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FM19 - The Great Glasgow Alternative

Recently retired hard man Roy Scully ventures north of the border for his first job in management. Steve Gerrard, he ain't.
Started on 29 December 2018 by tenthreeleader / First Post
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Don't change a winning formula... even if that formula seems to come from superstitions. :P
Put the jacket up-front, you'll win by even more ;) In all honesty, I've been keeping up with the story of late and it's been a sensational read as it always is from yourself.
Thanks, Jack ... always nice to hear you're enjoying! And yes, Scott, superstition can be fun.

“Okay, you did this to me,” Roy laughed as he removed his track top in the coaches’ changing room after the match.

Litmanen just smiled.

“I guess I am superstitious,” Roy admitted. “I was going to leave this on the coach and wear a warmer coat but you left me no choice.”

It had been a raw, windy day and Roy was chilled. He sat down and picked up a cup of hot coffee from a beverage tray.

“We’re going to have to get you something else to wear,” Litmanen said. “We can’t have the boss catching cold.”

It was a joke – Roy thought so, anyway – but there were players who were also starting to get into habits they weren’t willing to break as long as the team was playing well.

It was a long trip home and that gave Roy a chance to warm up as he thought ahead.

Next up was a winnable match at home against Queen of the South in a week’s time, but following that was a matchup people were starting to look forward to – the Betfred Cup quarterfinal against Dundee United.

The team was off to the good start everyone craved – thirteen points from fifteen had the Jags level on points with Ross County at the top of the table – but the prospect a return matchup against the Terrors was one that had set imaginations going.

Kate had sent Roy a video of the girls listening to the match on Jags Radio – they were in their kit and jumped
all over the sitting room after Adrianinho had scored – and it made him smile. He missed all his best girls and he was glad to be going home.

“Don’t forget to bring that lucky jacket,” Kate had teased. Roy wasn’t about to leave it behind.

It was early evening by the time the team coach pulled back into Glasgow and Roy sent the players home with the following day off as a victory day.

Then it was time for him to return as the conquering hero. Whether he had won or lost, the reaction was always the same.

That was the best part – in the eyes of his girls, Daddy always won whether or not the score had been favorable.

So he scooped up the kids, gave them hugs, and advanced to his wife, who was sitting at the dinner table.
“I have a great idea,” she said, rising to greet her husband. “How about we get a sitter and you take me out to celebrate?”

“You’re so old-fashioned,” Roy teased. “Expecting me to look after you.”

“Tell me you wouldn’t,” she said, taking his arm as they headed for the sitting room.

“Okay, okay, you win,” he smiled. “Let me get my phone and you pick the place.”

# # #
Think you've posted the same update, pal. :P

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