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Red Bull Guadalajara

Started on 4 December 2019 by mrtepig
Latest Reply on 31 December 2019 by Justice
So, I stumbled upon WorkTheSpace's Red Bull Barcelona series and I thought this to be a very interesting concept and I immediately associated it with former Chivas owner, Jorge Vergara's passing last month. So, this is the story of what would happen if Red Bull were to buy CD Guadalajara from Amaury Vergara and transform it into Red Bull Guadalajara.

It all starts with this:

The sad passing of Jorge Vergara leaves CD Guadalajara ownerless. Energy drink and sports giants Red Bull arrive at a deal with Vergara's son, Amaury, to acquire the Tapatío club. Despite massive protest from fans all around the country, the Austrian company has decided to rebrand the club to match the rest of their properties. Thus, Red Bull Guadalajara was born.

Also known as RB Tapatío or Los Toros, this club is set to compete in a renovated Liga MX this season. As a show of their investment in this club, and to replace Alan Pulido, Red Bull have brought Javier "Chicharito" Hernández back home. They are expected to finish 5th this season.
First time I got to see this time play in the flesh was vs Toronto i remember there man for man marking was insane never seen nothing like it. was snowing that night.

great team to watch in person. looking forward to following this.

Our club


Red Bull Guadalajara commits to follow the tradition of signing Mexican players exclusively, as well as encouraging the youth talent not only by developing from within, but also by signing young players for the first team.


In line with the other Red Bull clubs, RB Tapatío will wear a white uniform with the Red Bull logo across the chest.


To contrast the white uniform, the alternative jersey will be red with white highlights.

Second alternative

In the second alternative jersey we reflect the identity of this beautiful city by wearing a colorful kit with blue and yellow halves, as seen on the flag of the city.

Coaching Staff

Sports Director: Ricardo Peláez
Hired by Amaury Vergara, Peláez will remain at the club in his role as Sports Director. Making his debut for América in 1985, he would become Necaxa's all-time leading goalscorer after joining in 1987. He retired age 35 with Guadalajara. Peláez also made 43 appearances for the national team, winning the Gold Cup in 1996. His successes would continue after he became Sports Director for América in 2011, then for the Mexico national team between 2013 and 2014, returning to América until 2017. After leaving América, Peláez became a commentator and analyst for ESPN.

Reserves and Academy Director: Guillermo Rergis
The Mexico City native played in the first tier of Mexico from 2002 to 2004. He has worked as a scout as well as Academy Director for Santos and Veracruz.

Techincal Director: Jesús Sánchez
Born in Guadalajara, Sánchez doesn't have much playing experience, having topped out at 20 years old playing semi-professionally in the Mexican 5th tier. However, he has dedicated his life to studying the game, recieving a diploma from the National Coaching School in Mexico. He has coaching experience in the lower tiers. He last managed Loros de Colima and led them to a promotion from the Liga Premier Serie A.

Technical Assistant: Cristóbal Ortega
With a playing career spanning 18 years, Ortega has followed up with a somewhat successful yet unfruitful coaching career. He is one of the most successful players in Mexican history, having collected 14 trophies playing with only one club: América. Ortega also participated in 24 games with the national team, winning the 1977 CONCACAF Cup(Now the Gold Gup) and participating in the 1978 and 1986 World Cups. As a manager, he promoted La Piedad to the Liga MX in 2013 and won the 2016 Copa MX as an assistant with Veracruz.

Technical Assistant: José Antonio "Tato" Noriega
Having played for 7 clubs in the Mexican top flight, Noriega retired in 2004. He won the first division twice, first with Pumas in 1990-91 and then with Morelia in Invierno 2000. El Tato also has medals for the 1989 CONCACAF Champions Cup with Pumas and the 1993 CONCACAF Recopa with Monterrey. Noriega served as Sports Director for Santos and Morelia, as well as a commentator for ESPN before joining Red Bull.

Technical Assitant: Fernando Gutiérrez
60-year-old Fernando Gutiérrez joins Los Toros from Zacatecas with 10 years of coaching experience with Pachuca, Tecos and in the Guadalajara youth system.

Technical Assistant: Raúl Chabrand
His playing career lasted just 8 years with the highlight being the 2005 Segunda División championship just before retiring. Since 2011 he has worked as a coach for the Monterrey and Tijuana U-20s, including a stint in 2015 as interim manager for the Xolos. In 2018 he was hired as Atlas assistant alongside manager Gerardo Espinoza.

Technical Assistant: Diego Martínez
The former Guadalajara and Mexico player was hired as Reserves and Academy Director for Chivas in 2016, leaving soon thereafter.

Goalkeeping Coach: Olaf Heredia
62-year-old Heredia was part of the 1986 World Cup and the 1980-81 first division champion Pumas team. He has been coaching goalkeepers since 2002 for Pumas, Mexico, Veracruz, San Luis, Guadalajara, Dorados, Atlante and Tampico Madero.


1 Hugo González
4 Antonio Rodríguez
25 Sebastián Jurado

2 Miguel Tapias
3 Oswaldo Alanís
15 Alejandro Mayorga
16 Miguel Ponce
17 Jesús Sánchez
21 Hiram Mier
22 Erick Aguirre
24 Antonio Briseño
26 Cristian Calderón

5 Victor Guzmán
6 Dieter Villalpando
8 Andrés Iniestra
9 Elías Hernández
10 Javier López
13 Walter Sandoval
18 Jesús Angulo
19 Uriel Antuna
20 Ulises Rivas
23 José Juan Vázquez

7 Alexis Vega
14 Javier Hernández
29 Eduardo Aguirre
2019-12-03 20:25#263504 Buvver : First time I got to see this time play in the flesh was vs Toronto i remember there man for man marking was insane never seen nothing like it. was snowing that night.

great team to watch in person. looking forward to following this.

The 2017 Chivas were a veeeeery different team than what they are now haha. I was at the stadium for the 2017 final vs Tigres and they were great to watch, now the'yre just kind of mediocre.
Love this start, you have a fan in me!

Ahead of the upcoming season, FEMEXFUT President Yon de Luisa and Liga MX Director Enrique Bonilla have come out to announce the drastic changes to be made across the Mexican football system.

Liga MX will now consist of 20 teams, with Dorados, Atlante and UdeG joining the first division. Veracruz will not be unaffiliated and get a chance to compete in the Ascenso MX. Along with this, they announced that the season will no longer be split in two championships but will instead be played from July to May with the team at the top of the table after 38 rounds being crowned champions. With this also comes the elimination of the average points system which punished the newcomers. Now, the 3 worst placed teams will be relagated to the second division. The 4 best placed teams will participate in the CONCACAF Champions League.

In order to improve the overall quality of Mexican players, Liga MX teams will only be able to register 12 foreign players in their overall squad with only 8 of them being able to be in the match day squad. They are also required to give U21 players at least 1,500 minutes of playing time.

The Ascenso MX will also consist of 20 teams instead of 14 with the best 3 being promoted to the first tier. The Liga Premier Serie A and Serie B will consist of 24 teams each, rounding out the new system.

There will also be changes to the Copa MX, wich will expand to include all teams in the system. It will also be played in a direct elimination manner and will no longer have a group stage.

Bonilla and de Luisa have expressed their excitement to see Mexican football grow and be more competitive worldwide and not only in CONCACAF.
Should have tried to keep the pipping on the kits. just so generic ! like every other red bull kit.
The piping would have been nice.
I do love the CONCACAF Champions League, I need to do a save in this region
Good luck. Very interesting idea.
Holy crap! So this might actually happen. Today Veracruz were officially unaffiliated and Enrique Bonilla(Liga MX president) came out and said that they are looking to expand to 20 teams and there will be no relegation at the end of this season.

PS: Working on the graphics for the next update.

Edit: Source in spanish

Preseason Report

Squad News
Attacking midfielder Carlos Cisneros is still out with a broken leg (3w-2m)
Striker Javier Hernández is out with a hip injury since before reporting with the squad and will continue to miss at least the next 2 weeks

Manager Jesús Sánchez and the squad are excited to take on the league following a very successful preseason. They will face Toluca July 22nd at Estadio Red Bull.
Absolutely blitzing your way through pre-season. Not a bad way to prepare yourselves for the upcoming season!
Looking forward to seeing what you can do in the season ahead
A very good idea here mate and a great start to kick off the save. Lovely graphics as well, good luck!

End of August Report


League Table

Player of the Month

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