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Liam Manning: Creating a Legacy

Started on 13 December 2018 by ScottT / First Post
Latest Reply on 19 December 2018 by Justice / Last Post
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A brief message

I feel like this is needed. In this message I want to be honest and straight-forward. So, let's cut to the chase. Since FM17 when I started my Colchester save on the site, I haven't been able to enjoy a save as much. This is not a bad thing, as I thoroughly enjoyed that save and whilst I've since had good saves off of the site, an example being Blyth Spartans (which I briefly did start with on here), nothing has topped it.

I have high expectations for myself in my writing. Yes, I do this for fun and I do it to engage with other users on the site, but I want to deliver quality writing that I enjoy and feel proud of, as well as other people. For a while now, I feel like these expectations haven't been met and as a result, I have not enjoyed writing as much recently.

This is an obvious problem. If I'm not enjoying writing the updates, the less I am enjoying playing the actual save as it soon becomes a chore. I am a regular Football Manager player and I play a number of saves and I feel this is becoming the issue.

With Darlo, I would play a month and then update and so on. So, I have another save that I could play whilst I did this and I feel this is the problem. Therefore, I will be focusing on just having one save and noting progress - whilst being able to progress as normal in the future.

I just feel that things have been rushed and not thought through. Therefore, I am going to take a short break from writing and allow myself to get my ideas together for a new save that I have progressed into that I know I can commit to and enjoy.

When I'm writing, I have preferences. This has become an issue too as it hampers the teams I can be. For example, I have a preference towards the National North to the South purely due to being a Northerner. Therefore, despite there being many different teams that would make for a good save, I ignore them. Conveniently, my most "successful" save was with a Southern based side... the irony.

So to round up basically, I am going to take a short break from writing and allow myself to settle into a new save. Previously, things have been rushed together to suit others rather than myself and that's not to put blame on them, but to show that I need to be more patient. I promise that my story will be my best, as there will be clear, methodical thinking behind every update.

Once again, I apologise for this, but the decision had to be made else I would not be delivering the quality updates I seek to produce.

Much love,

Scott x
Aw it's okay mate. Take as long as you need. I would prefer you enjoying your save than me enjoying your story. Wish you the best ideas come to your mind! <3
No need to apologise mate, take your time, find your passion for it again and you'll be back in no time! If you feel that this work wasn't your best then I really do look forward to your hopeful return!
Sad to see it end but I know it is for the best, if you're not feeling it. You'll come back stronger than ever.

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