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Max Kofler: Die Revolution

Started on 7 June 2019 by ScottT
Latest Reply on 23 August 2019 by Jack
What a turnaround it has been, getting 10th is a fantastic achievement after the start Leicester had. Leicester fans must be optimistic for their future with Kofler as manager
10th place, can be quite pleased with that. Been a tough season, but you will certainly help the club grow next year, in your first full season at the club. Onwards and upwards.
10th is certainly both a foundation and baseline for season's to come! Now for that challenging but fun work winning the summer transfer window and preseason ;)
A good start to life at Leicester. Two points off 8th is a good achievement considering the position the club were in before Max joined. Now it is all about recruiting well and making up that much bigger gap into the European places.
A great turn in fortunes since your arrival, but as I said previously the real work begins now if you want to change the face of Leicester once again.
A solid foundation is now in place. Can't wait for the summer.

You may have noticed there hasn't been an update in the past few days which is perhaps unexpected of me. Usually, I aim to update on a daily-basis with a few short breaks thrown in from time-to-time when they are necessary. Essentially, this is a result of my time being very much strained as of late. I left the story and the save file at the exact same place and the idea was for me to write updates as I played out the summer window. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to process through the game as quickly as I would have liked as of result of my lack of time - which is also why my visits to the site has been limited over the past week.

Today, I eventually came to the end of the end of the window, but upon evaluation of numerous factors, I have made the decision to conclude the story here. I have enjoyed playing this save and have really enjoyed updating this story. I have found my rhythm again when it comes to story writing and I have learnt a lot and I will be putting all of this into practise during my FM20 story/save. However, time is likely to continue to limit my ability to update. I like to think that I put out (mostly) quality updates, which I something I cannot promise going forward. Therefore, I do not want to continue writing updates for the sake of doing so and not delivering something I am necessarily content with, especially with limited time between now and the end of the FM19 life-cycle.

Concluding my story here enables me the opportunity to continue focusing on what I have planned for FM20. I have been drafting ideas (already) ahead of the new game and will be aiming to deliver my very best next year when it comes to the level of writing. I am able to look back on this story with a relatively pleased attitude - there are elements to which I think I could have improved on, but elements that I am very pleased with. I think this is only natural, of course, but I will be looking to make suitable changes to my writing in order to really push it to the very next level and limit the apathy I perhaps have over certain aspects.

I strongly believe that FM Scout has witnessed a tremendous level of writing this year. I would go as far as saying the writing produced has been the very best thus far. Jack and Justice continue to set the bar with their outstanding writing ability, whereas tenthreeleader and rien102 have continued, and introduced, their own excellent standard with their more story-driven narrative, with full emphasis on the writing they produce. OohAhCantona, JT, TheLFCFan, Jim, ImThatSybGuy, ML Scouter, SonOfAnarchy and many more have all played a part in raising the standard here on the site. You should all give yourselves a pat on the back and I hope to see you all returning for the next instalment of FM. Without you and your stories, the site wouldn't thrive as much as it has this year.

FM20 promises to be an excellent year for the Stories section of the site if we are able to maintain the depth of stories we have this year. I think I have some way to go before I challenge what some of you have produced, both this year and in the past, but I cannot wait to delve into next year's game and look to vastly improve on what I have presented before on a personal level. Thank you for all your comments and support throughout this story, it has been greatly appreciated.

Keep the excellent stories going, I'll continue to read with interest!

Scott aka ScottT / Scoot

p.s. I know you love Chilwell, Justice, so I thought I would include a lovely picture of him and James Maddison x
Sad to see this come to an end mate, but been brilliant none the less. And can't wait to see if you do one for FM20.
Thanks a lot mate! Maybe we will see a return of Max in FM20, but whatever you decide I can't wait to see what you do next :)
Long Live Max!

An incredible bit of work mate, great to see you enjoying a save and story again and once again I have loved following it. Very excited to see what you have for us all in FM20. x
Fuming. :(

In all seriousness, it has been a pleasure to read. Your Wiener has certainly satisfied me.
Was a great read throughout, sad to see it end. I'm hopeful for another fantastic Scoot story for FM20
As most of the others have already said, gutted that your story ends here. A fantastic story/save written brilliantly and certainly got me back into playing FM again after a year or so not touching it.
Sad to see this come to an end given how recently you joined Leicester. Really have enjoyed this story and I have learned a lot about my own writing from reading your stuff. Onward to FM20!

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