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Please Help! I am desperate!

Started on 26 March 2010 by cpz
Latest Reply on 27 March 2010 by cpz
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Hey guys... I am trying to make a skin.
I have already created a new one (copied the base skin and graphics) and edited the start screen...(LINK)

Now I don't know where to find the graphics on my computer so I could edit them..
I know where they are on my computer but I can't figure out where they are applied in the skin..

Someone please help me... I have asked and asked for help on many forums but no one is replying..
maybe my english is poor ,,,i dont know what exactly you mean
beshion1943 : maybe my english is poor ,,,i dont know what exactly you mean

I think your english is fine :)

To be fair mate, I'm english and I can't quite understand what you mean. I've been trying to get my head around it to try and help. You don't know where they are on your computer but you know where they are on the computer but can't figure out where they are applied to the skin???? It makes no sense to me
cpz's avatar Group cpz
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OK well at least you are replying.. :D
On the other forums I feel as if I'm a ghost and my posts aren't there...
Sorry for my English...

Let's say I want to change the green "calendar bar" in the base skin..
But i don't know where the file is located in my new skin folder..

______________this one here

Is there a way for me to find out where each file goes?
Is that any clearer? :/
A little :) I'll also let you off for the original description as it appears English isn't your first language :) To be honest, I've not done much editing myself (none on FM, only PES and Fifa). Surely each part of the skin has its own seperate filename (using a PES example... "shirtfront.gif")? Can you not find out what these are and then run a search on your computer specifying the Sports Interactive folder to search in?

Sorry if this is completely useless, I would like to state I am a complete novice to editing's a master's email,you can contact with him, [email protected]
he's Chinese studing(working?)in Germany.
...that's all i can do for ya//
Ty ill try to catch him...

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