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FM19 - The Great Glasgow Alternative

Recently retired hard man Roy Scully ventures north of the border for his first job in management. Steve Gerrard, he ain't.
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She can reach him in ways no one else can, which will hopefully help keep him grounded in the event things go sour.

The next day’s light training got the team in the mood for Dundee United, in the Betfred Cup quarterfinals at home. The board had asked for the knockout stages and the team had done better than that – but now the thought of a potential cup final down the road was starting to get into the players’ heads despite Roy’s best efforts against it.

He wanted them focused in the moment – obviously the Terrors, being a league rival, warranted a little extra interest.

“I don’t want that lot getting it into their heads that they can beat you,” he told the players as they stretched for a light workout. “Keep your thoughts on Tuesday and you’ll be fine.”

He had wanted to give the team a day off after the Saturday contest but the need for preparation wouldn’t allow it. He kept things very short and sharp before getting the team into video for a look at Dundee’s latest efforts and sending them home.

Sunday was supposed to always be a day off, but on a Saturday-Tuesday schedule that was difficult. Monday’s training was a full session for those who hadn’t played against Queens and a light workout for those who had.

He was trying to save legs, but as the team took the pitch for the match, they looked leaden. But then, so did their opposition, which promised a matchup which wouldn’t show the beautiful game in its best light.

There was a place for Feruz in the lineup – Roy had wanted to use the Chelsea man more in recent weeks but Coulibaly had blocked him out of the lineup. This was the perfect chance for him.

Storey had played the lions’ share of time on Saturday so a mostly-rested Adrianinho was able to slot into his preferred spot without difficulty. Gordon had played Saturday so he was rested on this night. So it looked like the Jags would have the advantage in terms of fresh players.

Roy had already had to deal with the know-it-alls who asked why Partick Thistle was running such a large squad.

“Well, we’re in several cup competitions, we haven’t really had a major injury bug, touch wood, and I want competition for every place on the park. That means that yes, we have a big squad. If something happens where that isn’t sustainable for whatever reason, I’ll deal with it, but right now I’m happy with what we have and there’s enough football to go around.”

Perhaps surprisingly, nobody except for Mutombo had really complained about lack of involvement in the first team. Roy had really tried to rotate his squad so he could learn his players, but Mutombo was one to bear watching.

For one thing, he was a natural attacking midfielder, a number ten type or even a pressing forward – and none of those roles showed up anywhere in Roy’s tactic. So in that regard, he was a square peg in a round hole. He was also well behind Coulibaly, Storey and even Doolan on the striker depth chart, which didn’t help either.

He was also a new arrival that Roy hadn’t purchased. That can be real bad luck for a player, who sees change in managers put him out of favor rather than the quality of his play, or lack of the same.

So while Roy’s office door hadn’t been kicked in by an angry player yet, he figured it was only a matter of time – and he knew who would be doing the kicking.

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If finances allow, I think it's sensible to have depth in the squad to allow for rotation and competition amongst places. Roy has done an excellent job in keeping everyone happy with the exception of Mutombo, but unfortunately for him, he seems set for failure. He doesn't fit into the system and he's only at the club due to the previous management. Hopefully he doesn't cause too much of a fuss... nothing worse than one bad apple upsetting the whole cart.

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