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Things you are doing while waiting for a 10.3 compatible version

Started on 24 March 2010 by aquavit
Latest Reply on 29 March 2010 by El Turco
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Considering we all have a bunch of free time now. I thought we could share what other hobbies we are taking up while we wait for a 10.3 compatible version of Genie Scout to be released by Eugene. Here are mine.

- Reading the SI forums
- Shadow puppetry
- Spending time with my girlfriend
- Going for long walks
- Team Fortress 2
- Recreation drug use

Anyone else?
- masturbating
- loging on seeing that the last post written shows date 4/3/2010 then starting to think how lazy Eugenie is
- masturbating again
- playing Super Mario
- thinking boy is that Eugenie lazy
- playing bfbc2
- playing sc2 beta
- playing fm10 with my current save as my team is good enough right now
- uni work :( grrrr!!!
- keeping the wife happy
- destroying my liver with alcohol abuse :D
- working for pennies
- more drinking :)

ohh and i dont use genie, use fmrte if ya just cant play without an editor! tht is 10.3 compatable
Played one season with Fenerbahce and now waiting for Genie Scout since two weeks for my next seasons.

Without FM, i spent my most of time on PC while watchings movies or playing PES.
Im checking fmscout every three hours expecting to see fmscout is out
Playing hattrick
Playing Assasins creed II
Just started a new FM game with Ilkeston, which is a team in the lowest league in england :D (how about that for a challenge??)

I'll really like to see a graphic that shows fmscout visitors per day, it should be in a high peak right now and will reeeeallly go down after fmscout is out :D
1.keeping playing FM1030..
2.searching a part-time job
3.reading novels
4.watching chelsea and R.M's matches online
im not playing fm anymore since no genie scout for 10.3 patch:(
-checking fmscout
-playing pes6
-thinking about ultimate edition ubuntu
i heard about a fifa tournament nearby

im showin all them how good a fm player uses tactics in fifa
i took barcelona
went through prelims beating my opponent 5-2 (matches in prelims only till half time;i.e. only 4 mins)he defened lik a noob.messi scorin a hatrick

second round was a hard fought 1-0 win i scored from corner wit henry

third round a 2-1 win against man utd.that idiot gave away a penalty in 44th

im in quaters

ill update my progress
I'm playing as Atherstone, my local side who are in the northern league 1st division! very challenging.
1) searching for new version of Genie Scout every 30 minutes
2) discovering not yet every time
3) annoying
4) hate Egypt

and start again :D
Play my FM save with FCPorto
Play FM online @ ESL.EU

Search for GS.

Talk with girls.
Talk with girlfriend

Play browser games

Search new Diablo ttc's

Play CS

Classes @ Uni

Working @ Uni Finishing work

Going to coffee @ beach...

etc etc
- checking my inbox for an email from Eugene
- listening to heavy metal
- doing some client work hoping this will be the last month i'm dealing with this crap
- enjoying vacation at my homeland
- checking back at my inbox
- Checking
- Watching daytime TV
- Refreshing
- Scouring the internet for anything remotely entertaining
- Refreshing
- Playing guitar
- Repeat cycle

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