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FMSE License Recovery

Started on 20 October 2018 by Stam
Latest Reply on 25 May 2024 by Koban7
As you might know, once you receive the email containing your license, that download link expires after some days. It's also common that these emails get lost / deleted, or you have to change / format your computer.

We get a lot of emails about that and it really takes up time we could be investing into the actual development of the app.

So we created a "self-service" license recovery area where you can search for your license using just the email address associated with your order.

If the system finds a match, it will automatically email you a fresh download link for your license.

Enter FMSE License Recovery area.
i've entered my email wich i've bought the license but he can't found me...HELP
The license recovery area will currently work with licenses bought after October 10th. Prior to that date, we need to do it manually until we can sync the recovery area with older licenses. If that's the case, please send me a private message with your email address and I'll look it up.
What with recovery for the 20 version?
I have just purchased your licence but no email sent
@scot6y: Send me a private message or chat to help you out. Most common scenario for not receiving the license email is typo of email address.
I'm having the same problem
I bought a licence but i can't import it. If y put my mail adress in the recovery area it's says that i'm not a custommmer but, i've received a licence (and paid it....).

The support didnt answer me.
Could you do it ?
best regrards
Yeah, it does not send it after it found my email :(
I have a license for fmse 19 but when I try to recover, nothing happens I don't receive emails.
Zakupiłem licencję wczoraj tj. 16.08.2020. Do tej pory nie otrzymałem jej na maila.
I have a license for the FMSE, it wouldnt let me recover with the email i had used.
Bought the license last year and showing up that i havn't got it
i have the same problem... i bought it and it says that i dont have it
I texted the Admin "Stam", no replay yet on my DM, Chat and Email.

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