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New game, maybe the last in FM 2010

Started on 30 August 2010 by macdab55
Latest Reply on 8 October 2010 by macdab55
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I have lost save with my latest game wich I played GKP Gorzow so I can't continue that story. SO I decided that I am going to start new game which could be last in FM 2010 but I haven't decided yet what team I want to play. Teams which I choose to play are better than teams which I wrote stories about. Reasons for this are that I miss being in European Cups and in this series of Football Manager I am not in hall of fame so with not much time left untill FM 2011 at least I want to be in Hall of Fame.

My choices:
Slovan Bratislava-Slovakia
Sparta Prague-Czech Republic
Dynamo Kyev-Ukraine
BATE Borisov-Beralus
Lech Poznan-Poland

I pick those teams because I like playing in Eastern Europe because there teams aren't so good as in west so for me is still fun to play those leagues. I am going to set up game at 1st of September because I want to think about a team which I want to play.
Hey, have you made a decision yet ?
From my experience, I can only recommend Sparta Prague. I would say the team is very young, some players with huge potential. One of the favorites to win the Czech league, past two years were won by biggest rival Slavia, so this is the right time to take control ! :)
I think Sparta has some respect in the European Cups, I have managed to make it to the quarter final of the UEFA Cup or European League or whatever it's called... Liverpool knocked me out.
Anyway, now I'm fighting for the Champions Cup group stage.
Good luck
I want to start a final game in FM 2010 as well, but really busy working on the site at the moment. Last game might have to wait until the end of September, but I'm definitely going for it... it's going to be one of English Conference teams I suppose, as it's a yearly tradition for me to take on such challenge.
I decided to start playing Sparta Prague.
I have choosen only Gambrinus Liga which is first league in Czech Rebuplic. I also chose all players with Polish citizenship
because I like Polish players and they are quite cheap. So its around 11000 players which is quite low but its going
to be quicker so that's very good.

About Sparta:
Year Foundad:1893
Fierce Rivals:Slavia Prague
Continental Competition:Uefa Champions League
Media Prediction:1st

10 times winner of Gambrinus Liga(From 1994 untill 2001, 2003,2005 and 2007)
4 times Runner Up(2002,2004,2008 and 2009)
3 times winners of Mitropa Cup (1927,1935 and 1964)
2 times Runner Up (1930 and 1936)
5 times winners of Pohar CMFS (1996,2004,2006 untill 2008)
2 times Runner Up (1994 and 2001)

Name: G.Arena
Capecity:20558 all-seater
Year Built: 1917
Stadium Condition: Good
Under Soil Heating: Yes

Top corporate facillities
Top training facilities
Excellent youth facilities + Youth Academy

About Gambrinus Liga:
There are 16 teams. Teams play each other twice so there are 30 games
Match Rules:
There must be no more than 3 non-EU players in the first 11
7 subs named, maximum 3 used
Transfer Window:
1st July 2009 to 30th September 2009
1st January 2010 to 31st January 2010

I am going to use tactic 4-4-2. As usual because I really like playing this tactic.
As turns out I need to buy LB and RB and I have 1.1 million pounds for transfer budget and 15.67k pounds of aviable
wage budget so I can sign quite good players for this type of money.
For first season my aim is to win league and to qualify to Champions League stage Group.
I used colours to make it easier to read because its quite a lot of wirting
I will play one more game until i get FM 2011.I am having a lot of saved games but i want to try something new..I've played with APOEL,Partizan,Lazio...the best career which i had in FM2010 was at Fluminense!i was unemployed at start but my career was risen,first i get job at Srem.We were promoted in Serbian Superleague and we grown up and get to the qualifications of Europe league for 3 season.My next job was at Fluminense and i applied for that job of course,i saved team from relegations and in third season of my leadership we wins in Brasilians first league...I've spent only 20M in that 3 seasons at Fluminense and i've earned respect from many peoples in Brazil...In both clubs i played with 4-5-1 formation and it works very well...I am one of world class managers and i can choose my new challenge...I get to the Osasuna but their motivation and desire was very small so i go from Osasuna in just six months...I am now in Juventus and my job is very well...If you want good career just play with formation 4-5-1,play aggresive but important is that you must have a good AML and AMR.Good luck...P.S. I am sorry if you don't understand something because my English is not very good 8)
Welcome to the site mate :)

Don't worry too much about your English, but please try to use more spaces and paragraphs. It makes reading what you're saying a lot more easier and readable. A basic hint really.
July League Results:
Bohemians 1905 2-0

August League Results:
Slavia Prargue 2-3
Slovacko 2-0
Slovan Liberec 3-0

Sigma Olomouc 1-1
Jabloniec 2-0

Uefa Champions League Results:
Anderlecht 0-0(A)
Anderlecht 2-0(H)
Sporting CP 0-4(H)
Sporting Cp 1-4(A)

So quite nice results in the league. 13 points out of 18 so thats quite good in my opinion. My team is currently
4th with 3 points behind leader so there is still chances to go into 1st place and there is still 24 games left so
anything can happen. Too bad that my team has lost with Slavia because its Sparta's big rival but next time I will win the game.
I am sad that my team has lost out of the Chapions League. I know Sporting is good team but still I had chances
to win that game but at least I am happy that my team have knock out Anderlecht.

I know treansfer window hasn't closed yet but I am goind wirte the transfers in and out from past 2 months.
Transfers in:
Dariusz Łatka(Pol RB/LB/WBR/AMR)-Korona Kielce 24,000 pounds
Angelo Raso(Ita LB)-Bellinzona 100,000 pounds
Christian Martinez(Hon ST)-Cerro 500,000 pounds
Michał Żyro(Pol AML)-Legia 700,000 pounds
Artur Sobiech(Pol ST)-Ruch Chorzow 500,000 pounds
James Rodriguez(Col AMC/AML)-Banfield 1,300,000 pounds

Transfers oout:
Aldin Cajlic(BosH mc) Free agent free
Ladislav Krejci(CzR MC) Free agent free
Igor Zofcak(Svk AMr/AMC/AML) OFK Beograd Ln fee 95,000 pounds
Martin Zeman(CzR AML) Zurich 1,500,000 pounds
Bony (IvC ST) FC Twente 1,000,000 pounds
Vaclav Kadiec(CzR ST) Arsenal 1,200,000 pounds

So I have bought some good players, maybe not the world class but in my opinion quite good. I am looking forward to
see how James Rodrigues is goind to play because I have paid for him quite a lot of money for eastern team and he
has quite good attributes.
Good start, but it's always tough for the fans when you lose to Slavia.
I didn't make it to Champions League in the first season either, but did quite alright in the European League.
I think you should have given a chance to Zeman, Bony, Kadlec. They are doing well for me and are the key players for my Sparta.

Something to look forward to..... I received 20 million euro transfer budget from the board at the beginning of the 2nd season.
Now I'm putting together a team that can be more competitive in the cups.
Started my last game and picked Eastleigh from English Conference South. Semi-pro team with the smallest stadium (capacity of 2300 from which 175 seated).

I have started the game with 'add key staff' disabled, so as a result I had no assistant manager. The team has a combined total of 7 coaches, but I can't bring in anyone else since when I try to approach a new coach, they say I shouldn't have more than 2 overall.

Transfer budget is 0 of course, and wage budget around 6K per week (in euros) after I set my ambition to winner.

A tough season is ahead, but it's like a yearly tradition for me to manage a team from English Conference. Will start a blog when the new site gets unleashed.
September League Results:
Mladan Boleslav 3-2
Teplice 4-1

Viktoria Plzen 0-0

Pohar CMFS:
Votice 2-0(2nd Rnd)
Slovan Varnsdor 4-1(3rd Rnd)

Europa League:
Benfica 1-3

Well quite good month. I have moved up into 3rd place and my team is 2 points behind 1st and 2nd places which is good.
I am happy that my team has qualifyed into 4th round of Pohar CMFS because its extra money that is going into team.
In 4th round I am playing against Teplice at home. I think its should be easy because I won with them earlier 4-1
which is pretty high score.
I think it maybe its last games in European cups because in my opinion my team is in quite tought group.
Group G:
FC Twente
Sparta Prague
So for me its pretty tought but I am not going to give up and I am gonna try to qualify into First Knockout Round.
Next game in Europa League I am going to play Fenerbahce in Turkey so its going to be tought.
October League Results:
Banik Ostrawa 3-2
Czeskie Budziejowice 2-0

Brno 2-2
Przybram 2-1

Pohar CMFS:
Teplice(H) 2-2
Teplice(A) 2-0

Europa League:
Fenerbahce 0-2
FC Twente 3-2

Well not a bad month. 10 points out of 12 so thats very good. I think that I need to change my tactc or to buy new
players because I see that my team is straggeling aginst quite easy opposition. So far I am 2nd with 4 points behind Slavia I already bought new player in this
month which is going to my team at 1st July 2010 so at the end of the season. Player is John Madina, he is central
defender from Colombia. I paid for him 8,000 pounds which is quite cheap. I didn't see him playing but in my opinion
he has quite good attributes for 17-year-old CB. Heading=12, Marking=14, Tackling=13, Teamwork=14, Work Rate=15.
So far I am not intresting to sign anybody but I think if I am going to need somebody than I am goind to find someone.
I am pleased that I have qualify into quaterfinal of the Pohar CMFS. I think my team have good chances to win this
competition and I hope that they do.
I am very happy that my team finally won first game in Europa League and I hope that I am going to qualify to next round
but I think its very unlikey because Fenerbahce and Benfica are very good teams and it is very hard to beat them if
you are playing team like Sparta Prague.
November League Results:
Bohemians Prague 4-1
Kladno 1-0

Europa League Results:
FC Twente 3-0

Nice results, two games won out of two maybe with not so good teams but is win thats counts and not the how team is good.
I am pleased with my two strikers who I bought because Artur Sobiech has scored 8 goals in 10 games and Christian Martinez
has scored 7 goals in 9 games so thats very good. I think small procentage of players has so good results but you could
say its leagues fault because if you compare Gambrinus Liga to the Premier League or La Liga then you could see that
Gambrinus Liga is slightly worse but I still think it's pretty hard to score 0.8 goal per game.
I am very happy that my team is currently in 2nd place with only 1 points behind Slavia after 15 games so half way
through the season. Next game in the league my team has at the end of the Febuary but I have still 2 games in Europa
League in November. First against Benfica(A) then Fenerbahce(H) and my team has 3 points less than second place so
my team have to try to win at least one game but its going to be very hard especially when I have lost with both of
this teams but I will have to give a try.
I am very pleased that I have won second time with FC Twente especially when was it that high win.
December Europa League Results:
Benfica 1-3
Fenerbahce 3-3

Well not the best end of playing in European competitions but at least I am happy that my team has finished 3rd but
i think my team could do better. I am upset that I have lost with Benfica because in my opinion my team could win that game
but I think my players didn't have enought potential.
I was winning with Fenerbahce 2-1 untill half-time than Fenerbahce scored in 54th and 59th minute and Michał Żyro
saved my team and scored at 93rd minute so drawinnig was lucky.
I don't have fixtures untill Febuary so it's little break for my players.
Febaury League Resutlts:
Bohemians 1905 1-0
Slavia Prague 1-0

Well two wins so that's very good and I am pleased. Finally my team is in top spot with 2 pints aheaed of Slavia so
I am very happy with that and with win over Slavia because it's my biggest rival so win over them always is pleasing.
I think my team should win with Bohemians with more goals but they didn't take chances and that's very bad if your
players don't take their chances because you have them a lot and you score few goals, which is dissapointing.
macdab55's avatar Group macdab55
11 yearsEdited
March League Results:
Slovacko 0-0
Slovan Liberec 5-1
Sigma Olomouc 3-0
Jablonec 5-1
Mlada Boleslav 1-0

What a results! That's my greatest results with Sparta so far. I am very pleased that my team is on high form especially
my two stikers who scored most of the goals. Artur Sobiech scored 13 goals in 18 games so thats very good, and
Chrisitan Martinez has scored 10 goals in 16 games so that's pretty good as well. And the best thing out of all of it
is that my team is currently at 1st place with 13 ahead of Mlada Boleslav which is 2nd and with the same amount of points
ahead of Slavia which is 3rd. I think I am most delighted with win over Mlada. Yeah, maybe it's small result but
they are currently at 2nd place and my team is more points ahead of them. And there are only 8 games left so I am very close to win league.
In quater-final of Pohar CMFS, my team have drawed Sigma Olomouc so that's beatibly team so I hope I will win and
my team will be in semi-final.

Added 4 days later:

April League Results:
Teplice 3-3
Viktoria Plzen 1-0
Banik Ostrava 1-0
Ceskie Budejovice 1-0

Pohar CMFS
Sigma Olomounc 0-0
Sigma Olomounc 2-2

Slovan Liberec 6-1

So nice results. 10 points out of 12 so that's very good and even better that there are 4 games left and my team is
14 points ahead so that's means that my team have won the league. And I am very pleased that my team is in semi-final
of Pohar CMS and in first leg won 6-1 so that's very close to the final and close to have second trophy in my first
season with Sparta. There is pretty good chance that my team will face Slavia Prague in the final so that's going to be
very hard bedcause they are quite good team and first match against them my team lost but second my side was better.
My player Artur Sobiech has scored the most goals in the league 16 goals in 22 games so thatąs very good and I hope
that will remine untill the end of the season. Also my three players are nominated for Czech Foreign Player of the
Year. Players who are nominated are: James Rodriguez, Artur Sobiech and Christian Martinez. I hope one of them will
win it but there are other good players on the list.

Added 13 minutes later:

May League Results:
Brno 1-1
Pribram 2-1
Bohemians Prague 2-0
Kladno 2-0

Pohar CMFS:
Slovan Liberec 4-0
Slavia Prague 3-1

So quite good results at the end of the season. 10 points out of 12 so pretty much the same as in nearly all months
so that's good because my teams form is stable. So I won Pohar CMFS and what a great results at the end. Semi-final
at aggregare was 10-1 so that's very good and against not that bad team so that's even better and I am very pleased
with that and I ma even happier that I have won the final against my biggest rival Slavia and with 3-1 so that's very
good too. So overall I am very pleased with my team results.

Added 8 minutes later:

Season Summary:
It's the end of the season and I have finished 1st in the league and I have won Pohar CMFS so that's brillinat and
I am very pleased with my results and I hope next season I will qualify into qroupe stage of Chamipons League. It was
my aim this season but Sporting CP was too strong for me and my team ended up in Europa League groupe stage and ended
at 3rd place behind Benfica and Fenerbahce but before FC Twente so that's quite good too because I think for my team
it was hard group.
In the league my ending results were: 23 games won, 6 drawed and 1 lost. 62 goals for and 20 conceded so that's very
good in my opinion because only 1 lost but against Slavia so I am not pleased with that because Slavia is my biggest

Artur Sobiech was named Czech Foreign Player of the Year and Christian Martinez was named 2nd.
I was named Czech First Division Manager of the Year as I think everyone who won the league.
James Rodriguez was 2nd in Czech First Division Player of the Year.
Jaroslav Blazek, James Rodriguez and Artur Sobiech were named in Czech First Division Team of the Year. Lubos Kalouda
and Christian Martinez were in substatition.
Artur Sobiech was named 2nd in Czech First Division Top Goalscorer.
Michał Żyro was 3rd in Czech First Division Young Player.

So my players have won or have been in some of the awards so that's good and I am pleased that I have won Manager of the Year.

5 players from my team are called up to the World Cup so that's good too.
Juraj Kucka, Milos Lacny and Matus Kozacik for Slovakia.
Chrstian Martinez for Honduras.
Kamil Vacek for Czech Republic.

I am pleased that my players has been call up to the World Cup because there are good players from those countires
but managers have choose them so that's good.

My team has moved in European club ranking by 11 places and is currently in 79th position.

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