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The Kosovoan Adventure

Pochettinos first foray into international management
Started on 22 November 2019 by No1VillaFan
Latest Reply on 24 November 2019 by TheLFCFan
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Sky Sports News Exclusive

Welcome to Sky Sports news and after the bombshell of Mauricio Pochettino losing his job at Tottenham, then the apparent lining up of Jose Mourinho to step right into the Tottenham job, we today have some more surprising news.

It is obvious that Pochettino comes out of Spurs still with his reputation in tact and he would be able to move to any club in the world. There were immediately rumours about Manchester United sacking Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Bayern Munich looking to get him straight in. These have not happened, Mauricio Pochettino might have wanted a break.

Ole's job at United looks safe, for now

Well we have breaking news that will shock everyone, we at Sky Sports News are also in shock so we are going to say this three times. MAURICIO POCHETTINO HAS AGREED A 3 YEAR DEAL TO MANAGE THE KOSOVO NATIONAL TEAM! That is right, you have heard this right, MAURICIO POCHETTINO HAS AGREED A 3 YEAR DEAL TO MANAGE THE KOSOVO NATIONAL TEAM! I will say this just one more time, MAURICIO POCHETTINO HAS AGREED A 3 YEAR DEAL TO MANAGE THE KOSOVO NATIONAL TEAM!

I mean what a coop for the Kosovoans, it shows there hunger and ambition and where they want to go.

More on this story later
Crazy developments going on with Spurs and the Kosovo FA. What a gem for all Kosovan football,a masterstroke!
I wanna know how it works out! looking forward to more of this.

The Kosovoan Adventure

Thinking about Life

It was a long and exhausting flight, taking over 10 hours to get to Pristina and I had to fly to Ferihegy in Hungary which is in Budapest. SIX hours of doing absolutely nothing because the lay over was no where near enough time to do anything. I sat in an airport that I had never even new existed and to be fair this was a quite impressive airport.

Pochettino reportedly turned down Man Utd and Arsenal

So I am sitting there thinking to myself I turned down the chance to replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. I turned down a chance to replace Unai Emery to take this gamble of moving to Pristina to manage the Kosovo national team. How much do I know about the players? I know two players, that's all. They lie in 145th in the world rankings. Afghanistan and Scotland are ahead of them for gods sake and I decided to go and put my reputation on the line to manage these.

Celina (in blue) is a player Pochettino likes
There is Bersant Celina at Swansea, he is a good tricky player and also Vedat Muriqi who is valued at €10,000,000. Celina does have 22 caps and has scored 2 goals. He can be nurtured. There are players playing in the European main leagues too so I ended up sitting there thinking that I might actually make this work but to make it work I am going to have to really draw on all my experience.

At this point I get out my notebook and make a table of aims and expectations for the three years of my contract. I sit there thinking, can we qualify because we are sitting last with no points from three games but we have only lost three games 2-0 and they played really well throughout for each game so I have put to not finish last in the group but with Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Montenegro and England, which I am looking forward to.

We then have the Uefa Nations League and I will be targeting winning the division then qualify for the European Championships via the playoffs. At this point the announcer announced the plane to Pristina was ready for boarding. I slept all the way on the flight and when I landed you could see the work that has gone into the rebuilding of Kosovo since the war with Yugoslavia and Kosovo is looking amazing.

Next time - Poch meets Kosovo Football Association
Not sure if Mrs. Pochettino would approve of this career choice
An interesting move for Poch, hopefully one that pays off!

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