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From French National to Ligue 1

Started on 13 June 2010 by macdab55
Latest Reply on 19 August 2010 by macdab55
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I started play as amateur manager and i manage AS Cannes. My aime is to promote them into Ligue 1.
About AS Cannes:
Nation: France
Year Founded: 1902
Status: Semi-Professional
Reputation: National
Firce Rivals: OGC Nice
Media Pretiction: 5th
Hyeres FC 1-2

US Luzenac 2-2
AS Beauvais Oise 1-2
AS Moulins 1-3
Rodez Aveyron-Football 0-4
EFC Frejus Saint-Raphael 1-0

So far i'm 17th out of 20 so its not so good but i hope as my players uesd to tactic they will win more matches
Evian TG FC 0-5
CS Louhas-Cuiseaux 2-5
Paris FC 1-1
SO Cassis-Carnoux 0-2
Amines SC Football 4-2

18th so bad place but i still hope that i will promote them
mate try to add screenshots and maybe insights towhats going thrugh your mind, in order for people to help or give opinions e.t.c
FC Rouen 0-1
Use Creteil-Lusitanos 0-1

Stade Plabennecois 1-1
Stade de Reims 0-3
FC Gueugnon 1-1
Aviron Bayonnais 0-1

Parcy Football 1-3

After match Parcy i've been sucked. Iam mad at myself because i had so poor results and i dont know if its my players or my tactics. Now i think its going to be hard to me to find a job but i won't give up.
I would add screenshots but i dont know how to do them.
New season i accepted offer from CS Louhas-Cuiseaux. I statred in CFA-A(fourth league) i haven't played any games yet. Maybe they are not the best team but my target is to be in top half of the table this season or even if is going to be good season to promote them. My tactic is 4-2-3-1 downloaded from and i hope this tactic will help me win games. But you never know

About CS Louhas-Cuiseaux:
Nation: France
Year Foundad: 1970
Status: Professional
Media Pretiction: 8th
August Results:
FC Dieppe 3-0
AJ Auxerre II 0-3
CS Avion 3-0
AS Cherbourg Football 1-0

After 4 games iam 2nd with 13 points( 4 points for win, 2 for draw and 1 for losing) At the moment i am happy for my team postion and play because its one of my best starts in the game. I am more confident playing this time because i know more about french lower leagues and team playes very well so far and you can tell this by results above. I will be very happy if my team will play this good for the rest of the season. I am also happy with transfers to my team:
Piotr Świerczowski 0 from ŁKS Łódz
Jean-Christophe Devaux 0 from Chamois Niortais
Radosław Kałużny o from Chrobry
Mateusz Szczepaniak loan from Auxerre
Mathieu Czupryna 60k from Polonia Warsaw

Transfers Out:
Diene Faye free agent
Gauthier Diafutua AC Aries Avignon 60k
Moukaila Goga free agent
Hicham Elouaari free agent

So in my opinion thats good transfers and cheap. I hope they will play good and wont get injuried a lot.
RC Lens II 0-3
Calais RUFC 1-0
LOSC Lille Metropole II 2-1

Maybe it didnt go without losing match but i am sitll happy that i won other two especially comeback with Lille. Everyone is losing sometimes so i dont worrie about it losing to Lens. Maybe i will learn from this loss.
9 points out of 12 is very good and im sure that it would make everyone very happy no-matter what league they play and especially when they play lower teams. So im third and 2 points behind first so ive got chances to get the promotem.
I have offert from Paris FC there play on National league but i rejected it coz i wanna finish season with CS Louhas-Cuiseaux. After the season then maybe i would think about moving teams but chances are pretty slim.
Table: Schedule:
October League Results:
SR Colmar 2-4
US Gravelines 1-2
Besancon RC 1-4

Havre AC II 0-0

My team went off form this month but every team has its good month and slight worse. I am not worrie about it its still left 23 games so still lots of points to get. I am not happy with this resuls but what can i do? Everyone wins and loses so i just hope next games will be better. But i gotta say that i am happy that no-one from my team is injuried just in match against US Gravelines Piotr Åšwierczowski got too many yellow cards and didnt play agianst Besancon RC.
I am looking forward to the rest of the season and i am happy with my team so far.
November League Results:
FC Lorient II 2-2
AC Ajaccio II 0-0
FC Gueguom 1-1

French Cup:
Siante-Genevieve Sports 0-1

I strated to feel annoid that i cant win match i maean that i started seasob very well and now i draw or lose games am my team have crises or somthing? I am happy that i am not losing every game like i lost nerly evry game when i as manager of AS Cannes but you know how many lost games can you take. And it makes me angry that i lost in french cup.
Now i think about buying new striker because i think my strikers dont score enought goals.
December League Results:
Es Wasquehal 0-1
Stade Malherbe Caen II 0-2

January League Results:
AJ Auxere II 0-3
Olympique Noisy-le-Sec 4-1

Finally my team won a game. I ma happy about it but still other games team has lost so even with this win i am not enterly happy. I hope that i will win more games in the rest of the season.
February League Resulsts:
FC Dieppe 3-0
CS Avion 4-0

AS Cherbourg Football 0-2
RC Lens II 1-1

So this month i think my team did very well so i am pleased with that. I hope that for the rest of the season my team will play well and have some wins because maybe i have little chances to promote them i still want to do good and to be at least in top half of the table. I bought new striker Nenad Jestrovic from free transfer and attacking medfilder Nikao from Brasa for 60k. So far Nenad Jestrovic scored 5 goals in 5 games which is very good and Nikao has 3 asist in 2 games and he is currently injuried for 3 weeks.
March League Results:
Calais RUFC 0-4
LOSC Lille Metropole II 1-1
Besancon RC 0-2

Again in this month my team went off form but again i am not deciding how players play in every match. I just hope that with this results i gonna stay up and team wont suck me like they did in AS Cannes but you know i had better results with CS Louhas-Cuiseaux than with AS Cannes. I made more transfers to CS Louhas-Cuiseaux and i change my tactic from 4 defenders, 2 center midfilders, 2 wingers and 2 strikers to 4 defenders 2 defendng midfilders 3 attacking midfilders and 1 striker adn i think that help a lot to my team. And i also think this tactic help me with better results. Maybe i am not playing the best team in the world but this still dosn't make me want to promote them to Ligue 1. So for the rest of the season i gonna try to stay in CFA-A and them maybe try to buy new better players and next season try to do better and mybe to promote them back to National so for now i goona try my best.
14014-marzec resultaty.jpg
javascript:addthumb('14014-marzec tabela.jpg','newpost','newmsg')
14014-marzec tabela.jpg
April League Results:
SR Colmar 0-2
US Gravilnes 5-1
Havre AC II 0-2
FC Lorient II 1-1

This month was better than last one so it make me happy. But i still annoid that i am losing so many games and that i am under pressure. So far i am happy with Nenad Jestrovic he is my top goalsccorer in the league with 10 goals in 13 games but he is out for the of tes season ( 7 week injurie 5 games left). And i dont have good replecment for him so that sucks. But somehow i need to play to the rest of the season and i cant wait till its ends because new players are coming to me.
Piotr Kuklis from Widzew Łódz for free (attacking medfilder)
Radosław Matusiak from Cracovia for free(striker) and
Marcin Sobczak from Ruch Chorzów for 14k (striker)

May league rsults:
AC Ajaccio II 1-2
ES Wasquehal 0-2
Stade Malherbe Caen II 2-3
FC Gueugnon 0-2

Olympique Noisy-le-Sec 1-1

So its the end of the season and i finished with a draw. Its quite good. I finished 15th and i porud of it. Maybe its not the best position but someone must be at this place. For first seson with them it is quite good place i think especially when i managed them. Next season i hope that i will be in top half of the table or at least somewhere in the middle so somthing like 9th or 10th but you never know and i might be in the same position as i am right now or i could be promote but i dont think that will happen.
So i hope just for the best for my team.

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