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Max Kofler: Die Revolution

Started on 7 June 2019 by ScottT
Latest Reply on 23 August 2019 by Jack
Mixed month in my opinion. While it could have gone better against the likes of Bournemouth and Palace, it could have certainly gone much worse. I'm confident that Aboubakar will resolve your attacking problems. Looking forward to February!
I agree with Jim, a mixed month. Points against Liverpool and Spurs is good to see, whilst dropping points to Bournemouth and Palace is dissapointing. I really hope Aboubakar and Trincão can come in and help the attacking side of the game.
Not bad at all. Can't wait to see more from a very talented side.
Not a bad month at all. Like many have said, could've gone worse, could've gone better. But i'm sure points will be picked up in due course. Can't believe Klopp is at Spurs :O
A month where goals were definitely in short supply so hopefully Aboubakar can change that in the coming weeks. Nevertheless, this is a different atmosphere to Koln whereby the squad were left demoralised by Rodgers' reign so it is hard to measure just how much of an impact Kofler has had here. Bring on the next few months!

Coming Home

We neglected the idea of purchasing tickets to Birmingham Airport - the closest airport to Leicester - in favour of travelling to Manchester, instead. The main reason behind my decision to take a job in England was so I could enable Laura to be with her nearest and dearest throughout the rest of her rehabilitation. So, I didn't want to waste any time. We were heading to her parents home in Altrincham, so she could be reunited with the pair who she hadn't seen in over a year. The wider family were well-informed and all planned on celebrating her return home the following day, giving her a day or so to spend with her parents, first.

I was due to sign the confirmation papers on my contract at Leicester on Saturday; with my appointment to be announced the following day. It was on Monday I would meet the players and train for the first-time. Today was Friday which enabled me the opportunity to spend the full day with Laura and her parents. We were to stay at the house overnight, so I would travel down from Altrincham to the club's training ground before returning in time for the gathering later on, as I was informed the contract signing shouldn't take too long. It was confirmation day where my time would be largely consumed by work events.

From the airport, we ordered a taxi and began our route. Both of Laura's parents were unable to drive and therefore nobody was able to ferry us, requiring us to pay a rather extortionate price to book the privilege. We rather forcefully shoved the numerous amounts of luggage into the boot, with the assistance of the driver. Laura sent her mother a message to inform her we were on our way, once we were settled and a few minutes into our journey, to which she received a simple smiley face back from her, accompanied with the message "Looking forward to seeing you!" and two kisses. Laura smiled at the message and settled her head on my shoulder. "It's good to be home, y'know," she said, as I wrapped my arm round her and smiled, in response.

The taxi driver was keen on chatting to us. He showered us with questions, to which we would often take it in turns to answer. He didn't seem to recognise who I were; which satisfied me. After a while, he pulled onto the street of her parents address before stopping at our request. "Just here, please," I stated after Laura indicated to me which address her parents lived at. Despite my many visits, I still forget exactly which number it is, which Laura always found amusing.

She shuffled her way out of the vehicle and began to unpack the luggage from the boot, while I paid the driver, leaving him a ten pound tip for his services. He seemed a nice guy from our conversation and drivers thrive off tips. It all builds up over time to boost their pay-packet, doesn't it. He thanked me, before asking if I was sure about the tip I gave him and ensuring we had all the luggage we came with. I reassured him that I was certain to both of his questions. He thanked me before driving away.

Laura awaited me to accompany her up the path to the door, as she shook from the cold of the winter air that welcomed us back. Her petite frame pulled along two suitcases behind her. She smiled as she came through the door and was greeted by a shower of love from her two parents, abandoning the suitcases to the side of the doorway. Her mother led the way with her father slightly behind her; awaiting to give her a hug after her mother had. "We missed you," Sandra - her mother - cooed. It prompted a tear to come out of Laura's eye, to which she quickly brushed away. Whilst the two ladies embraced, her father, David, aided me with the surplus luggage I was left with and patted me on the back once he was able to, welcoming me back, too. I was always fond of her father, he was an excellent man. A man who always did his very best for his daughter - something I recognised right away, once I got to know him. We shared a great mutual respect.

After the initial welcoming, we all comfied ourselves in the front-room of the house and exchanged conversation. The topics ranged from jovial to serious, as we tried to cram the last year or so of our lives into a few hours. It was beautiful witnessing the smiles upon everyone's faces when you scanned around the room. It was the happiest I had seen Laura in a very long time and she was as keen to talk about our relationship as she had been the day we got together. The excitement of the wedding day we had yet to still put a date on seemed to return in a bundle of joy when she exposed her ideas to her mother. Her father, meanwhile, merely laughed, indicating his lack of understanding to which I responded to with a grin.

After a few hours of constant discussion, Sandra escaped so she could prepare dinner for everyone. Laura was delighted to hear it was one of her favourites - sausage and mash, with gravy - something Sandra used to make for her all the time as a child. It was a well-known dish within the household, to which I have had the pleasure of tasting beforehand. I can assure you, it's absolutely delicious. As it was a special occasion, Sandra revealed she had also made a cheesecake in preparation for our arrival. Laura's face lit up like a child's once more upon the utterance of the word. David, meanwhile, took the opportunity to discuss football with me. He was an avid Altrincham fan and was keen on supporting the local community's team - who continued to ply their trade in the National League North, the sixth tier of English football.

Sandra soon emerged with dinner in tow, interrupting David's passionate rantings about the physicality shown by Altrincham's opponents, Kidderminster, the previous week. He would usually be busy supporting the side on Saturday afternoon, but their game against Leamington was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch from rain the previous day. I was well informed that the pitch at Leamington's ground - known as the New Windmill Ground - was excellent; but "the pitch collected rain like nobody's business," so it came as little surprise the game was called-off at nine this morning after a pitch inspection by match officials.

Sandra's cooking never fails to amaze you. She truly is a fantastic cook and everyone's plates were left completely empty, despite the generous portions she distributed. Once I had finished my main course, it took a while for me to even satisfy the idea of having a piece of cheesecake, despite my admiration for the sweet treat. I eventually give in though, once I felt I was able to stomach the extra food I was able to shove down my mouth.

It was after the last mouthful of cheesecake I realised the beauty of moments such as these. You don't truly acknowledge the finer things until you don't have them. Laura was at ease; relaxed, easy-going and calm. Her parents were happy to welcome their daughter back with open arms and I continued to feel like I was accepted into the family as one of their own. I also realised, at that moment, I made the right decision rejecting Italy for England. I would never have got to see the person I love so happy, otherwise.

We laughed the night away before retiring to our beds, grabbing the necessary items we needed from our luggage, beforehand. The house had three separate bedrooms; two of which facilitate double beds. Laura turned to me once she cosied herself into the warm duvet and whispered a simple "thank you" in my direction. I took her into my arms, in response and gently put my lips on hers. "You're very welcome." I said breaking away, before returning to the sensation of her lips immediately after. She really is absolute perfection, personified, and I, meanwhile, am a very fortunate man.


Jim: Those two results you mentioned were definitely examples of points dropped rather than gained. Hopefully you're right and Aboubakar does prove to be a worthwhile signing.

LFC: The attacking side of our game has been improved on paper. Now it has to transition onto the pitch.

Slipky: :) Hopefully they'll be plenty to shout about over the remaining few months of the season.

SoA: Neither can I. It's a very strange move! Pochettino was sacked at the end of last season after a fifth-place finish. So it shows that Spurs have transitioned into a much more ambitious side.

Jack: It's difficult to measure the impact just yet, you're quite right. The next couple of months will really help decide where the squad are at under new management.
What a lovely update this was. It made me feel all cozy not gonna lie. Max is indeed a very fortunate man. Looking forward to his future with Laura. :)
Laura's happiness will be massive for Max and it was clear from this update just how much she means to him. Being a lot closer to home will be great for Laura and therefore Max will be able to settle in much easier I hope.
You know you only get one point for a drawn game, right? ;)

No surprise to see that Laura, a woman who fell in love with a big Wiener, loves eating sausages.
The impact the move seems to be having on Laura seems to be invaluable for Max. Max did the right thing choosing England over Italy it seems
"You don't truly acknowledge the finer things until you don't have them". What a deep statement that is! And it's good that Laura is happy with Max by her side
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4 yearsEdited

February 2021

Sat 13th February 2021
Premier League: Matchday 26

Chelsea 3-2 Leicester City

Schmeichel, Chambers, Hefti, Benkovic, Chilwell, Mandragora, Choudhury, Man, Maddison, Albrighton, Aboubakar

Goalscorers: Man (45), Vardy (83)

Tue 16th February 2021
Emirates FA Cup: Fifth Round

Norwich City 1-2 Leicester City

Schmeichel, Chambers, Hefti, Benkovic, Chilwell, Mandragora, Choudhury, Man, Maddison, Trincão, Aboubakar

Goalscorers: Maddison (20), Man (86)

Fri 19th February 2021
Premier League: Matchday 27

Leicester City 1-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers

Schmeichel, Chambers, Hefti, Benkovic, Chilwell, Ndidi, Mandragora, Banega, Man, Trincão, Aboubakar

Goalscorers: Man (32)

Tue 23rd February 2021
Premier League: Matchday 28

Leeds United 0-2 Leicester City

Schmeichel, Chambers, Hefti, Benkovic, Chilwell, Ndidi, Silva, Man, Trincão, Vardy, Aboubakar

Goalscorers: Aboubakar (41), Gray (85)

Sun 28th February 2021
Premier League: Matchday 29

Leicester City 2-1 Burnley

Schmeichel, Chambers, Hefti, Benkovic, Chilwell, Ndidi, Silva, Mandragora, Man, Trincão, Aboubakar

Goalscorers: Silva (18, 52)

February began with a trip to Stamford Bridge, as my Leicester City side took on Chelsea. I was handed my first loss in-charge of the Foxes, as Luis Enrique's men proved to be too strong with Andreas Christensen, Eden Hazard and Willian all getting amongst the goals for the hosts. I drew positives from the result however, as we looked more efficient going forward - with Jamie Vardy netting after coming off the bench to add to Dennis Man's earlier strike.

Our attentions then turned to the Emirates FA Cup as we took on Norwich City. Managed by Mark Hughes, the Canaries were in the hunt for promotion to the Premier League after a five year spell away from the top-flight, currently sat in third. A stoppage-time consolation from Ezequiel Schelotto only drew some pride for Hughes' side, as James Maddison netted against his former club to aid our progression into the Quarter Finals. We later found out our opponents would be Manchester City, with the tie taking place next month.

Unfortunately, we were unable to transition our positive performance back into the Premier League as we were held to a 1-1 draw against Wolverhampton Wanderers. Dennis Man initially gave us the lead, but João Moutinho equalised shortly before the break to draw the sides level. Neither side were able to find a winner, as Wolves lost ground on their bid to secure Europa League football at the end of the season.

In my seventh game in-charge in the Premier League, I finally recorded my first victory. A hard-fought 2-0 win at Elland Road to Lee Johnson's Leeds United resulted in a much-needed three points, which propelled us up the table. Vincent Aboubakar found the net for the first time since his move from Porto, while Demarai Gray came off the bench to wrap up the points with a second.

The game could have easily been overshadowed by events off the pitch. A number of Leeds United's notorious "yoof" were seen trying to provoke Leicester City fans with unsavoury taunts. The leader of the group - later named as Jack Lister - was seen goading visiting supporters and was led out of the ground by stewards, who initially struggled to lead the disgraced man away.

Many Leeds supporters protested the decision, despite the actions of Lister who has been given a stadium ban following the events.

Confidence was certainly taken from that result. It was our first win in the league since October in a victory against Burnley - who were our next opponents, coincidentally. In-front of the Sky cameras on Super Sunday, we recorded another victory over Sean Dyche's men with Adrien Silva's double cancelling out Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson's equaliser in the first-half. The result against Leeds boosted morale and previously, I think the equaliser would have taken the wind out of our sails, but no such thing occurred in a tremendous victory.

Arsenal continue to look strong at the top of the Premier League after a perfect set of results in February. They gained further ground over Manchester City, who fell to a defeat at the hands of city-rivals Manchester United. With a game still in-hand over Zidane's side, City find themselves seven points behind the Gunners going into March.

Liverpool continue their bid to secure a top-four finish, at least, with an almost perfect run of form. A 2-1 loss at the Emirates did little to harm their league position with Spurs seven points behind after failing to secure a win in either of their last two league fixtures under former boss, Jürgen Klopp

A 4-2 loss against his former side and a 3-3 draw against Chelsea enabled Liverpool to gain a significant advantage over Spurs. Manchester United - who won the EFL Cup after a 1-0 victory over Newcastle United at Wembley - continue their bid to move above Spurs into fourth, despite a loss against Wolves at the start of February. Victories against Burnley and Manchester City mean they are just two points behind.

Chelsea are beginning to find their form under Luis Enrique after back-to-back victories against ourselves and Crystal Palace before their draw to Spurs. They sit three points ahead of West Ham in sixth with a game in-hand over the Hammers.

Towards the bottom, things continue to look incredibly bleak for Crystal Palace under Alan Pardew. The Eagles are yet to endure a "new manager bounce" under their former gaffer. Losses to West Ham, Liverpool, Chelsea and a draw to Wolves see them seven points from safety. Although, they do have a game in-hand over the sides around them.

Fulham and Cardiff City are also in the relegation zone with Fulham losing all four of their games in February, whilst Daniel Stendel's men secured a 1-0 win over the Cottagers to leave them a point behind West Bromwich Albion. The Baggies managed to secure three successive victories against Southampton, Watford and Cardiff to lift themselves out of the bottom three. Just four points separate eleventh from eighteenth.

In March, we are to face Manchester City twice. Initially in the Premier League to begin the month and then a week later in the FA Cup Quarter Finals. The clashes are to be separated with a home game to Southampton, however. A trip to Vicarage Road will conclude the month as we seek to strengthen our position in the table and further our advantage over the sides below us.


Jim: Hopefully the future is bright!

LFC: Laura is very important to Max and having her feeling better will certainly be a weight off his shoulders going forward. It's difficult to judge where she is completely, but it's clear to see she has certainly improved and having her family around her will go a long way into helping her recovery.

Justice: News to me... Oh well, we won a couple this time! ;)

Syb: Certainly. Happiness is something that money cannot buy.

Maguire: I think it's a statement that may people need to consider in today's society. Appreciate things while you can. :)
Terrible that from Lister! A well deserved banning.

The results and goals are on the up and I am sure it won't be long until Max has this team playing exactly how he wants them to. It is a big jump to move any further up the table but with some results going your way a top half finish is possible.
Fair to say that a certain man may have had too much to drink in this particular fixture, shame to see him banned from Elland Road from now.

With regards to Leicester, the turnaround is really taking hold now. You can only do so much this season but come the end of the season with a full summer to plan, I can see Kofler building a squad that Ranieri could be proud of!
Some people are a disgrace to football. Most recent example is Jack Lister. As Seb said, well deserved banning. As time goes by, your team is becoming better than the minute. I'm sure that after this season, there's a bright future for Leicester!

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