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From French National to Ligue 1

Started on 13 June 2010 by macdab55
Latest Reply on 19 August 2010 by macdab55
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January League Results:
EFC Frejus Saint-Raphael 6-5
Aviron Bayonnais 3-0

2 games won out of 2 thats brilliant and what is even better i have the same amount of points as AS Cannes which is 3rd but next game is against them so i need to win or atleast to draw but last what i want is to lose because again i will have gap between me and them so i dont want that.

Match against Frejus was with lots of chances thats why score was so big and i very proud that i won but i think that was lucky because they had red card and i only won by 1 goal so. I was very pleased with Marcin Sobczak performance because he scored 4 goals against them so that good and thanks to that he had 10 goals in 18 games and he is my top goalscorer in the leage and ever.

Winning with Aviron made me happy because i won by 3 goals and my team played very well. My team determinate in this game they had lots of chances and Aviron had few but they didint take it. Goalscorers in this game were Mateusz Szczepaniak 2 goals and Marcin Sobczak 1 goal.

14014-january league taable 2014.jpg

14014-january schedule 2014.jpg
Feburay League Results:
AS Cannes 3-2

AC Ajaccio 1-1

I couldnt be prouder from the month. I have moved up into 3rd place by winning with AS Cannes and 3rd place gives you promotion so if my team keep up playing like they were playing untill now i think they will have very good chances to get promoted. I am 2 points ahaead of 4th place and 9 games are left in the season so i have my hopes up.

Winning over AS Cannes made me really happy because this win move me into 3rd spot which gove promotion and i am onse step closer to the my target which is to get them promoted.

Winning over ESTAC made me really happy because thery were one of the teams that could give me trablle. They are good team and they were behind me by 1 point so my team moved to 4 points ahead of them.

Draw with AC Ajaccio what can i do? I mean my team were leading most of the game since 9th minute untill 68th minute but they have draw so its better than losing and i think both sides could win that so i happy with a draw.

14014-febuary table 2014.jpg

14014-febuary schedule 2014.jpg
March League Results:
AC Arles Avignon 2-0
Stade Malherbe Caen 1-1
FC Mulhouse 1-0

Good month 7 points out of 9 and what is more important i have won with Arles that was second when i was thrd and i have draw with Stade Malherbe which is at the top of the table so thats good results.

Winning with Arles made me really happy because technically i think they are better team but somehow i won with them so thats show that in football everything is possible and my prediction media was to be 14th and i am in top 3 so that shows that you could get promoted no matter what is your media prediction.

Drawing with Stade made me happy maybe its not a win but still. Stade is at the top of the table so thats achivment and i am also happy because Stade attacked nearly whole game so i am quite lucky to get away with a draw.

Winning with FC Mulhouse i think was deserved because i had more chances than them and i am happy that goalscorer was Marcin Sobczak which so far has scored 14 goals in 23. I hope he will win top goalscorer of the league but chances are very slim because there are lots of good players.

Radosław Matusiak is out for 2-3 months
Bastien Flandrois is out for 3-4 weeks
Julien Robinet is out for 5-6 weeks

14014-march table 2014.jpg

14014-march schedule 2014.jpg
April League Tables:
Chamois Niortais 2-1
SO Romorantin

Racing CF Levollais 92 0-0

Good month and again 7 points out of 9. I am pleasead with this month mostly because i am 2nd and only 3 games left and i am 6 points ahead of 4th place so i will not lose two last games and i will get promoted which i want and its one step closer to get promoted to Ligue 1 which i want since i started this game.

Win against Chamois made me happy mostly because its a win and my team played very well , had lots of chances and didnt let opponents to get shots on goal but they scored 1 but it dosnt matter because my team have won.

Winning over SO Romorantin amde me feel proud of my team because they have won 3rd game in the raw maybe its not the record but still hard to get and it feels good and teams in this week drop points so it made me take advantage and to have more points ahead of them.

Draw with Racing was lucky for them because my team had lots of chances but in second half Jeremy Maupeu was sent off for second yellow so i think thats the reason that i have draw but other reason maybe that my team didnt finish the chances they got.

14014-april schedule 2014.jpg

14014-april table 2014.jpg
May League Results:
Stade Lavallois 2-0
US Lunzac 1-1
Hyeres FC 0-2

Not a good month because only 4 points but that was enought to secure place in top 3 and get promoted into Ligue 2 so i am happy about it. I think its hard to get two promotions in 2 season so thats why i am very pleased with it

Table at the end of the season:
14014-may table 2014.jpg

14014-may schedule 2014.jpg

Summary of the season:
I finisehd 3rd so it gives me promotion to the Ligue 2 so i am very plesead with that and i hope that i wont get relogated back to the National next season. I think i would need good transfers especially to the attacking centre midfilder because Omar Bajliac was on loan from Grenoble Foot 38 and he played most of the season.
I think i would sell Radosław Matusiak because he gets injured a lot and dosnt score enough goals so far he played 26 games and scored only 6 goals which i think is really bad for striker. Another player which i want to sell is Bastien Flandrois because he dont play and he is unhappy because of it.

Top goalscorer for me was again Marcin Sobczak with 15 goals in 28 games so i think is really good and so far in 3 seasons he played 81 games and scored 48 goals which ade him the best goalscorer for CS Louhans Cuiseaux and he was second as in French National Best Player so thats good too.

Player with most assist this season was Jacques Fey with 6 asists which i think is quite poor results because my team has scored 57 goals so thats why i think that.

I wont be playing Football Manager untill 19th August because i am going on holiday and i dont have computer there so i wont be writing a story untill then but when i come back i will still write a story.
Great going mate! I like how you keep the updates coming, thumbs up :clap
Thanks mate today i come back from holiday and i just started to continue to play and i hope i will have similar results as i had before
August Results:
CS Sedan Ardennes 0-2
OGC Nice 0-0
FC Istres CP 2-0
SC Bastia 0-1
Stade Melharbe Caen 0-1

Coupe de la Ligue:
Amines SC Football 1-0
FC Istres CP 1-2

Not good start of the new season but so far i have seen from the teams in Ligue 2 this season it should be hard but as in every ligue as you get promoted into higher leagues than it should be harder for you well maybe not for every team but for me it is quite hard to play in Ligue 2 so far and it is challenge for which i like to do.
So far i am very pleased that my were able to win at least 1 game and draw and i think it quite good for the first month in this league but i want my team to win more matches because my aim is to be around in the middle and my team is currently at 16th spot which in my opinion is still good but i think i should stick to my aim and try to be in that spot but evan if i will not achive it that i can say that at least i tried my best and in my opinion is still success that i was able to promoted them into Ligue 2 but still i didnt achive my aim which is to promote team into Ligue 1 but i did very good in 4 season i promote team from CFA into Ligue 2 which in my opinion is still very hard to do and for this time i started to enjoy playing at the lower leagues because you have smaller budgets and less players want to come to you and i think in this stage you need to know good cheap players and have knowledge about football and somehow started to like team that i am currently playing which is CS Louhans-Cuiseaux.

14014-table august 2014.jpg

14014-schedule august 2014.jpg

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