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Return To Glory : Manchester United

Manchester United's Return To Glory
Started on 20 November 2019 by OohAhCantona
Latest Reply on 16 September 2020 by Lankyman22
Incredible business there, particularly to get Camavinga in. It looks like you really are building for the future.
I think Mata has overstayed his welcome at Old Trafford. Some interesting names brought in that won't be very familiar with the English support!
2020-01-02 23:27#264647 Jack : I think Mata has overstayed his welcome at Old Trafford. Some interesting names brought in that won't be very familiar with the English support!

I know, but I have 1000 scouts and when I sent them out hunting for CB options Armel Bella-Kotchap came back highly recommended and he's young. The price was right as well, too bad my *expletive* Loan Manager *expletive* loaned him out before he could even pull on a United jersey. I'll find out if he's any good next season. <Insert Loan Manager Rant>
OohAhCantona's avatar Group OohAhCantona
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December finished with a decent run of games, a 1-0 win at Wolves would be followed by a 3-0 win against Watford at Old Trafford. A sad 0-0 draw at Newcastle would finish the year off on a bit of a sour note, but three games without allowing a goal would still be good news. The new year would open with an FA Cup match at home, but the game would be quickly overshadowed by fan protests.

Months of wild speculation seem to be approaching a resolution as a Saudi takeover appears to be taking shape. Mohammad bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, was strongly linked with a bid for the team in 2018 prior to the brutal murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the hands of Saudi agents. Despite lodging a number of bids believed to be in the range of £3B, the Glazers were reluctant to sell and the international outrage surrounding the murder pushed them further away from a deal. Avram Glazer was scheduled to attend the Future Investment Initiative conference in Riyad, but the Glazers quickly distanced themselves from bin Salman along with a number of high profile businesses and government agencies.

Apparently all it took was a year for everyone to forget why they stayed away in the first place as the Glazer family attended the 2019 conference in late October. Both parties denied any progress with the Glazers firmly stating they were not interested in selling at this time, but that did nothing to stop the explosion of rumors. The past three months have been filled with a cacophony of chatter on the subject ranging from no sale to a £7B swoop by bin Salman.

The first home game of 2020 became a perfect opportunity for United fans to make it clear how they felt with wide spread gameday protests. Fans crowded the grounds of Old Trafford with grievances ranging from human rights violations to the Khashoggi murder, and to top it off the Glazers were getting their fair share of animosity. The decline of the club has done little to mask contempt surrounding their takeover and the debt loaded on the club. Whether the club is sold or not, neither party has released any real information, it seems like a lose-lose scenario for some of the fans. The numbers being tossed about would make Manchester United the most valuable club in the world, just barely passing the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys.

Emirates FA Cup (H) : Manchester United 3 - Oldham 1

The protests outside, and at times inside, would prove a bigger hurdle than Oldham. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer would make use of his 2nd squad, Oldham are a League Two side after being relegated last year so in theory this shouldn’t have been an issue. There would be some non-protest excitement as Eduardo Camavinga suited up for his first game as a Manchester United player, the ‘Next Pogba’ would get the benefit of a low pressure debut.

Phile Jones, as he is wont to do, made the game more interesting just 3’ into the game. A cross into the box ended with Désiré Segbé Azankpo flattened near the penalty spot and an incredulous looking Jones as the ref looked ready to book him. Filipe Morais would knock the penalty in and Oldham had a 1-0 that would leave Solskjaer with a stern look on his face. That look would not go away until the second half as he watched his team run circles around Oldham but fail to do anything with it. It didn’t help that Manchester United had a penalty called in their favor, Alex Iacovitti and Tomas Egert came together to make a Tahith Chong sandwich almost right at the left goalpost, but Daniel James had his kick blocked by Gary Woods. Iacovitti earned a booking and James earned some whistles, but United’s problems extended beyond that.

It didn’t take long after the half for United to turn things around, Ashley Young would thread the needle on a nice through ball to Mason Greenwood at 47’ to pull even 1-1. Oldham had managed a rough possession split with United in the first half, but that quickly crumbled after Greenwood’s goal. United came alive and really poured it on, Camavinga showed his quality by racking up (8) key passes and an assist as Chong put United ahead 2-1 at 57’. Oldham were already mentally and physically defeated at that point and Chong’s second just before stoppage time wasn’t a surprise. The (eventually) easy win would allow United to advance to Round 4 for a date with Reading.

Carabao Cup (A) : Watford 0(0) - Manchester United 3(3)

A trip to the Carabao Cup final would be enough motivation for Solskjaer to start the 1st team for this game. Manchester United do not look like they can challenge for the league this year, though finishing in Champions League qualification is important, so Solskjaer looks to be setting up the 2nd squad for their next game against Norwich who are currently one of the worst teams in the league.

Right away United’s primary defensive issue reared its ugly head when Watford were given a solid shot on goal in the first 1’ off Route One football. David De Gea had some choice words for Maguire and Victor Lindelöf, Watford would be trying that again and United couldn’t afford to leave them an opening. Luckily for Solskjaer one of United’s all-time scoring leaders came back to help the team win, after a solid showing at the 2018 World Cup Own Goal would step in at 12’ to give United a lead they wouldn’t surrender. Aaron Wan-Bissake would send a cross in near the penalty spot to hit Anthony Martial who would collide into César Montes, Craig Dawson, and Ben Foster as the ball arrived. It could have been any of the four, but Montes was the last one to touch it as it bounded off his thigh and trickled into the goal. Things got really weird as Own Goal made it a double, Bruno Fernandes put a free kick into the box that was headed wide of the opposite post. Maguire rushed in to catch it at the post, but José Holebas blocked him off only to have the ball land on his foot and head toward the net. Holebas tried to get it back as Foster held his hands up to indicate he wasn’t going to touch it, the rebound caught everyone off guard and United were up 2-0.

Watford definitely got the memo about Route One, despite being dominated 66-34 in possession they were a frightening 5:5 with shots and shots on target. On the other sides, outside of Own Goal, United had (6) shots and only one of them troubled Foster. Whatever Solskjaer said at the break, maybe it was a rousing speech by Own Goal, it worked really well in terms of taking control of the game. The game was very one-sided up until Luke Shaw made it 3-0 at 72’, and it never got better for Watford who looked defeated and ready to walk off the pitch. The win would be good, but Maguire and Shaw would miss the second leg through yellow cards collected. The road goals would also put Watford in a serious bind, even when United loses they tend to keep the score very low.

Premier League (H) : Manchester United 0 - Norwich 1

The win against Watford, Paul Pogba and Maguire out on suspensions, and the incredible return of Own Goal must have made United overconfident as they looked to an FA Cup game and the second leg of their Carabao Cup semi-final. This game might be in the Hall of Fame for Wasted Opportunities.

Norwich would come in to this game 16th in the league, likely headed for relegation, but they didn’t get the memo on laying down. The first half was a blizzard of shots, through balls releasing players on goal, and Ralf Fährmann having the game of his life in goal. Solskjaer couldn’t buy a goal as everyone looked incompetent around the net. Surviving the onslaught and going into the locker room 0-0 emboldened Norwich, and they came out swinging in the second half. They tightened up their passing and managed a near 50-50 split in possession, and at 55’ they got exactly what they needed. Jamal Lewis would boot the ball into United’s third and find Emi Buendía running free behind the back line, and he made it count beating De Gea one-on-one just tucking it inside the far post.

Solskjaer’s 1000 mile stare made a return as he had to watch Norwich hold a 1-0 lead at Old Trafford. Despite logging almost (30) shots and (12) of them getting to Fährmann they couldn’t get a single goal as Norwich registered a solid upset. United also managed to waste (18) key passes and (10) chances created on their way to this turd of a result. This wasn’t what the team needed heading into two cup games, hopefully Reading didn’t catch this game. Something needs to be done about the defensive frailty shown by the back line.

Cup victories can’t paper over the disappointment of this loss.

Emirates FA Cup (A) : Reading 0 - Manchester United 4

Reading were feeling good about this game two weeks ago, the loss to Norwich seemed to deal a blow to United’s psyche and their weakness to Route One was more than obvious. Things are different now, United went on a solid three game run that saw them shut out every opponent while doing enough to win themselves. Beating Leicester 1-0, Brighton Hove & Albion 2-0, and Watford 1-0 with great ease seems to have put Solskjaer’s team back on track.

“I think we are in a much better place,” said Solskjaer responding to a question about morale. “We have been able to focus lately, and the team looks ready to win.”

The 2nd squad would play today, the second leg of the Carabao Cup semi-final would be in a few days and the 1st squad would be used to finish what they started. Reading definitely did their best to follow the blueprint set forward by Norwich, piling up a number of shots and holding a decent amount of the ball, but United turned clinical and got it done. Shaw would be first to score at 30’ followed by Mason Greenwood at 38’. By the second half Reading resorted to tactical fouling, piling up (22) fouls, but United managed to add (2) more goals late to seas this one.

The biggest concern coming out of this game was Chong injuring his knee, though taking him out led to Antonio Marin scoring. United would draw Blackburn Rovers for the next round, another opponent they should be able to beat with ease. Though that’s what everyone said about Norwich.

Carabao Cup (H) : Manchester United 2(5) - Watford 0(0)

The 3-0 lead United enjoyed after the first leg put a ton of pressure on Watford and made this relatively easy for Solskjaer to manage. Scott McTominay started his PoM campaign, and basically clinched a ticket to the final, when he would score a cracking goal just 2’ into the game. Wan-Bissaka would pick him out from the end line as he came into the box and McTominay would blast the ball into the far side of the net. Needing to win this game 4-1 at this point was too much and Watford basically folded after Marcus Rashford scored at 36’.

Most of Watford’s shots came early in the game as they came out swinging, but nothing landed and United easily parried their attacks. Once the hole they were in grew too big the visitors shut down and Solskjaer was happy to control this game all the way to the finish. Wolves would enjoy a similar kind of matchup with Chelsea, winning 2-1 today after taking a 3-0 lead at Stamford Bridge in the first leg, and would be United’s date in the final at Wembley.

Solskjaer will have his hands full against Wolves.
It's never boring, is it! A disappointing defeat to Norwich sums up the inconsistency of the side. At least victories in the cup(s) have brought joy to the month, although briefly trailing to Oldham must have left Ole panicking a little! Hopefully success can be achieved against Wolves at Wembley.
That Norwich loss has got to hurt.. !


Premier League (A) : Manchester City 0 - Manchester United 0

The reward for getting through January mostly in one piece was facing back-to-back rivalry games with a trip across town in the Manchester Derby first up. Pep Guardiola would be in the hunt for the league, still well back of Arsenal, and win over United was more important for the points than it was for bragging rights. The way things were shaking out, thanks to a fixture crunch, Solskjaer clearly prioritized the next game against Liverpool over this fixture. Beating City wouldn’t move them up the table, but beating Liverpool would do more to keep them in Champions League qualification.

“We are trying to win the league,” replied Guardiola when asked about the Derby spirit “I want to beat United, beat our rivals, but I have to focus on the league.”

The second squad did an incredible job in what would turn out to be a rather dull game. Guardiola wasn’t lying, City came out firing on all cylinders and did just about everything they needed to do to win aside from score. Perhaps the rain managed to slow them down, whatever it was the 0-0 draw left Pep fuming and Solskjaer smiling. David De Gea had the kind of day United fans have come to expect, (10) saves and a 7.9 rating while guiding a defense that fouled their way through a tough game.

Pep was not singing in the rain.

Premier League (A) : Liverpool 1 - Manchester United 3

Anfield would be the setting for a game with so much on the line, but United would enjoy a slight advantage due to a little less pressure on the players and manager. Having won the previous fixture at Old Trafford 3-0 also came with some confidence, but that win was against a team struggling through a rough start to the season. Since that win Liverpool has been ripping through opponents and now sits (4) points back of United in 5th. The way they have been playing a loss today might end up costing United a Champions League slot.

Marcus Rashford became the focal point of media coverage as he had missed some training earlier in the week due to a severe cold, but Solskjaer insisted he would be available for today if he was ready to play. For the most part the game started as expected, but United managed to get the better of Liverpool in terms of possession. Despite that advantage, Liverpool looked rather threatening and put the back line to the test at the expense of Harry Maguire on a number of instances. Roberto Firmino was having his way with Maguire, leaving him in the dust at 29’ on a through ball from Adam Lallana and scoring for a 1-0 lead. The roar of the crowd was quickly tempered by the “VAR” that popped up on the scoreboard, a review showed Firmino was so far from Maguire for a good reason and the game went back to 0-0. Clearly shaken by the near-goal, Maguire continued being a bit of a liability against Liverpool’s quick forward. At 31’ a rough tackle in the box on Sadio Mané by Maguire gave Liverpool a penalty, and Firmino had his chance to get the disallowed goal back. He would need to wait a little longer as De Gea blocked the attempt, sprouting an impressive scowl on Jürgen Klopp’s face.

The story of the first half, and most of the second half, would be good (or great) players having the worst day of their lives. Mohamed Salah, a terrifying presence on the wing was reduced to a non-factor in this game thanks to the efforts of Jorge and Anthony Martial. United’s players were instructed to play Salah to his weaker foot, and it had a devastating effect on his day as he posted a 5.9 rating and didn’t contribute anything to the attack. Getting the ball to him was akin to turning it over, which turned out the be the same thing for Aaaron Wan-Bissaka. Wan-Bissaka’s runs down the sideline turned into great passes to Liverpool players when he met resistance, often turning and booting the ball to nobody with back passes from hell. It took 64’ for someone, Firmino, to score and keep it on the scoreboard. Firmino managed to make it to the near post, beating his marker, and head a low corner in between De Gea and the post. Anfield came alive, the 1-0 lead seemed like 10-0, and now the pressure was on United.

As the game dragged on Liverpool seemed to be a little complacent, United finally got a solid opening and evened things up on a Rashford goal that seemed to rekindle that old United magic of the Ferguson Era. A throw in at 78’ near the end line to Bruno Fernandes allowed him to turn to the end line and send a cross into the box, Martial headed it down back across the goal area to Jesse Lingard who quickly tried a shot that drew Alisson out of the goal. The shot, taken hastily and off balance, managed to hit Rashford who was quick enough to put his foot on it and send it into the back of the net. The ball bounced around the box so quickly most players in the vicinity couldn’t locate the ball, the fact that it managed to hit three United players in a row was a small miracle. Something about that goal undid Liverpool, and it seemed like all the momentum was in United’s favor. That feeling was confirmed at 81’ when Maguire made up for his earlier faults by heading in a corner and putting United up 2-1. The final nail in their coffin came just as stoppage time started with yet another unbelievable goal. Paul Pogba would serve up a shot from just outside the box, sending Alisson diving to his left to stop it, but the ball would catch Virgil van Dijk a few steps from the penalty spot as he turned to avoid being hit in the face. The rebound would bounce right to a waiting Rashford who easily put it in the near empty net.

A game that looked like a lost cause had turned into a six-pointer in United’s favor, the draw with City seemed like an even bigger deal now. Solskjaer had managed to slip out of these two games looking like a genius.

Europa League (A) : Trabzonspor 0 - Manchester United 2

Most teams would not be all that interested in a trip to Turkey, but after the previous game Solskjaer might need to get out of England. The high of beating Liverpool again quickly, if not aggressively, evaporated in a 5-2 win over Crystal Palace that could not have been more upsetting. Yes, they won by quite a bit, but some of the form on display was frightening as Phil Jones may have punched his ticket out of Manchester. Jones came on for Lindelöf at 74’ and got booked almost immediately for a flailing tackle that sent Jordan Ayew flying. If that wasn’t bad enough, just two minutes later he followed it up with a hospital ball back pass to De Gea with Ayew standing right next to him. De Gea was trapped in No Man’s Land and Ayew had an easy time putting it in goal. The stupidity on display made a lot of people forget United were tied for 2nd on points with Manchester City now, (4) back of Arsenal in 1st.

No caption needed.

Trabzonspor were definitely the remedy for the Crystal Palace game as they practically rolled over for United and spent most of the game just trying to mitigate the mess so the second leg wouldn’t be as difficult. United enjoyed 68% possession, which was perfectly fine for the hosts as long as the game was 0-0, but a Rashford penalty at 61’ gave United the all important away goal they needed. Maguire headed in a corner at 71’ and Solskjaer could relax a bit, for the most part United haven’t allowed many goals so a 2-0 lead at home seemed like a sure bet. The most important thing that happened today would be Anthony Martial hobbling off the field at 90’ with a hamstring injury that would rule him out for (2) weeks. That 2-0 looked like a thinner lead without Martial who has been quietly excellent all year.

Europa League (H) : Manchester United 1(3) - Trabzonspor 0(0)

Solskjaer may have invented a new type of Yo-Yo team, big wins followed by disappointing performances have become the norm over the course of this month. The easy win at Trabzonspor opened the door for a complacent performance by the second squad against Wolves. A sad 0-0 draw would be highlighted by an injury to Diogo Dalot, they certainly couldn’t get anything done on the attack and Wolves were more than happy to frustrate their Carabao Cup final opponents.

Up 2-0 already and trusting their ability to contain Trabzonspor Solskjaer would give his second squad another shot to impress him. Solskjaer was rolling the dice here a bit, resting the first squad for the Carabao cup final and trusting a group that just played to a scoreless draw. In this instance though, a scoreless draw would do the trick.

Despite dominating on paper, the second squad didn’t do a whole lot to impress today. Tahith Chong would score at 25’ and that would be enough to put the visitors out of the competition. Fred, improbably, had a great day and started to look like the player United hoped he would be when they bought him for £41M. The next round would see United face Dutch side Feyenoord, a fixture they would be heavy favorites in.
Glad to see Liverpool put in their place!
A great set of results. The victory against Liverpool stands out, especially due to the nature in how the points were won. Europa League progression continues and another feasible task awaits in the next round.
Excellent set of results in what was a tough month for you.
An absolutely massive win against Liverpool!


Carabao Cup (N) : Manchester United 3 - Wolves 0

Nuno Espírito Santo found himself in a bad position coming into this game, and he knew it. Rich vs. Poor (relatively) was on display as Santo had to play a side that had played just two days earlier in a tough 2-2 draw against Aston Villa. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was able to field a well rested first team after using his second squad in the previous game, everyone knew fitness would be an issue for Wolves.

“I am not happy, about the schedule, it is too close!” said Santo, quite willing to point out the hectic schedule forced on both teams. “Only two days! Then, after this we have another game in two days!”

United would also have a game in a few days, the next round of the Emirates FA Cup, but Solskjaer had the luxury of either playing his second squad or using the first on short rest. Either way, everyone had to focus on the game at hand even if they were tired. A game in Wembley, even the Carabao Cup, was a solid draw for fans despite the fixture crunch. Unfortunately for Wolves fans, there wasn’t a Whole Lotta Love after Scott McTominay scored a killer goal at 10’, even Robert Plant had a sour look on his face after that one. McTominay would be able to collect a poorly headed corner from Leander Dendoncker and take an uncontested shot from just inside the box that caught Rui Patrício looking.

United didn’t look particularly troubled by the tired Wolves players, things got even easier at 24’ when Jorge made it 2-0 on his way to a solid 8.6 rating (having assisted on McTominay’s goal) and a PoM award. Morgan Gibbs-White would seal Santo’s doom at 74’ when he gave Paul Pogba a bit of a shove in the box on a free kick, earning himself his second yellow and putting Marcus Rashford on the penalty spot. Rashford was lucky United were already up because his shot hit the post and glanced wide, not the kind of moment you dream of in a cup final.

The win would be United’s 6th straight Carabao Cup game without allowing a goal, if only they could be that consistent in the league. While Solskjaer downplayed the importance of the win, pushing the team to keep working toward more trophies, a trophy is still a trophy.

Hopefully not the last trophy United will see this season.

Emirates FA Cup (H) : Manchester United 2 - Blackburn Rovers 0

Now it was Solskjaer’s turn to gamble with fitness as a tired first team, who reportedly spent their time on the way back to Manchester as sober as possible, faced a hungry Blackburn Rovers. Anthony Martial would miss the game with a bout of flu, Daniel James started in his place, but missing him shouldn’t have altered things too much.

The gamble didn’t pay off, Jorge didn’t even last until 4’ when he started limping and made his way to the sidelines and then down the tunnel. A tight groin would put Ashley Young on the field and a grimace on Solskjaer’s face. James wouldn’t take too long to capitalize on Martial’s absence when he scored at 20’, a long free kick into the box from Bruno Fernandes would find Victor Lindelöf’s head for a solid shot at goal. The ball would fall just wide but James was there to tap the ball in between a defender and the post. Diego Capel would make things worse at 30’ by kicking James as he made a run into the box, things seemed tense when it seemed like he might see red but instead just got booked and gave United a penalty to make it 2-0. Unfortunately, Marcus Rashford made it two attempts in a row that failed to find the back of the net. At least this time Christian Walton guessed correctly and got a hand on it.

Not long after the half Bruno Fernandes registered a Goal Of The Month entry with a killer free kick that curled around the wall and tucked into the upper right corner just over Walton’s hand. Now with a solid 2-0 lead and Blackburn presenting little resistance, the game moved on almost completely in United’s favor. Pogba would walk off under his own power with a knee injury, Blackburn was rather physical with him all game, and Ethan Galbraith came on for him. After all the brow beating and teeth gnashing United had the ball a whopping 75% of the game and allowed little room for Blackburn to score. The easy win earned United a matchup with Middlesbrough in the next round as Solskjaer’s thoughts turned to Spurs.

Premier League (H) : Manchester United 2 - Tottenham 0

With the league increasingly out of reach, thanks to Unai Emery’s miracle season at Arsenal, the focus has shifted to the competitions United can win; Emirates FA Cup & Europa League. The month of March pit Solskjaer against a brutal stretch of fixtures that forced him to align his squad rotation so the first squad would be fresh for Europe. Today’s game would be the first sacrifice in United’s quest for continental glory and the second squad would have a chance to face one of the league’s better teams. Pogba, out with a knee injury after the Blackburn game would also get some extra time to prepare for Feyenoord.

“It’s unfortunate, with so many games, we need to rotate. We have to.” replied Solskjaer when pressed on his squad selection, one reporter even suggested he was fielding a weakened side.

Perhaps it was the Old Trafford atmosphere, but Spurs were not on their game at all today. Nemanja Matic and Andreas Periera at them alive, piling up (9) key passes between them which was more than the whole Spurs team combined. Both of them would provide the assists on their way to dismantling Mauricio Pochettino’s side. Tahith Chong would break the game open at 24’ on a goal Danny Rose would like to forget. Periera received the ball wide at midfield after United’s press won the ball and made a simple pass to Chong not far from the right corner of the box. He made a move as if to blow by Rose on the outside and crossed him up by cutting back inside, sending Rose spinning and stumbling long enough for Chong to get closer and hammer a shot up high almost right at Hugo Lloris’ face that went between him and the post into the top netting. The nail in Spurs coffin came at 54’ when Periera calmly took a laser shot from the top of the box that found the side netting and game him the cherry on top of his PoM performance.

This turned out to be an all around great game from United, a true testament to Solskjaer’s growth as a manager. The win also clinched Europa League qualification for next year, a nice thing to have in hand as they struggle to hold on to their Champions League slot. It also continued United’s shutout streak, their sixth straight game preventing a goal was part of a (14) game run in which they have only allowed (3) goals since losing to Norwich.

Europa League (H) : Manchester United 3 - Feyenoord 0

Everyone could breathe easy, Pogba recovered and was ready for this game. While United were heavy favorites Solskjaer wasn’t going to take any risks with this. This squad needs to be prepared for the pressure of Europe, if they advance from this round they will face the winner of the Torino-Atlético Madrid match up in the Quarter Final and both of them will be tough. With the Champions League group stages over the Europa is getting populated with much harder teams like Atlético Madrid, Lazio, and EPL leader Arsenal. At least the United U-18 team was getting one over on Arsenal, winning the U-18 Premier League with a 2-0 win over Arsenal’s U-18 side.

Nobody escaped this game without egg on their face, Feyenoord were first when Renato Tapia scored an own goal at 7’ off a corner when an attempt to clear the ball went horribly wrong. Feyenoord looked doomed just a few minutes later when Rick van Drongelen was called for a handball just on the edge of the box, putting Rashford on the spot. The young striker might be the future of United, but taking penalties might not be, for the third time in a row he failed to score after Kenneth Vermeer punched the ball away. At least this time he didn’t miss the goal.

The miss didn’t seem to slow Rashford down as he would score at 13’ off a rebound from a Jesse Lingard shot. At 15’ Bruno Fernandes would head in a great cross from Aaron Wan-Bissaka and things looked bleak for Feyenoord. Down 3-0 after 15’ seemed to predict an ugly day, but things settled down and neither team could score as Feyenoord attempted to foul their way to the end of the game. United managed a 62-38 possession split and were out-fouled 22:8, the shut out would also put them in a great position in the next leg at De Kuip.

Europa League (A) : Feyenoord 0(0) - Manchester United 0(3)

After escaping the Spurs game with a win things finally caught up with Solskjaer during a 1-0 loss at West Ham. The game was destined to be a 0-0 draw until Diogo Dalot used an ill advised back pass to gift a goal to Sébastien Haller. Diogo would have an awful game and United looked toothless on offense, at least they start this game with a 3-0 lead.

This game was a black eye for Solskjaer, both teams could barely claim any kind of an attack during the first half as United only registered (3) shots while Feyenoord only managed (1). Solskjaer ended up looking really bad as the game came to a close when Antonio Marin went out injured at 82’. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but Solskjaer had just used his final sub and would have to finish the game with (10) men. Moving to a 4-2-3 with Rashford at LW wasn’t too bad until Matic had to leave with an injury, a (9) man United was still able to keep Feyenoord from scoring and making this more interesting.

The reward for doing just enough to get out of this game would be a date with Atlético Madrid in the quarter final. Now Solskjaer would really be tested against a tough opponent.
Really good form here, keep it up!
Congratulations on winning the Carabao Cup. The FA Cup is also within your grasp should you continue to display comfortable performance like you did against, albeit lower league opposition, Blackburn. The young side put out against Spurs delivered the goods and certainly enabled the first-team to dominate their Dutch opponents in the Europa League, at least in the first leg. At least the job was done with ease overall. Atletico will make for a couple of tough games and hopefully the West Ham loss was just a brief blip.
A trophy in the bag and you look set to challenge for more, congratulations!

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