leaving no one marking AML/AMR giving them space run to penalty area or crossing. I had tried a lot of different thing closing down less marking tighter etc etc but none seem working they always run toward the one who had the ball.
Another problem i have is i like to play 4-3-3 but my team only have two strikers and like 6 AM so while i call it 4-3-3 but in reality it more like 4-3-2-1 and most of the times those two AM stay behind striker making pass to side without trying to go forward or finding space themself or advance to penalty area which making my striker most of the time lost between two defenders is there any way i can make them play like DLF but stay lower ? I want them to invade the penalty area more while also being a link from midfield to striker not just hold up the ball and seeking to pass to side =.=!
Thank for reading this long rant!
I wouldn't class myself an expert, but...

Two defenders going for the ball carrier is often caused by a high closing down instruction which can be made even worse if you play narrow. Defenders are attracted to the ball carrier by proximity, and their radious of interest gets bigger as the closing down instruction gets higher. You could also try adjusting the CD roles to Stopper/Cover rather than 2 on Defend.

With your AMs, again look at their roles and duties. A SS will be more likely to drive forward into the box, as will an AM'a to a lesser extent. Try one of each and see if that produces play more to your liking. You could also try PI Get Forward More and Run Into Channels and PPE's such as Get Forward More and Pass Killer Balls.

Good luck.

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